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Gomorrah into ashes, condem- / brimstone from the Lord out of ned them with an overthrow, heaven and destroyed those cimaking them an ensample(type) ties; and upon the wicked God to those that after should live will rain snares, fire and brimungodly ; and delivered just Lot, stone and an horrible tempest. &c. 2. Pet. ij. Is not Christ's In Sodom and Gomorrah thus description of future punishment destroyed, turned into a lake and by casting into the lake that subjected to a perpetual destrucburns with fire and brimstone, tion, so said to suffer the ven. taken from it? Perhaps no two geance of eternal fire, Jude v. scriptural types are so analogous have we not a very impressive to each other as the destruction and glowing description of the of the old world by a deluge of eternal perdition of the wicked water, and the destruction of So- in hell, the lake that burns with dom by fire and brimstone from fire and brimstone for ever and heaven ; for which reason we ever ? find them repeatedly coinbined II. In the city of Zoar, have. for the same purpose. Matt. xxiv. wé not a direct representation of 2 Pet. ii. In this dispensation Christ, that hiding place from are not the following evangelic- the storm and covert from the al subjects impressively repre- heat, which God hath most sented?

graciously provided for his peoI. The destruction of the wick-ple, when the heavens shall be ed inhabitants of Sodom by fire rolled together as a scroll; bui and brimstone from heaven, typ- especially from that horrible ifying the eternal destruction of tempest which he will rain upon the wicked in hell.

the wicked, when he shall come The wickedness of the inhab- in flaming fire to take vengeance itabts of Sodom, and particular- on them that obey not the gosly their persecution of righteous pel of his Son? Lot, immediately procured their III. In the fight of Lot to destruction ; and the wicked- Zoar, and his preservation from ness of the world, and particu- the destructive flames of Sodom, Jarly the persecution of the god have we not an instructive rely, will immediately procure the presentation of believers fleedissolution of the heavens anding to Christ from the wrath to earth.* The Lord rained fire and come, and their preservation

* Gen. xix. The men of the city from eternal ruin by him? compassed the house, both old and And the men said to Lot, We young, all the people from every will destroy this place. And the quarter--then the Lord rained fire angels hastened Lot, saying, Aand brimstone from heaven and de, rise, lest thou be consumed in stroyed those cities. How parallel with this is Rev. xx. 7, Satan, shall the iniquity of the city : And go out into the four quarters of the while he lingered the men laid world, Gog and Magog to gather hold upon his hand, the Lord them together to battle: and they being merciful to him, and went up and compassed the camp of | brought him forth without the the saints and the beloved city, and city and said, Escape for thy fire came down from God out of hea: life ; look not behind thee, lest ven and destroyed them? Was not the latter description apparently ta- thou be consumed. In a simiken from the former !

lar manner, hath not God ad

monished his people of the de- | Zoar, and the inhabitants of Sostruction which he will execute dom were probably preparing to upon the wicked, and warned indulge themselves in their hathem to flee from a sinful, guil- bitual voluptuousness and dissity state, and impending ruin? pation ;-but this fair and pleasBut attached to the pleasures of ant morning was succeeded by sin and earthly pursuits, they a tempestuous and stormy day, contemplate abandoning sensual which brought destruction upon gratifications and delights with them as a whirlwind : and how reluctance, and delaying and lin- many in the ardent pursuits of gering, the Lord, being gracious sensual delights, are unexpectto them, by his almighty hand, ly surprised and arrested by lays hold of them and brings death, and go quick down to the them from their guilty and dan- pit? And when a stupid world gerous condition, constrains them shall cry, Peace and safety, then to escape for their lives, and flee will sudden destruction come upfor refuge to Christ, the blessed on them, and they shall not eshope set before them--and be- cape. ing finally gathered together in- In this awfuldispensation, how to the heavenly chambers, they much is there to instruct and will be effectually secured from comfort the godly? The unlawful the fiery indignation, and for ev- deeds of the filthy Sodomites er preserved in perfect safety vexed the righteous soul of Lot, and peace-while upon the wick- from day to day. Abraham ed, disregarding divine admoni- had interceded for him, and tions, as idle tales, the day of when God destroyed them, he the Lord will come, which will remeinbered (the intercession burn as

an oven and consume of) Abraham, and mercifully them that it leave them neither provided for the safety of Lot root nor branch.

by sending him to Zoar. The Lot escaped the destruction of Lord said I cannot do any thing Sodom but as with the skin of till thou be come thither. The his teeth ; and the righteous are Lord knoweth as well how to scarcely saved from final ruin-deliver the godly, as to reserve but his wife looked back from the wicked to the day of judg. behind him and became a pillar ment to be punished. The men of salt : and how many who are with their slaughter weapons, awakened to a conviction of their Ezek. ix. might not smite till a danger, and as it were fleeing mark was set upon the forehead from the wrath to come, for look of those who sighed for the aboming back with lustful eyes upon inations of Jerusalem, and then the pleasures of sense and sin, they were to slay old and young and delaying to forsake all for and not spare. They shall be Christ and salvation, are given mine, says God, in the day that over to a reprobate mind, and I make up my jewels. How become vessels of wrath fitted much to admonish the wicked ! to destruction ? Remember Lot's Let them turn to their strong wife.

hold in a day of acceptance and The sun was risen upon the time of salvation. Amen. earth when Lot entered into

Vol. VI. NO, 2,


Character and Writings of Jus- upon his conversion to Christiiin Martyr.

anity, but from the boldness and unquestionably a freedom with which he address

holiness, deeply affected by a Senate in his Apologies. He concern for the honor of God told them how much it was their and the interests of true reli- duty to esteem the truth ; that gion, and ardently desirous of hisobject was not to fatter them, promoting the salvation of men. but to persuade them to exam. He had embraced Christianity ine the question impartially, and after a long and serious exam- to determine justly ; that if they ination ; having found in this did not, they would be inexcusdivine revelation, what he had able before God, and could not in vain searched after in the va- possibly escape his future judgrious systems of human philo- ment. In a similar manner he sophy, the knowledge of the declares, in his conference with only true God, and the way to Trypho, that he regarded noobtain both present and eternal thing but the truth, not caring happiness. The influence of whom he disobliged in this great Christian principles upon his dis- and important pursuit. Yet all positions and conduct is strik- this zeal in the cause of Christiingly evident in his life and wri. anity was tempered with the tings. His love to the souls of most cordial love to all mankind,

men prompted him to receive and even to his bitterest ene • all who came to him for instruc- mies. From none did he and

tion ; and was probably the rea- his brethren suffer greater enson of his persevering in the mity and opposition than from profession of philosophy, instead the Jews : yet he tells Trypho of assuming the ecclesiastical that they heartily prayed for the character. He thought, per- Jews, and all other persecutors, haps, that his former habits of that they might repent, and ceaTife might tend to abate the pré- sing to blaspheme Christ, might judices of other philosophers, believe in him, and be saved and induce them to examine from eternal vengeance at his and embrace Christianity : and glorious appearing; that though though, in the case of Justin, the Jews were wont solemnly to this expectation proved falla- curse them in their synagogues, cious, we cannot but approve the and to join with any that would motive from which he acted ; persecute them unto death, yet and we recommend to those they returned no other answer who, like him, possess much of than this You are our brethhuman learning, to consecrate it ren, we beseech you to own and to the service of God, by simi- embrace the truth of God.” And lar endeavors to gain the wise in his Apology to the Emperor and the great of this world to and Senate, he thas concludes the gospel of Christ. How ear- “ I have nothing more to add, nestly this learned and pious fa- but that so far as in us lies, we ther was engaged in propaga- shall endeavor, and heartily pray, ting the truth, appears not only that the whole world may be from the pathetic exhortation blessed with the knowledge and which he delivered to his friends belief of the truth."

Such are the leading features in general, perfectly consistent in the character of this great with what are usually termed the man, so far as his piety is con- orthodox doctrines.' In his Di. cerned. With respect to his na- alogue with Trypho he explains tural endowments, and his ac- and defends, against the objecquired learning and abilities, tions of the Jew, the doctrine of more especially as they appear our Lord's divinity, in a clear in his writings, something re- and decisive manner; considermains to be said. He was evi- ing it as plainly revealed both in dently possessed both of consid- the Old and New Testament.-erable genius and of sound judg. In his first Apology, also, he exment. These talents he had pressly acknowledges the Cathcarefully cultivated and improv-olic doctrine of the Trinity, telled by the diligent study anding the Emperor, in explanation pursuit of human learning and of the common charge against philosophy ; so that, according Christians, of Atheism, that they to the testimony of Photius, he did not, indeed, worship the had arrived at the very height, gods commonly so called, but and abounded in every kind of that they worshipped and adorknowledge. His learning, howed the true God and his Son, ever, as might naturally be ex- and the prophetic Spirit, honorpected from his birth and edu- ing them in word and in truth. cation, was chiefly confined to This learned father strongly inthe writings of the Heathen phi- culcates in his writings the nelosophers. Of the Hebrew lan- cessity of the enlightening influguage, like many of the early ence of divine gráce; to enable fathers, he knew but little ; as any one to understand the truth. appears from some inaccuracies | He explains, also, in his first which are to be met with in his Apology, his views concerning dialogue with Trypho. But with regeneration, and the forgiveness this exception, his great abilities of past sins through Jesus Christ. and learning are plainly discern- In the Dialogue with Trypho, ible in his writings which are he states the doctrine of justifiyet extant (to say nothing of cation in the same manner as those which are lost,) and which, we find it in the Epistle to the as Eusebius observes, remain as Galatians, that is, as opposed to monuments of his singular en- any dependence on the works of dowments ;-of a mind studi- the law, and as entirely the gift ously conversant about divine of God by faith in Jesus Christ. things, and richly fraught with excellent and useful knowledge.

Religious Intelligence. These are all intended either to defend Christianity against both the Jews and Gentiles, or to op

Abstract of the account of the pose that common religion and protestant missions in the East those profane and absurd rites of

Indies for the year 1803, pubworship which then governed

lished by the Society for prothe world; or to prescribe rules

moting Christian Knowledge

in their last annual report. for the ordinary conduct of the Christian life.

THE Rev. Messrs. Kolhoff The opinions of Justin were, and Holzberg, in a letter dated

at Tanjore, 29 Dec. 1802, state | baptized. It is with much satthat they had attended to the isfaction the missionaries report congregations and schools in that that the far greater number of place, and that they and their these converts were not ashamnative assistants had also made ed to confess the name of Christ, several journies to publish the but endeavored to honor the howord of God in various towns Iy religion they had embraced, and villages of the Tanjore pro- by a conformity to those sacred vince, and that by the blessing truths and duties, in which they of God, several new congrega- had been instructed. They also tions had been lately formed.- inform the Society, that, by At Kanandagudi, a village 18 God's gracious Providence, they miles from Tanjore, about 40 had finished the school-house at families had come to the reso- Tanjore, which would accomlution of renouncing the worship modate above 1000 children.of their dumb idols, and turning There being a large congregaunto God; and having been care- tion at Pudapatts, situated westfully instructed they were ad- ward of Tanjore, a chapel had mitted into the congregation by been erected there, and opened baptism. At Adanjour a village last July. An able catechist, 17 miles from Tanjore, 9 fami- educated by the late Mr. Swartz, lies had received baptism ; and, was stationed at that place, and there being several Christian had hitherto given satisfaction families near it, they had erected to the Missionaries, by attention a temporary building for divine to his duty. At Kanandagudi, worship, and had stationed there a small spot of ground had been a catechist assistant, who had purchased, and a temporary been found faithful in the dis- building for divine worship was charge of his duty. At Leraloor, intended to be erected as soon five miles from Tanjore, 7 fam- as possible. ilies had been brought to the The increase of the Tamulian knowledge of the gospel ; and congregation had been considerthere being some Christian fam-able. În the year 1801, they ilies in the neighboring villages, baptized 366, among whom were a neat brick and tiled chapel had 50 infants born of Christian pabeen erected by a member of rents; they had received 21 from their congregation, named San- the popish communion; they doshee Pulley, who held an em- administered the Sacrament to ployment in the company's ser- 599 persons ; they had married vice. The chapel was finished 12 couples, and buried 29 bodies. during Mr. Gericke's progress in the year 1802, they had bapthrough the country, and it was tized 328, among whom were 63 opened by him on the 5th of No-born of Christian parents ; they vember, 1802, by prayer, and a had received from Popery 34 ; sermon from Rom. xi. 1, 2.- they had administered the SacAfter the sermon, 24 persons rament to 585 persons ; they received the holy sacrament, 9 had married 21 couples, and buof whom were members of this fried 36 bodies. new congregation ; and 19 cat- There were 8 scholars in the echumens, who had been ten | English school, and in the Provin, weeks under instruction, were cial schools of Tanjore and Cums

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