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R. A. Oswald, esq
S. F. Petrie, esq.
R. Pettigrew, esg.
Mr W. Reeves
J. Russell, esq.
Scottish Liberal Club, Edin-

C. G. Shaw, esq.
Mr G. Steel
W. Stevenson, esq.
W. Walker, esq.
Mr C. Wyllie
Herbert Wood, esq.

Miss Anderson
R. N. Batt, esq.
M. Betagh, esq.
C. J. Blake, esq.
J.G. Blake, esq.
Mr M. Casbman
Jas. A. Cassidy, esq.
W. Dunne, esq.
Freeman's Journal
F. Garnham, esq.
G. Googb, esą.
G. J. Gradwell, esq.
E. B. Healey, esq.
R. J. Hunter, esq.
The Irish Sportsman and

Capt. Joy
The Kildare-street Club
H. E. Linde, esq.
Col. Lloyd
R. Low, esq.
M. A. Maher, esq.
Garrett Moore, esq.
J. C. Murphy, esq.
Northern Whig Office
R. Oliver-Bellasis, esq.
Capt. Peel
G. Quin, esq.
Fleetwood Rynd, esq.
M. Sage, esq.
I). Smithwick, esq.
Jas. Sullivan, esq.

The Turf Club
The Ulster Club
The United Service Club
F. Waldron, esq.
J. D. Wardell, esq.
W. H. West, esq.

A. Jackson, esq.
Mr A. Oliff
Queenstown Turf Club

The American Jockey Club
Hon. A. Belmont
R. Ten Broeck, esq.
B. G. Bruce, esq.
S. D. Bruce, esq.
D'Urban Race Committee
E. H. Egerton, esq.
Messrs Goodwin Bros.
Messrs Jacobson
J. R. Keene, esq.
P. Lorillard, esq.
New York Herald Office
New York Sportsman
Mr Pincus
Milton H. Sanford, esq.
H. N. Smith, esq.
Mr A H. Steel
F. T. Walton, esq.
Geo. Peabody Wetmore, esq.
D. D. Withers, esq.
The New York World Office

W. Blackler, esq.
Thomas Chirnside, esq.
Sir Thomas Elder
W. A. Long, esq.
Victoria Racing Club

Alex. Baltazzi, esq.
Prince Louis Esterhazy
Count Festetics
The Jockey Club, Vienna
Count Charles Kinsky

BELGIUM M. H. Cromby Le Sport Belge Baron C. de Tuyll

DENMARK. Herr Otto B. Scavenius

EAST INDIES. Calcutta Turf Club


T. A. Addington, esq.
Mr H. Andrews
M. le Prince A. d'Arenberg
Yr W. Balchin
M. C. Blanc
M. le Vicomte de Brigode
Mr F. W. Carter
Mr T. Carter
Mr T. Carter
Mr Richard Carter
Mr R. Carter
M. le Duc de Castries
Cercle de la Rue Royale
M. le Prince A. de Chimay
Mr G. Cunnington
Mr T. Cunnington
M. H. Delamarre
M. A. Desvignes
M. Pierre Donon
M. A. Du Bos
Mr W. Eglinton
M. Maurice Ephrussi
M. Michel Ephrussi
Mr F. Francis
Mr R. Gideon
M. Guillemot
Mr S. Haughton
M. le Comte Hocquart
Mr H. Jennings
M. Jean Joubert
The late M. le Comte F. de

Lagrange-2 sets
M. C. J. Lefevre
M. Lorgnet
M. Lapin

Mr F. Lynham
M. G. Madelaine
M. Malapert
M. le Comte de Noailles
M. Polge
M. Porte
Mr C. Pratt
Mr F. Robinson
M. le Baron Gustave Roths-

child M. le Marquis de St Sau

veur M. le Baron A. Schickler La Société d'Encouragement

pour l'Amélioration des
Races de Chevaux

M. le Baron de Varenne
La Vie Sportive
Mr Jas. Webster
Mr T. Wigginton
W. Wright, esq.

Baron Biel
Herr C. A. Brödermann
Baron E. Furstenberg
Count Lazy Henckel
Prince Hatzfeldt Wilden-

Mr Chas: Havhoe
International Club, Baden
Count Lehndorff
Herr Oscar Oehlschlaeger,
Baron E. Oppenheim
Herr Hans von Reibnitz
Mr Felix Simon
Baron Thielmann
Unions Club, Berlin
Herr H. Wackerow

HOLLAND. J. Petersen, esq.

HUNGARY CountColoman Almasy-jeune Prince Batthyany

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[It is Her Majesty's Command, that these following Rules

be observed by the Owners and Riders of all such Horses and Mares as shall run for HER MAJESTY'S PLATES at Newmarket and elsewhere.]

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1. Every horse, or mare, that runneth for any of the said

Plates, shall carry the weight appointed in the Schedule

hereunto annexed. II. Every person that putteth in a horse, or mare, for any

of the said Plates, shall enter the same with the name of the owner, and the age, name, pedigree, or sufficient description of the horse, according to the Rule of the Jockey Club regarding nominations, at the time and place appointed by the Steward or Stewards of the Races at which such Plate is to be run for. The charge for such entry shall not exceed five shillings, and no further charge

shall be made on the winner of the Plate. III. Horses that run for any of Her Majesty's Plates shall

start at the timo appointed by the Steward or Stewards of

the Races at which such Plate is run for. IV. Each horse's or mare's place, as he or she come

by the ending-post, shall be determined by the Judge appointed by the Steward or Stewards of the Races at the place where the said Plate is run for.

V. Every rider shall, immediately after the race be run, be

obliged to come to the usual place of weighing, with his horse or mare then and there to alight, and not before, and there to weigh to the satisfaction of the person

appointed for that purpose. VI. And in case of neglect or refusal thereof, such owners and

riders shall immediately be declared incapable of running or riding any more for this or any of Her Majesty's Plates

hereafter. VII. No horse or mare that runneth on the wrong side

of the post or flags shall have any claim to the said Plates. VIII. None of Her Majesty's Plates to be run for in heats. IX. When the age or qualification of a horse entered for any

of Her Majesty's Plates shall be objected to, either before or after running, the Stewards of the Races at which such Plate is run for shall have the power to order an examination of the horse's mouth by competent persons, and to call for all such evidence as they may require, and their decision to be final unless they shall think fit to refer the matter to the Stewards of the Jockey Club for the time being, in which case the decision of the said Stewards of the Jockey Club shall be final. A Certificate shall not be granted to any horse objected to until the question of his qualification shall be decided in the manner herein pre

scribed. X. Her Majesty's Plates to be run for between the 25th of

March and the week which includes the 22nd of Novem.

ber, both inclusive, in each year. XI. The distance shall not be less than two miles, and the

weights, regulated according to the months in which the

races are run, are to be according to the subjoined Schedule. XII. And in case any difference shall arise in running, or

respecting any matters not hereinbefore provided for, or as to the interpretation of these Her Majesty's orders, the same shall be determined by the Master of the Horse, or by such person or persons as he shall appoint.

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