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TABLE showing the amount of money added to races of different distances in Great Britain and Ireland, in 1883, and the amount won in stakes, including added money.

Added money.

8. d. £ 8. d. Five furlongs and under six

75,6091 Ditto, selling races - - 45,225 2 0

120,834 3 0 Six furlongs and under a mile

27,631 0 0 Ditto, selling races 6,607 0

34,238 0 0 A mile and under a mile and a half.

60,582 10 Ditto, selling races 13,964 10 0

74,547 0 0 A mile and a half and ander two

21,011 00 Ditto, selling races


21,256 оо Two miles and upwards

16,112 12 2 Ditto, selling races

1,590 0 0

17,702 12

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*268,577 15 2 * The greater part of this amount was given for plates or races where there was entrance money going back to the fund from which the money was given.

Of this sum £85,316 were given to Two yrs old races, £22,609 4s. of which were for selling races, and £125,981 88. were given to Handicaps.

Ireland contributed £8097 168. 2d. of the total amount, and Scotland £6353.

The total value of stakes won, calculated according to Rule XI (iii) exclusive of matches and private sweepstakes, was £385,501 58. 2d. This sum does not include prizes to second and third horses, &c.

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BREEDER. B. f. out of Lady Newby

Mr R. Jardine C. (dead) out of Bonny Leith

ditto Ch. f, out of Fanny Day

ditto B. c. out of Lady Kate

ditto Ch. c. out of Miss Pool

B. f. out of Bric-à-Brac

Mr C. E. Ormerod
Ch. c. Lord Wolseley, out of Dulce
Domum II

Mr H. B. Paget
B. f. out of Choral

Mr H. J. Bailey
Ch. c. out of Madame Spiers

Mr W. Hudson B. f. out of St Rosalie

Lady Lonsdale Ch. f. Toto, out of Piercy

Mr R. Osborne
Br. c. out of Time Test

Mr G. Tyrrell
Ch. c. out of Compton Lass

Mr Jno. Watson
Ro. f. out of Fair Unknown

ditto Ch. c, out of Fishfag

ditto B. c. out of Honeybourne

ditto B. c. out of Miss Hawthorn

ditto Ch. c. oat of Orlanda

ditto Br. c. out of Obelisk

ditto Ch. c. out of Pink Thorn

ditto B. c. out of School Girl

ditto Ch. f. out of Schechallion

ditto Br. c. out of Vlie

ditto Ch. c. ont of Flora McIvor, by Prince Charlies

ditto B. c. out of Praxidice

ditto Ch. f. out of Farina II

ditto Ch. f. out of The Tees

ditto Ch. f. out of Red Berry

ditto B. c. out of Sweet Violet

ditto B. f. out of Velindra


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F. (dead) dam by Sterling, or The
Duke, out of Mirella

Yardley Stud
B.c. out of The Bee, by The Duke ditto
B. f. dam by Leamington, out of

ditto B. c. ont of Philæ

ditto B. f. out of Margery, by Sterling ditto Ch.c, dam by Playfair, out of The Bee ditto

Ch. f. dam by Surplice-Bellona Mr G. Genge
Br. f. out of Marie Louise

Mr T. Golby
B. or br. f. out of Gronndbait

ditto B. or br. c. out of Caller Ou

Ld Wolverton Ch. c. out of Vicar's Daughter ditto

AMBERGRIS. B. c. Pan, out of Elf

Mr L. Hodgson B. f. out of Novice

Mr Jno. Norfolk B. f. out of Timbrel

Mr Jno. Osborne B. c. out of Pomposity

Mr G. S. Thompson B. f. out of Lady Speculum

Mr T. Ward B. c. out of Presentation

ditto Br. c. out of Rain

ditto ARBITRATOR (in Ireland). B. c. out of Waterwitch

Mr C. J. Blake Ch.c. out of Sweet Berry

Major Banbury B. or br. f. out of My Jewel

Mr W. Dunne Br. f. out of Tawney

ditto Twins

out of Snowdrift Major W. Grogan 1 f. (dead) B. c. out of Belle of the Ball (fd. 1872) Mr H. E. Linde B. or br, c. out of Colleen Rhue

Mr Jas. Lyons B. or br. c. out of Pinnace

Capt. Maher Br. c. out of Lady Lackland

Mr E. Smithwick Br. f. out of Signal

Mr R. Walsh

Ch. c. out of Alice Hawthorn

Mr Geo. English
ASCETIC (son of Hermit) in Ireland.
B. c. out of Dame Durdan -

Capt. C. C. Boycott
B. f. out of Pemmican

ditto B. c. out of Lady Lambton (dam Chegouni)

Mr 0, H. Jones B. f. Miss Ascetic, out of The Cable. Mr G. Reade


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Ch.c. Stour and Avon, out of Upavon Mr H. J. Smith
Foal (dead) dam by Adventurer, out
of Wild Flower

Mr A. Taylor
Foal (dead) out of Guid Wife

Ch. c. out of Makesure

Ch.f. oat of Agile, by Gibraltar Mr H. Willmer

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BAKER PASHA (son of Merv), in Ireland.
F. (dead) out of Candabar

Ld Charlemont
BALFE (in Ireland).
B.c. out of Sweetheart

Capt. Archdale
Br. c. out of Lady Edith

Major Bunbury
B. f. out of Nautch Girl

B. f. Victoire, out of Culverin

Ld Drogheda
B. f. out of Inamorata

Mr P. Gavin
B. or br. c. out of Claret Cup

Mr Geo. Knox, jun.
B. f. out of Vesper, by Kingcraft

Ld Mayo
B. or br. c. out of Infliction, by Car-
dinal York

Mr John Moore
B. f. Chance, out of Antoinette Mr D. M. O'Ferrall
B. f. out of Phæbe, by Favonius Mr W. Pallin
Br. c. out of Julia Marnering

Br. c. out of Green Erin

ditto B. c. out of Mohican II

ditto Br. c. out of Brunette, by Y. Melbourne

ditto Br, f. out of Lectrice

B. c. out of Sea Queen

Mr R. N. Talbot
Br. f. out of Countess Newman - ditto
Br. c. out of Cutty Sark, by Plum
Pudding -

Major Trocke
Br. c. out of Strike

Mr P. Whelan

F. out of Silver Bell

The late MrA.Bayley
F. out of Little Nell, by Lord Clifden ditto
C. out of Mistress of The Robes ditto
Ch.f. Morning Light, out of Namesake Mr J. W. Brown
B. c. ont of Miss Jennie

Mr W. Saunders
Ch. f, out of Inez, by Moulsey

Mr C. Warner

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BANNERET (son of Knight of the Garter).
B. c. out of Cinderella, by Warlock Ld Fitzwilliam
B. f. out of Effect


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B. c. out of Goodlass -

Mr T. S. Grandy
B. c. out of St Agnes, by Brown Bread ditto
C. (dead) out of The Widow

ditto B. c. out of Leisetta


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BEAUCLERC. Br. c. out of Madge Wildfire

Mr Bowes Br. f. out of Skotzka

ditto B. f. out of Blue Belle, by True Blue The late MrH.Bragg B, or br. c. out of Elf Knot

Mr W. Bungay
C. out of Granada, by Pero Gomez Mr W. Burton
B. c. out of Skelgate Maid

Mr Cordner
C. (dead) out of Blue Bonnet Mr R. Crompton
Br. c. out of Lanjaron.

Mr Gretton
B. c. out of Stella, by High Treason • Mr H. A. Harrison
Br. c. out of Lady Annie, by Trum-

Mr R. Hawkridge C. (dead), out of Fleecy Cloud Mr M. S. I. I'Anson B. f. out of My Lady, by Lord Clifden Mr A. McIntyre Br. f. out of Jollification

ditto B. f. out of Dresden China

Mr C. Perkins
Br. f. out of Caper Sauce -

B. or br. f. out of Madame Du Barry ditto
B. or br. c. dam by Cramond, out of
Janet Rawcliffe

Mr J. Pickersgill
B. f. out of Euphrosyne

Mr J. Ridley B. c. out of Simony

Mr H. Smallwood Br. f. out of Fair Alice, by Cambuscan Mr A. H. Smith

Barry B. f. out of Queen Mab

Mr W. Stevenson B. f. out of Clarice

Mr H. Waring Br. f. out of Preamble

ditto B. c. out of Gentle Zitella

Mr J. Winteringham

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