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N.B.-At present all trainers are required to send in on the 1st of February, a list of the horses which have been un lor their charge from the 1st of January, and on the 1st of every succeeding month a list of any additional horses that have been under their care since the preceding return.

The amount of the tax shall be due at the same time that the return is made, and must be paid with. in one month after that date.



28. Every trainer who wishes to train horses on the Licence lands belonging to, or in the occapation of, the train at New. Jockey Club, must apply annually to the Stewards for a licence, and on making such application must specify the horses then under his charge, and the names of their owners, and shall not take horses from any other owner without first obtaining the permission of the Stewards.

A trainer shall be liable to have his licence withdrawn for breaking the rules laid down by the Stewards for the management of the ground, or for any misconduct on the Turf, or in matters connected with it, and the prohibition to use the lands of the Jockey Club attached to the refusal or withdrawal of a licence shall extend to the Race meetings.

The payment of Heath Tax shall not be taken to confer on the person paying the same any legal rights which shall interfere or be inconsistent with the absolute control the Club now has over all persons using or going on to their grounds.

Should the Stewards find it necessary to refuse or withdraw a licence from any trainer, they will report that they have done so at the next General Meeting of the Club.

29. When fewer than three horses, the property of Plates and persons baving different interests, start for any plate Sweepstakes or race in which money is advertised to be given by for. the Club, only half the amount shall be paid, and in case of a walk-over for a Sweepstakes, no money shall be given. Relating to other matters not before specified,

30. No races for gentlemen riders are allowed at Races for Newmarket during the regular meetings without the Gentlemen

Riders. sanction of the Stewards, and, that accorded, such races must be the first or last of the day.

walked over

Raising weights handicaps.

31. Any member of a Racing Club riding in with the leading horses in a race shall be fined to the amount of 251., and all other persons to the amount of 51.

32. Rule 10 (ii) of the Rules of Racing: extends at Newmarket to the highest weight left in at ten o'clock the preceding evening in handicaps for plates and stakes, where there is no declaration of forfeit, and where the weights are fixed the night before running.

33. No rule or alteration of a rule of the Jockey Club takes effect until it has been published in the Racing Calendar, unless specially ordered to the contrary at the time the said rule or alteration is adopted; and no new rule of the Jockey Club can be passed, and no rule be rescinded without previous notice being given in the Sheet Racing Calendar, except when it relates to the private business of the Club, when notice shall be sent by circular to all the members in the week preceding the meeting, nor at any meeting at which less than nine members are present.




The Annual General Meeting was held at Newmarket, on Wednesday, April 11th.

The following Rules, passed at the meeting held in London on November 27th, 1882, were read over and confirmed.

To alter Rule 23, to read as follows-An entry to a race may, before the time of closing, be altered or with

drawn. To alter Rule 26, as to partnership in horses, as follows

Rule 26.-All partnerships, and the name of every person having any interest in a horse, must be entered at the Registry Office, or to the Clerk of the Course for transmission to the Registry Office, before a horse which is a joint property can start for any race.

A fee of 58. shall be paid on the registration, and again on any change of partnership.

A horse cannot be entered in the real or assumed name of any person as his owner unless that person's interest or property in the horse is at least equal to that of any

other one person. The Stewards brought forward the motions of which they bad given notice, viz ;

To amend Rule 4, paragraphs (i) and (ii), of the Rules of Racing, to read as follows:

4. (i) The full programme of every meeting before it takes place, and every race before closing, must be advertised in the “Racing Calendar ;

This rule shall not preclude the addition of a new race to the programme of a meeting subsequent to the publication of the last Calendar issued previous to the meeting being held.

(ii) The advertisement must state. as soon as the sanction of the Stewards of the Jockey Club has been obtained, the days on which the meeting is to begin and end, the dates for closing the stakes (which shall always be on a Tuesday, except for races closing within six days of, or during, a meeting), and, before the time fixed for closing (races for future years excepted), the names of two or more persons as Stewards, and of the Judge, Starter,

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Clerk of the Course, Handicapper, Stakeholder, and
Clerk of the Scales, and all fees payable at the Meeting.
The Clerk of the Course, or corresponding official,
shall be the sole person responsible to the Stewards

for the general arrangements of the meeting. To alter Rule 21 of the Jockey Club to read as follows:

21. The day, with respect to the engaging of the ground for trials, is divided into four periods during the racing season, viz.; from five to six o'clock, and from six to seven in the morning; from balf-past twelve to two, and after six in the afternoon; and during the rest of the year into three periods, viz., previous to halfpast eight in the morning, from one to two, and after

half-past four in the afternoon. which were carried unanimously.

Gen. Owen Williams withdrew the motion, of which he had given notice, as to all trainers running horses under the Rules of Racing requiring a licence from the Stewards.

Mr Craven brought forward the motion, of which notice had been given, which was seconded by the D. of Beaufort :

To add to Rule 7--the words in italics showing the additionsAfter some discussion it was agreed to, but at the suggestion of the Stewards the wording was altered as follows, viz.:

The powers of the Stewards or their deputies continue after the meeting for all purposes relating to disputes, objections, penalties, and disqualifications, and the Clerk of the Course shall at once report such matters to the Stewards, either verbally or by letter. Should no decision have been arrived at by the Stewards, within seven days of such objection being lodged, the Clerk of the Course shall then report the case to the Stewards of the Jockey Club, who may at their discretion decide the matter, and, if they consider there has been any negligence, order any additional expense which may thereby arise to be defrayed out of the funds of the

meeting at which the case occurred. The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire was elected a Member of the Club.

The Senior Steward then presented the accounts for the past year, which had been duly audited and passed, and, on retiring, named the Earl of Zetland as his successor, which was unanimously agreed to.

A Meeting was held at Newmarket, on Wednesday, April 25th.

Before the commencement of the general business H.R.H. the Prince of Wales moved that the Club should express their deep regret at the sudden death on the Heath, during the races that day, of Prince Batthyany, an old and highly esteemed member of the Club. The resolution was seconded by Ld Cadogan, on behalf of the Stewards, and carried unanimously, and ordered to be communicated to the family of the deceased.

The alterations of Rules passed at the Craven Meeting were then read over and confirmed unanimously.

Ld Cadogan brought forward the motion of which the Stewards had given notice, viz.

To alter Rule 9 of the Rules of the Jockey Club, as fol. lows; the italics shew the alteration

9. The Jockey Club and the Stewards thereof take no cognizance of any disputes or claims with respect to bets, except in the case of an official report of default made to them by the Committee of the Subscription

Rooms at Newmarket, or at Tattersall's. which was carried unanimously.

The other business was of a private character.

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A Meeting was held at Newmarket, on Wednesday, May 9th.

The Stewards submitted the dates of the meetings for next year, which were agreed to as follows:Newmarket Craven M. Tuesday, April 15 (Easter

First Spr. M. Tuesday, April 29
Second Spr. M.-

May 13

May 27

June 10
Newmarket July

July 1
Goodwood -

July 29
Newmarket First Oct. M.

Sept. 23
Second Oct. M. Monday, Oct.
Ho. M.

Oct. 20 The Stewards stated that their object in thus early fixing the meetings was that they intended to give notice to Clerks of Courses and Managers of country meetings to send in at once the dates of the meetings they wish to hold, that the fixtures might be arranged for next year.

The other business was of a private nature.

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