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2 Woolsack, b. c. by Chancellor, out of Lost Sheep, 326, 343 2 Wrekin, The, b.č. by Wenlock, out of Mayoress, (19), 39,

51, 117, 417,449, 470, 543 3 Wriggle, b. f. by See Saw, out of Genuine, 88, (92), 125,

(127), 154, 179, 182, (219), 484, 517 3 Wye, br. f. by Paladin, or Wedmore, out of Corbeille,

(345), 446 5 Wye, The, b. g. by Wenlock, out of Quick Stream, 9 4. Wyseby, ch. g. by Silvester, out of Lady Knockhill, 36 3 XANTIPPE, bl. f. by Xenophon, ont ot Vixen (Scamp Il's

dam), 160 2 Xarifa, ch. f. by Corulëus, out of Cintra, 57, 272, (272),

371, 500, 521, 545 3 Xema, b. f. by Ben Battle, out of Seagull, 64, (65), 115,

116, 159, (385), 388, 409, (480)

4 YAKOOB Khan, br. c. by Uncas, out of Claret Cup, 66–

sent to Germany 2 Yanko, b. c. by Plebeian, out of Madeira, 161 4 Yorkist, b. c. by Playfair, out of White Rose, 8, 38, 48,

(120), (149), 190, 539, 561 5 Yorkshire Lad, b. g. by Syrian, out of Queen of York, 8,

120, 145, 317, 319, 345, 419, (520), 523, 557, 561 6 Young Calabar, br. g. by Old Calabar, out of Violetta, 10,

144 4 Young Jessie, b. f. by St Liz, out of Agnes, by Breadal.

bane, 363

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2 Zadig, b. or br. c. by Lord Lyon, out of Zara, 19, 60, 76,

199, 426, 434, 450, 491 3 Zephyrus, b. c. by Cremorne, out of Zee, 84, 393, 394

cut 5 Zil Zellah, br, m. by See Saw, out of Donzella, 22, 63, 84,

155, 157, 286, (341) 5 Zinnia, b. m. by General Peel, out of Industry, 34, 549 3 Ziska, ch. c. by Sterling, dam by Kettledrum, out of

Haricot, 308, 360, 374,475, 477,511 5 Zitella, b. m. by Xenophon, out of Vanessa, (387), 479,

480 3 Zoetrope, b. f. by Speculum, dam by Lord Lyon, out of

Sadie, 452, 514 4 Zorila, ch. f. by Nuneham, out of Guadeloupe, 469, 473,

497, 532, 534 4 Zulu II, b. c. by Hanstead, dam by Magnum, out of Tu

telina, (159)



At Waresley Stad, near Hartlebury Station, Worcestershire, ALBERT grooms free and guide number of mares at 4098

one Apply to Mr Watson, or Thos. Edmonds, Waresley, Kidderminster.

At Bestwood Paddocks, Newmarket, A Silvester, Fetterlock, and Silvio), at 10gs a mare.

At Manton House, Marlborough, A te

10gs a mare; winners or dams of winners gratis; groom's fee, 10s. LANCASTRIAN, as above. At Middlethorpe Stud Farm, near York,


dams of winners of 500 sov. in one stake, half price; three mares, the property of one person, at the price of two, two mares for 30gs.

For subscriptions and all particulars, apply to Mr Smallwood, as above.

At Park Paddocks, Newmarket, B .

out of Bon Accord, by Adventurer, will serve a limited number of approved mares, besides his owner's, at 50gs a mare, and 1 guinea the groom. Barcaldine is a magnificent horse, standing 16.1, and is considered to be one of the best horses ever seen on a Race Course, and has never known defeat. Application to be made to Mr Harrison, Stud-groom.

At Bonehill Paddocks, Tamworth, B EAU BRUMMEL, by George Frederick, out of Ma

Belle, will serve a limited number of approved mares at 15gs each. Groom's fee, 10s. 6d.

Apply to P. Scott as above.



At Croft Stud Farm, near Darlington,

nearly fall. Apply to John Winteringham, as above.

At Eaton Stud Farm,
END OR will serve a limited number of mares at 50g8,

and a guinea the groom. Foaling mares 258. per week, barren, 21s. Apply to Mr R. Chapman, Eaton Stud Farm, Chester. At Stanton Stud Farm, Shifnal,

( Roy), by Stockwell, out of Mayonaise, by Tedding. ton; unbeaten as a two years old, and winner of the Criterion and Grand Prize of Paris; limited to thirty mares at 25g8 each.

RETREAT, by The Hermit (winner of the Derby), dam, Quick March (dam of Manœuvre, Bugle March, and Battlefield), by Rataplan (brother to Stockwell), out of Qui Vive (sister to Vedette, sire of Galopin, winner of the Derby and sire of Galliard and St Simon), by Voltigeur (winner of the Derby and St Leger). Retreat won the Ascot Stakes and Doncaster Cup, and many other races; limited to thirty mares at 30gs each.

Groom's fee, one guinea each mare.
Apply to E. C. Wadlow, as above.

At Moorlands Stud Farm,
AMBALLO, a limited number of mares at 30gs; groom's
fee 1 sov.

At Myton Stud Farm, near York, YARNELION, by Lecturer, out of Tourmalin, by King 1 guinea the groom.

SYRIAN, by Mentmore, out of Princess, by Autocrat, at 15gs a mare and i guinea the groom. NORWICH, by St Albans, out of Hetty, by Sarplice

, a 10gs a mare and i guinea the groom: winners and dams of winners of 200 sov. in one stake, half

price. Apply to Edward C. Munby, Esq., Estates Office, Myton, Helperby, York.

At Croft Stud Farm, near Darlington, YASTLEREAGH, by Speculum, out of Lady Trespass



fee; half bred mares, 2 gs. 58. groom's fee.

Apply to J. Winteringham, as above.

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At Croft Stud Farm, near Durlington, YHARIBERT (winner of the Champagoe Stakes, at Don.

caster, 2000gs, and nineteen races in all), by Thormanby, out of Gertrude, by Saunterer, her dam, Queen Bertha, by Kingston; will cover a limited number of mares at 15gs each, approved winners or dams of winners, special terms; I guinea groom's fee. Apply to J. Winteringham, as above.

At Weston-under Lizard, near Shifnal, YHIPPENDALE, a limited nuniber of mares at 30gs, and

one guinea the groom. Chippendale won, besiiles other
races, the Hardwicke Stakes and Derby Stakes at Ascot, the
Cesarewitch Stakes and the Queen's Plate at Newmarket, in
1879, the Great Metropolitan, the Queen's Vase at Ascot, and
the Jockey Club Cup, in 1880, and the Jockey Club Cup in
Apply to E. Griffiths, Esq., or Mr J. Wilkes, as above.

At Baumber Park, Horncastle,
YERULEUS (own brother to Blue Gown), by Beadsman,

out of Bas Bleu, by Stockwell, her dam, Vexation, by Touchstone, out of Vat. by Langar. He is the sire of more winners than losers. Twenty-five mares at 20gs each, groom's · fee included.

HAGIOSCOPE, by Speculum, out of Sophia, by Macaroni, her dam, Zelle (dam of Zealot), by Stockwell, her dam, Babette (dam of Bathilde), by Faugh-a-Ballagh. out of Barbarina, by Plenipotentiary. He is a winner of many races over long distances. Twelve mares at 12gs each, groom's fee included.

All expenses to be paid before mares are removed, if required. Apply to W. Taylor Sharpe, as above.

At Mr Barrow's Paddocks, Newmarket, VOLTNESS (sire of Ramsay, Winterbourne, &c.), by

King Tom, out of Crocus, by Thormanby, her dam, Sunflower (dam of Sunbeam), by Bay Middleton; a limited number of approved mares at 20gs a mare.

NEW FIELD, by Springfield, out of Sunshine; at 10gs a
The Warren, Chichester, one mile from Chichester Station,

DWARD THE CONFESSOR, by Hermit, out of The Victoria, George Frederick, &c.); a limited number of mares at 15gs each; groom's fee, one guinea each mare.

Apply to Richard Bell, Esq., or Walter Hopton, Studgroom.

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At Rufford Abbey, Ollerton, Notts, D

ONCASTER, twenty approved public mares at 50gs & D’ESTOURNEL, by Parmesan, dam by Chanticleer, out of Sharpshooter's dam, by Langar, 30 mares at 10gs a mare, groom's fee included.

DRUMHEAD (foaled 1873), by The Drammer (by Rataplan, out of My Niece, by Cowl), out of Refreshinent, by Caterer, 30 mares at 10gs a mare, groom's fee included.

Apply to James Coultas, Stud groom.

At Leybourne Grange, near Maidstone, F NOXHALL (bred by Mr Alexander, of Kentucky), got

by King Alfonso, his dam, Jamaica, by Lexington, grandam, Sue Morrissey, by Eclipse (son of Orlando), great grandam, Mollie Jackson, by Vandal (son of Glencoe), out of Emma Wright, by Margrave (son of Muley), will serve a limited number of foaling mares.

King Alfonso was son of Phaeton, by King Tom, out of a mare by Vandal, grandam by Margrave.

All applications to be made to Messrs Weatherby, 6 Old Burlington Street, London, W.

At Marden Deer Park, Caterham, Surrey,

sire of Beau Brummel, Frontin, and many winners), by Marsyas, out of Princess of Wales; a limited number of approved mares at 100gs each. Three mares the property of the same owner taken for the price of two. Only six subscriptions remain untaken to this horse.

BEAUDESERT (winner of the Middle Park Plate, 1879), by Sterling, out of Sea Gull, by Lifeboat; a limited number of mares at 25gs each. This horse's first foals are very good, having both size and quality, and his subscription has been full each of his two seasons.

HILARIOUS (winner of the Cesarewitch), by Brown Bread, out of Hygeia, by Knight of Kars, her dam, Countess Amy (dam of Shifnal), by St Albans, out of Cantine (dam of Cantinière, Bal Gal's dam, &c.); a limited number of mares at 20gs each. This horse's first yearlings and foals are most promising.

Groom's fee, one guinea each mare. Keep of mares: foal. ing mares, 258. per week; barren mares, 215. per week.

Apply to J. Hume Webster, Esq., or to Jol Griffith, jun.,


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