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THE ANNEXED SCALE OF WEIGHT FOR AGE is published under the sanction of the Stewards of the Jockey Club as & guide to Managers of Race Meetings, but is not intended to be imperative, especially as regards the weights of two and three years old relatively to the old horses in ng races early in the year.

It is founded on the scale published by Admiral Rous, and revised by him in 1873, but has been modified in accordance with suggestions from the principal trainers and practical authorities.

This scale has been adopted by the Master of the Horse for the Queen's Plates.

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Stewards Earl of MARCH.

Earl of ZETLAND.

His Royal Highness the Prince of WALES.
His Royal Highness the Duke of EDINBURGH.
His Royal Highness the Duke of CONNAUGHT.
His Royal Highness the Duke of ALBANY.

His Royal Highness the Duke of CAMBRIDGE. His Royal Highness Prince CHRISTIAN of Schleswig Holstein, *His Imp. Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias.

*His Majesty the King of the NETHERLANDS.

*His Majesty the King of the BELGIANS. *His Imp. Highness the Crown Prince of Germany. *His Imp. Highness the Grand Duke VLADIMIR of Russia. Caledon Alexander, Esq. J. S. Crawley, Esq. Lord Alington

Lord Dorchester Sir J. D. Astley, Bart. Viscount Downe Earl of Aylesford

T. T. Drake, Esq. Frederic Barne, Esq. Marquis of Drogheda The late Prince Batthyany Viscount Dupplin Duke of Beaufort

Earl of Durham J. Bowes, Esq.

Earl of Eglinton and Winton Earl of Bradford

Earl of Ellesmere Farl Cadogan

Marquis of Exeter Lord Calthorpe

Viscount Falmouth Viscount Castlereagh

*Count Tasselo Festetics Earl of Cawdor

Ear) of Feversham H. Chaplin, Esq.

Earl Fitzwilliam Earl of Charlemont

Hon. C. W. Fitzwilliam Sir Geo. Chetwynd, Bart. Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam Lord Colville

Viscount Folkestone Earl of Cork and Orrery Col. Hon. H. Forester Earl of Coventry

Hon. W. Gerard W. G. Craven, Esq.

Sir Reginald Graham, Bart. The late W. S. Stirling Craw- Earl Granville furd, Esq.

Duke of Hamilton

Earl of Hardwicke

Duke of Portland Marquis of Hartington Earl of Portsmouth Lord Hastings

Lord Rendlesham *The Hon. Sir H. Hawkins Duke of Richmond & Gordon J. H. Houldsworth, Eso. Farl of Rosebery Earl Howe

Earl of Rosslyn Earl of Ilchester

Leopold de Rothschild, Esq. R. Jardine, Esq.

Duke of Rutland Sir F. Johnstone, Bart. Duke of St Albans *The late Count F. de La- | Prince D. Soltykoff grange

Earl of Strafford Captain D. Lane

Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire Viscount Lascelles

*Montague Tharp, Esq. W. J. Legh, Esq.

Lord Vivian
Lord Henry G. Lennox *Sir R. Wallace, Bart.
Sir W. A. Lethbridge, Burt. Duke of Westminster
Right Hon. James Lowther Earl of Westmorland
*M. Lupin

Gen. Owen Williams
Earl of March

The late General Mark Wood Duke of Montrose

Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.
General Pearson

Earl of Zetland
*The President of the French Jockey Club.

*The Vice-President of the same.

*The three Stewards of the same. *The President of the American Jockey Club, New York.

December, 1883.

* Honorary Members.


H. R. H. the Prince of Purple body with gold braid, scarlet Wales

sleeves, and black velvet cap with

gold fridge. H. M. the King of the Scarlet body and sleeves, black

{ Netherlands

velvet cap with gold tassel H.R.H. the Duke of Black jacket, dark green stripes,

Connaught Mr J. Adams.

Lemon, orange sleeves and cap Mr Adrian.

Peacock blue body, black sleeves

black cap

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and cap

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Ld Ailesbury

Red body, yellow sleeves, black

cap Mr C. Alexander Dark blue, white sleeves, black cap Ld Alington

Chocolate, yellow sleeves
Mr J. Alington Chocolate, light blue sleeves and cap
M. L. André.

Orange, red cap
Ld Anglesey. Yellow, blue sleeves, yellow cap
Mr C. Archer.

Sky blue, crimson cap
Mr F. Archer.

Cerise, French grey hoops Prince d'Arenberg . Scarlet and yellow hoops, black

cap Sir G. Armytage Light blue, scarlet cap Mr Armstrong

White, purple sleeves, red cap
Mr ] hos. Arthur Crimson, old gold sleeves and cap
Mr W. Arnull

Orange, blue cap
Mr J. N. Astley. Drab, blue cap
Sir J. D. Astley. Canary, green cap
M. Aumont

White, green cap
Col. P. Bagot.

White, chocolate diamonds, choco

late cap Mr H. J. Bailey Dark blue, gold hoops, blue cap Capt. Baillie .

Dark blue, yellow belt Mr Bainbridge Yellow jacket, white cap Mr D. Baird.

Blue bird's-eye, wbite belt, red cap
Mr Alex. Baltazzi French grey body, scarlet cap
Mr H. Baltazzi

Light blue, black cap
Mr W. R. Bankes Cherry, brown sleeves and cap
Mr J.F.S. Lee Barber Cherry, black cap
Mr A. C. Barclay


сар Mr H. Barclay French grey, black cap

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French grey,

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