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No. 4.
Treasurer's Account Current.

Dr. {The

The Miffionary Society of Connecticut in Account Current

with Andrew Kingsbury, as their Treasurer.

To amount of Cash paid by

|| By balance in favor of the order of the Committee,

Society, January 1, 1805..17241 I& as per statement, No. 3........2517 491 || By Contributions in May

1805. as per ftatement To balance carried to credit

| No. [....................................2816 66 of new account...............21196 941 || By Donations, Intereft, &c.

as per statement No. 2.......... 3631 60 | By Cash refunded by Rev.

Thomas Williams, being
money advanced to him
as a Missionary, he not
going on the mission by
reason of sickness..................25

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Amount of permanent Fund. 1 2924 2.
For current expenses.............8272 924

By balance of the above
21196 9441 account................................ 21196 945

Ą. KINGSBURY, Treasurer to M. 3.of Conn. JOHN PORTER, Audit.

Hartford, January 1, 1806.

A particular List of the Contributions, received in the netu settlements,

contained in the general statement, No. 2.


To Rev. Setb Willifton, in tbe wefern | Three women, Jones' settlecounties of New-York and notbern ment.

872 counties of Pennsylvania.

De Ruyter,

3 67€ At Milford,

I 25 Palmyra,

29 36£ A person in Canaan,

To Rev. Tbomas Williams, in tbe counA Contribution,

9 37

ties of Otsego and Delaware. A female in Tioga,


At Delhi, Mrs. White, Nine Partners,

do. Contribution, Wyalufing, Bapeifts,

Jefferson, An individual,


4 32 A Female, I 10 Unadilla,

I 45 Towandee, Luzerne, Newtown, Tioga,

Worcester, Mr. J. Houghton, I An individual, Cayuta,

do Cortribucion, do. Owego,


2 32


I 22


I 21

I 16

Hartwich, two females, 74 | To Rev. Calvin Ingals, in New-York do.

4 51 and Pennsylvania. do.

4 31 At Greene, James' settlement, 6 80 Burlington,

4 13

I 28 do.

I 90 Owego, Jencks' settlement, I 374 do. Dea. Roberts, Baptift, 31, do. Durch do. 4 Pittsfield,

Middletown, Buttercuts,

Pansville, do. Jofeph Shaw,

Port Town, Burlington, a friend,

Great Bend, do. Mr. F. Mather,

Tioga, Brown's settlement, 5 471 do. Mr. C. Alexander, 2 Springfield,

2 25 Pittsfield, Dea. A. Thurston, I Loft, stolen from him, 44 36

22 21}

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3 36

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Camden, Mr. Ballous, Watertown, a friend of milfions,

36 Western, Benjamin Smith, I

do. Capt. Henry Donnelly, 50 do.

2 53 Leyden, John Dewey,

do. Levi Hilman,
do. Mr. and Mrs. Sippeld,
do: Mr. Rogers,

do. Mr. Carwin, Trenton,

3 30

Further account of the Sales and Profits of the Conneciicut Evan

gelical Magazine. .. Whole number delivered to Messrs. Lincoln and

Gleason, Jan. 1, 1805, of the four first Volumes,

and the six first numbers of the fifth Volume, 20034 Returned by Seymour & Woolhopter, - - - - - 54


20088 Printed by Lincoln & Gleason of the six last numbers of the fifth Volume, - - - - 19800

Of these, there have been sold to subscribers at 12 1-2 cents, - - - - - - 14057

Do. to Booksellers at 8 pence, - - 884

Do. at retail at 12 1-2 cents, . - - 1625
Delivered gratis to subscribers,

- 1003
On hand, January 1, 1806, - - - • 22319



Printed of the six first numbers of the sixth Vol• ume, - - - - -

Of these, there have been sold to subscribers at 12 1-2 cents, - - - - - - 13171

Do. to Booksellers at 8 pence, - -

Do. at retail at 12 1-2 cents, - - - 523
Delivered gratis to subscribers, - - - 868.
On hand, January 1, 1806, -




On hand, of five first Volumes,

Do. of six first numbers of sixth Volume,

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Sale of 29376 at 12 1-2 cents,

$3672 00 Do. 1763 at 9 pence, -

195 89 Amount of Sales, . . . . . 3867 89 Expenses, Printing 19800 Vol. 5, six last num

bers at 66 mills, - - - 1306 80
Do. 18450 Vol. 6, six first numbers, 1217 70
Sundry bills for postage and transpor-

- - - 24 13
Paid for Christian Observer, . , 400

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The above amount of profits is due from subscribers, and also nearly 400 Dollars more which is due to Lincoln & Gleason, being the balance of their account for printing, &c. above what they have received.

It is hoped that delinquent subscribers, when they see what large sums are due, on this and the former statement will exert themselves to pay their balances soon, that the inoney may be paid into the Treasury of the Missionary Society of Connecticut, and be put out to interest.

Donations to the Missionary Society of Connecticut.
Jan. 31. Israel Day, contributed in new settlements, $ 7 68
Feb. 5. A Friend of Missions,

10 00 . 7. A Friend of Missions, -

2 00 . 19. A Friend of Missions,

11 32

31 00

[blocks in formation]

Thoughts on the Inability of Sin. tion laid in regeneration for holy ners,

affections and exercises in a

I train is evident from the expeTT seems generally agreed, rience of all Christians; for

I that the change of which men though they have cause to laare the subjects in the new birth ment the power of indwelling is moral and not physical ; or, sin, they can still bear witness in other words, that it is predica- to the faithfulness of God in ble of the will and affections on-carrying on the work which he ly, and not of the intellect, or has begun in their hearts; and other natural faculty, as its pro- also from the scriptures which deper seat. For though it be true, ciare, that the gifts and calling as it certainly is, that in the of God are without repentance. new birth the whole man is, in It is a fact that they love what an important sense, renewed, they hated before, and hate what the understanding is illuminated, they loved before : and there is the conscience is purged, and a reason to be sought for, in the every faculty is sanctified ; yet nature of things, why they this is supposed to be the neces- do so; and a reason sufficient sary consequence of the change for the effect. There is a perof the will and affections. But manent reason resulting from though the change, in its main the nature of creatures or of their character be moral, it will not characteristic temper; we refollow that there is no change in mark the difference, and we acthe nature of the subject as the count for the fact, by supposing ground of holy affections: and that their frame and constitution, if such change be supposed, it or their natures are different. must be admitted, that so far it | The dog and the lamb are so is physical : for moral quality is made as to be differently affectpredicable of the will and affec-ed with the same object. The tions only, and not of that state dog will bite, and the lamb will of the soul which is the ground of lick the band that offers violence. them. That there is a founda- | Perceiving this diversity we VOL. VI. NO. 10.

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