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Mr W. Weston, Claret, pink sleeves, pink and claret

quartered cap
Mr Luke White . · Red, white sleeves and cup
Mr Isaac Wilkinson Parple, orange cap
Mr Thos. Wilkinson White, black belt and cap
Mr S. Wilkinson Ruby and rose hoops, ruby cap
Col. O. Willan

Light blue, white cap
Mr F: Williams“. Violet, gold braid
Mr Hwfa Williams. Scarlet and white, quartered
Gen. Owen Williams. White, cardinal sleeves and cap

(second colour) Cardinal, white sleeves and cap
MrM.F.W.Williamson Black, gold cap
Mr H. Willmer

Green, orange cap Sir John Willoughby. White, yellow cap Ld Willoughby de Broke Yellow, chocolate cap Mr A. D. Wilson. Mauve, gold sleeves, mauve cap

with gold tassel Mr W. Wilson

Amber, black seams and cap Mr Jesse Winfield White, blue sleeves, red cap Ld Wilton

Mazarine blue, black cap Mr E. E. Witt

Green, white and goid belt, white

cap Sir G. Wombwell Chocolate and white spots, white cap Mr C. Wood.

Crimson, gold braid Mr E. H. Wood . Dark blue, French grey sleeves,

crimson cap
(second colour) Crimson, Eau de Nile sleeves,

crimson cap
Mr R. Wright Black, yellow hoops
Sir W. W. Wynn Green, red sleeves, black cap
Mr Yates.

Ld Yarborough

Mr Geo. Young Mauve, maroon sleeves andicap
Ld Zetland

White, with red spots, red cap
(second colour) White, red spots, white and red

spotted cap Count Bela Zioby Yellow, blue sleeves and cap


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N.B. 1760 Yards are a Mile.

240 Yards are a Distance.
220 Yards are a Furlong.

NEWMARKET Miles. Fur. Yds
The Beacon Course is


143 Last Three Miles of B.C.

60 Ditch in (from Running-gap to end of B.C.) 2

105 Audley End Course (from the starting-post of the T.Y.C. to the end of the B.C)

1 7 42 The last Mile and a Distance of B.C.

1 0 240 Cambridgeshire Course (last mile and a distance, straight)


240 Ancaster Mile (last mile, straight)

1 0 18 Criterion Course (from turn of Lands in)


Cesarewitch Course (from the starting-post

of T.M.M. to the end of the Flat)
Across the Flat
Rowley Mile (last mile of A.F.)
Dewhurst PlateCo. (last 7 furlongs of R.M.)
Bretby st.Course(last three-quarters ofR.M.)
Rous Course (last five furlongs of R.M.)

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Round Course (beyond the ditch)
Summer Course (last two miles of R.C.)
Suffolk st. Course(last mile and half of R.C.)
Bunbury Mile (a straight mile, finishing

at the end of R.C.)
Chesterfield Co. (last 5 furlongs of B.M.)
Exeter Course (finishing at New T.Y.C.

post) New Two yrs old Course (July Stakes

Course) finishing a furlong short of R.C.

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ALEXANDRA PARK.—The Course is at Wood Green, near London, is pear-shaped, and is in extent rather more than a mile and a furlong. There is also a Course six furlongs in length.

Ascot HEATH—Is a circular Course, short of 2 miles by 66 yards; the first half of it is nearly on the descent, and the last half, which is called the Old Mile, is up hill the greater part of the way. The Swinley Course is the last mile and a half of the above. The New Course is one mile and five furlong?. The New Mile is straight, and up hill all the way. The T.Y.C. is the last 5 furlongs and 136 yards of the New Mile. The Queen's Plate Course is rather less than three miles, starting at the New mile starting post, and running once round and in.

AYR-Is an oval Course of one mile and 198 yards, with a straight run in of a quarter of a mile. The Course is generally flat, with a slight hill at the back of it, and a descert to the last turn.

BATH—Is nearly an oval of one mile and a half, with a straight run in. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs.

BEVERLEY-Is an oval or rather egg-shaped Course of one mile, 3 furlongs, and 90 yards, with a straight run in of nearly half a mile. The Kingston Course is about three-quarters of a mile, nearly straight. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs.

BIRMINGHAM-see Four Oaks Park.

BRIGHTON.—The Old Course, on which the Cup is run, forms a figure like three sides of a square, with very easy turns, and is one mile and three-quarters and 265 yards in length: the first quarter of a mile is level, with a slight dip at the end of it, the next half mile is on the ascent, and from the Mile-post a descent until about one-third of a mile from the finish, where there is a sharp hill up to the Winning-post. The New Course is one mile and three-quarters and 144 yards, and is formed by starting from the Winning-chair, and running out about three-quarters of a mile from home to the right, round an elbow, and turning into the Old Course again, about mid-way between the T.Y.C. and the Mile-post. The T.Y.C. is three-quarters of a mile. The Bevendean Course is about five furlongs.

CARLISLE.—The Course is oval, one mile and 90 yards round. The T.Y.C. is called “from the Style turn," and is about 6 furlongs; a straight run home of abont 700 yards, ruiled on each side, with a gradual ascent after passing the Chair for about 200 or 250 yards. The Queen's Plate Course is two


CATTERICK BRIDGE.-The Course is an oval of one mile and 60 yards, almost flat; from the Catterick turn in is a little short of half a mile. The new T.Y.C. is five furlongs, straight.

CHELMSFORD-Is a round or oval Course, short of 2 miles by about 30 yards, but made up two miles by starting between the Distance-post and the Winning-Chair. The last quarter of a mile is a gradual rise. The three-quarters of a Mile Course is straight, as also the seven furlongs Course.

CHELTENHAM-Is an oval Course, one mile round, over rich meadow land; the turns are good; there is a slight dip about three furlongs from home, from whence the run in is straight. The T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs.

CHESTER—Is a flat circular Course of one mile and about 50 yards. The T.Y.C. is three-quarters of a mile. From the Castle-pole, once round and in, is rather more than a mile and a quarter. The Cup Course is about two miles and a quarter. The Grosvenor Course is about a mile and a quarter. The Queen's Plate Course is twice round, rather over two miles.

CROXTON PARK.—The Course is pear-shaped, 22 yards short of 2 miles; the last five furlongs being flat and perfectly straight for 840 yards. The Granby Course is about a mile and a quarter. The New T.Y.C. is five furlongs, and quite straight.

CROYDON—Is an egg-shaped course of one mile and three furlongs round. The "Great Welcomes" Course is nearly one mile and a quarter, with an easy turn between the six furlongs and four furlongs posts, it is slightly down hill from the mile to the six furlongs post, and has a rather strong incline near the finish, the last 200 yards being flat.

DERBY—Is an oval Course of rather more than 1 mile and 2 furlongs, perfectly flat, with easy turns. The New Course is one mile, perfectly straight, and of great width.

DONCASTER—Is a circular and nearly flat Course of about 1 mile, 7 furlongs, and 70 yards. The shorter Courses are portions of this circle. The T.Y.C. is 7 furlongs, 214 yards. “Red house in” is 5 furlongs, 152 yards. “The Rifle Butts in” is about three-quarters of a mile. The St Leger Course is one mile, 6 furlongs, and 132 yards. The Cup Course is 2 miles, 5 furlongs, and 14 yards. The Hopeful Course is 5 furlongs. The Two-mile Course is two miles, 15 yards. The Queen's Plate Course is the same as the Cup Course. A New Course has been formed which possesses a straight mile. The Fitzwilliam Stakes. Course is three-quarters of a mile, and straight.

DOVER—Is situate in Waldershare Park, and is an oblong of two miles round, excellent old turf, with a slight dip on one of the long sides, the turns are all easy, and the run in straight for five furlongs. There is also a straight six furlongs Course.


DURHAM—Is an oval Course of nearly one mile of good sound old grass land. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs, flat, except a short dip in the middle. In running round there is an ascent to the T.Y.C. starting-post.

EDINBURGH—The Course is at Musselburgh, and is nearly oval, and flat, measuring one mile and a quarter and 46 yards, with a nearly straight run in of half a mile, rising slightly from the distance. The T.Y.C. is fully five furlongs, and nearly straight. The Queen's Plate Course is two miles.

EGHAM—On the Runnymede, is an oval Course short of 2 miles by 66 yards, and nearly flat. It is close to the town, on the banks of the Thames. The T.Y.C. is three-quarters of a mile and straight, as is also the Mile Course. The Queen's Plate Course is two miles and a distance.

EGLINTON PARK (Irvine)-Is an oval Course, 150 yards less than two miles, it is almost flat with the exception of a hill about half a mile from the winning post. The run in is nearly half a mile.

EPSOM—The Old Course, now seldom used, is 2 miles, of an irregular circular form, the first mile up hill. The old Derby Course (last used in 1847) is exactly a mile and a half, and somewhat in the form of a horse-shoe; the first threequarters of a mile may be considered as straight running, the bend in the Course being very trifling, and the width very great; the next quarter of a mile is in a gradual turn, and the last half-mile straight. The first half-mile is on the ascent, the next third of a mile level, and the remainder is on the descent till within the distance, when the ground again rises. For the present Derby Course (first used in 1872) the horses start at the New High Level Starting Post, and run into the Old Derby Course at the mile-post this first half-mile is also slightly on the ascent. The New T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs, and runs into the Old Course above the roads at the Walton turn. The Egmont Course is five furlongs straight. The Metropolitan Course is two miles and a quarter; for this race the horses' start at the Winning-chair and run the back way of the Derby Course as far as the road, when they turn to the right and go round the hill, coming into the

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