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with. That that is the case always I will not should be made by the agent or superintendent receive a message from the House of Repreaffirm, but that is the presumption.

to the Indians, so that it may be seen with cer sentatives. I stated a moment ago, which the Senator tainty that each Indian, each needy person, gets

MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE. certainly did not hear, that in California there what by law and treaty is intended for him. are a great many bands of Indians or tribes, Mr. HARLAN. If the Senator will allow

A message from the House of Representa. probably altogether at least a hundred, some me, the committee desire to offer this amend

tives, by Mr. McPherson, its Clerk, announced

that the House had passed the following bill of them composed of only a few individuals; ment: to insert in line five, after the word

and joint resolution; in which it requested the two or three families perhaps in some instances. “package,'' the words in the presence of the

concurrence of the Senate: I have seen a report, which I have not before head men of the tribe;" and to insert after

A bill (H. R. No. 351) to change certain me, giving a statement of the numbers of the the word "best,'' in the seventh line, the words

land districts in the State of California ; and tribes, and I notice that a great many of them "in the presence of the agent or superintendare less in number than one hundred; per

A joint resolution (H. R. No. 65) to facili. ent;' so as to obviate the difficulty he suggests.

tate the construction of the custom-house at haps twenty in some cases, thirty in others, The whole section will then read : and forty in others. They occupy rancheros,

Bangor, Maine.

That all goods and merchandise furnished any or places by themselves, and by the provision

The message further announced that the tribe or band of Indians under the provisions of any of law they are supplied in case of need with act or treaty shall be turned over by the agent or

House had agreed to the report of the comarticles of food and clothing to some extent,

superintendent of such tribe or band to the chiefs of mittee of conference on the disagreeing votes

the tribe or band in bulk and in the original packto a limited extent to be sure, because you

of the two Houses on the bill (H. R. No. 3) age, in the presence of the head men of the tribe, make but limited provision for them. But it to be distributed to the tribe or band by the chiefs, in

to repeal an act regulating the tenure of certain such manner as the chiefs may deem best, in the civil offices. would be impracticable to give them a whole presence of the agent or superintendent.

TENURE-OF-OFFICE LAW. package of goods under this section. It would result in depriving them of all perhaps, whereas

So as to have the general supervision of the Mr. TRUMBULL. I ask the Senate to if the practice that is followed now should be

head men and the chiefs both when the goods consider the report of the committee of concontinued they would receive the few blankets are delivered and when they are distributed as

ference which has just come from the House that are apportioned to a particular little band well as the supervision of the agent.

of Representatives.

Mr. COLE. To that amendment there cer. of Indians. I think it is utterly impossible to

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Senator carry out the provisions of the section as it tainly can be no objection, so far as I am con

from Illinois asks the unanimous consent of stands. I am informed that such will be the cerned, for it applies to those cases where

the Senate to submit a report from the comcase, and without any information from other

treaties exist. As I said, when you treat with mittee of conference on the tenure-of-office sources I know it will be the case.

the head men and chiefs you are presumed to bill at this time. The Chair hears no objection. Mr. CORBETT. I think that will be the treat with persons who are entitled to be trusted

Mr. HARLAN. I presume it is understood result in all cases. This section will have to

with the discharge of this responsible duty ; that the appropriation bill is to be passed over be amended or else it must be stricken out.

and that probably would be the case in most informally. If these goods are turned over to the chiefs in

instances, but certainly it will not be the case The VICE PRESIDENT. It is done by bulk and packages the chiefs will take charge in every instance. I believe it is part of the

unanimous consent. The appropriation bill is of them; many of them will keep them then history of Indian affairs in this country that

still pending when under treaties Indian tribes were supplied selves, or a large proportion of them. They

Mr. FESSENDEN. I should like to have have their favorites, and they will compel the with coin the coin was sometimes delivered to

this question in regard to the third section other Iudians to pay them a certain amount

them in boxes and passed entirely from the settled. of money provided they will do so and so. I Indians without the boxes being opened at all.

Mr. TRUMBULL. That is settled. think the section should be amended, at any

One word further, sir. We appoint Indian The VICE PRESIDENT. The proposed rate by inserting in the seventh line after the

agents and superintendents. We select, or amendment has been agreed to, as modified by word 'best' the words “in the presence of

ought to select, honest men for that duty. We the Senator from California at the suggestion the agent." I think the chairman of the Com.

ought to select responsible men and require of the Senator from Minnesota, to insert the mittee on Indian Affairs was instructed to offer

them to perform their duty to the very letter. words "as nearly as possible” after the word some amendment of that kind. I will ask

If they are honest men, if they are proper “package,'' in the fifth line. bin if he has any such amendment ?

men, it is a part of their duty to do this very Mr. COLE. “As nearly as practicable." Mr. HARLAN. The Committee on Indian

business of distributing these goods properly, Mr. RAMSEY. Very well. Affairs did instruct me to offer an amendment

and to see that the needy are supplied. If The VICE PRESIDENT. The words will in that part of the section ; but I understand it

these goods under the language of this section be so modified. The Secretary will now report would not be in order now, the Senator from

are to be distributed in the original packages, || the action of the committee of conference. California having offered to amend the bill by

I ask the chairman of the Committee on In: The Chief Clerk read the report of the comchanging the phraseology in the third line of

dian Affairs how it is possible that a fraction mittee of conference, as follows: the section, bị striking out the word "act''

of a tribe not entitled to an original package The committee of conference on the disagreeing and inserting “treaty." As I have observed

can be supplied at all under the section as it votes of the two Houses on the amendment of the before, I can see no distinction between the reads? How can they be supplied with a blanket

Senate to the bill (H. R. No.3) to repeal an act regudelivery of goods under a law, under an act or with anything?

lating the tenure of certain civil offices, baving met,

after full and free conference, bave agreed to recomof Congress, and the delivery of goods under

Mr. HARLAN. It will depend upon the defi mend, and do recommend to their respective Houses the provisions of a treaty. if the quantity of nition of the words “ original package." I

as follows:

That the House of Representatives recede from its goods to be delivered would be less than a suppose the purchaser might so purchase his disagreement to the Senate amendment, and agree bale or package it would have to be broken | goods that the original packages would con to the same with the following amendments: whether delivered under the provisions of a tain but one blanket. I suppose the object of

Strike out all after the word "officer" in line

twenty-seven of the second section of the Senate treaty or of law. I have no doubt the adoption the framers of this section was to require the amendment to the end of the section, and insert in of this section will very greatly embarrass the goods to be delivered in the saine packages in lieu thereof the following: “Then, and not other

wise, the President shall nominate anotber person business of the bureau ; but still it was thought which they were put up in the store where they

as soon as practicable to said session of the Senate by the House of Representatives that it might

were bought, so that they should not be opened for said office." be a safeguard. Perhaps it would be better to and subject to be changed by parties in tran

Amend section three of the act to which this is an leave the word "act” in, and to insert the situ; and by purchasing with a view to deliver

amendment, by inserting after the word "resigna

tion” in line three of said section the words followword “treaty" also ; so as to make it read, to each tribe, the packages can be small enough ing: or expiration of term of office." "under the provisions of any act or treaty.!! to enable them to make the distribution.

And the Senate agree to the saine,

LYMAN TRUMBULL, If it is necessary to put in the word “treaty!! Mr. COLE. Suppose it be a sack of flour.

GEORGE F. FDMUNDS, it is necessary to retain the word “act," How would you do in that case ?

JAMES W. GRIMES. because the principle is precisely the same, Mr. HARLAN. Then buy half a sack; or

Managers on the part of the Senate. and the embarrassment in the one case will be put it in a sack just half the size of an ordinary


C. C. WASHBURN. precisely the same as the embarrassment in the sack.

JOHN A. BINGHAM, other. Mr. COLE. It would be attended with very

Managers on the part of the House. Mr. POMEROY. If you will insert "act great expense to have goods put at the place Mr. TRUMBULL. I will state what I un. or treaty'' that will settle it; that will cover

of manufacture in packages to supply each par derstand to be the effect of the report agreed both cases. ticular tribe or family.

to by the committee of conference. As the bill Mr. COLE. I regret very much that I am

Mr. RAMSEY. I suggest to the Senator | passed the Senate it will be recollected it pronot able to make myself understood in this

from California to insert the words “ as nearly || vided that if no nomination was confirmed matter. To be sure the prineiple is the same

as possible" after the word “package" in the by the Senate in place of a suspended officer whether the goods are furnished under a treaty

fifth line of this section. That probably would | during the session, and the Senate by 8 vote or under an act; but to require that they shall meet the difficulty.

refused to concur in the suspension, then, at be distributed in the original packages to the

Mr. COLE. That is sufficient.

the end of the session, the suspended officer chief or to the head of ao tribe, it seems to me

The VICE PRESIDENT. Does the Sen.

should be restored to the office and discbarge is unreasonable, because the man who might ator from California accept that as a modifica

its duties and receive its emoluments. All this assume to be the head of a tribe, or be such tion of his amendment?

is stricken out by the conference committee, in fact, is not in every instance a man who is

Mr. COLE. Yes, sir.

and in lieu of it is inserted, that the President to be trusted, or ought to be trusted with so The amendment, as modified, was agreed to. | shall, as soon as practicable, make another responsible a duty. I think the distribution The VICE PRESIDENT. The Chair will nomination to the Senate. This leaves the

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law in this sbape: the first section of the act The VICE PRESIDENT. The question is land districts in the State of California was provides that all persons appointed by and with on the motion of the Senator from Obio. read twice by its title, and referred to the Com. the advice and consent of the Senate, except

Mr. TRUMBULL called for the yeas and mittee on Public Lands. judges, shall hold their offices during the term nays, and they were ordered ; and being taken,

BANGOR CUSTOM-HOUSE. for which they were appointed, unless sooner resulted-yeas 8, nays 45; as follows: removed by and with the advice and consent

The joint resolution (H. R. No. 65) to facili. YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Casserly, Davis, Mcof the Senate, except as is provided in the Creery, Ross, Stockton, Thurman, and Vickers-8.

tate the construction of the custom house at next section.

NAYS-Messrs.Abbott, Anthony, Boreman, Brown Bangor, Maine, was read twice by its title. The second section authorizes the President

low. Buckingham, Cameron, Carpenter, Chandler, Mr. HAMLIN. I ask that the joint reso

Cole, Conkling. Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, of the United States, during a recess of the Fenton, Ferry, Gilbert,Grimes, Flamlin, Harlan, llar

lution be put on its passage now, and I am Senate, to suspend from office any officer

ris, Howard. Howe, Kellogg, Morrill, Osborn, Patter sure there will be no objection to it when I

son, Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey. Rice, Sawyer, state what it is. By an appropriation bill appointed by and with the advice and consent Schurz, Scott, Sherman, Spencer, Sprague. Sumner, of the Senate until the end of the next session Tipton, Trumbull, Willey, Williams, Wilson, and which passed during the last session of Con

Yates-45. of the Senate, and requires him within thirty

gress an appropriation was made to build a

ABSENT-Messrs. Cattell, Fessenden, Fowler, custom-house and court-house now in process days after the meeting of the Senate to make Hamilton, McDonald, Morton, Norton, Nye, Robertnominations in place of all suspended officers; son, Saulsbury, Stewart, Thayer, and Warter-13.

of erection in Bangor. This resolution simply and now there is added to that a provision that

So the motion was not agreed to.

authorizes that money to be used now to pay if such a nomination is not approved he shall,


for the work that has been done. It makes no

The question additional appropriation, but provides for using as soon as practicable, make another nomina. recurs on agreeing to the conference report. tion, and as a matter of course if none of the

Mr. VICKERS. I ask that the bill may be

now the appropriation that has already been

made. nominations are approved his authority to read as amended by the report of the commitsuspend under the law expires with the session tee. We certainly ought to have it read.

By unanimous consent, the joint resolution and the old officer takes possession of the office.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Secretary

was considered as in Committee of the Whole. The only change made is this: as the bill will read the Senate amendment as it will read

It proposes to authorize the Secretary of the passed the Senate it required a positive affirm· || if amended by the report of the conference

Treasury to make a present application of the . ative vote on the part of the Senate disagree committee.

$25,000 appropriated at the last session of the ing to the suspension before the old officer The Chief CLERK. The bill, as amended by

Fortieth Congress for the Bangor customcould go back. As the committee of confer. the report of the conference committee, reads:

house and public buildings, the same to be ence report it the officer would go back at the That the first and second sections of an act enti

applied to the use provided in that appropriend of the session unless somebody else was tled "An act regulating the tenure of certain civil

ation. offices," passed March 2, 1867, be, and the same are confirmed in his place. The authority of the

The joint resolution was reported to the Senbereby, repealed; and in lieu of said repealed secPresident to suspend extends to the end of the tions the following are hereby enacted :

ate, ordered to a third reading, read the third session, and no further, and of course the old That every officer holding any civil office to which

time, and passed. he has been or hereafter may be appointed by and officer then takes possession of the office. with the advice and consent of the Senate, and who

EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION. Mr. THURMAN. It will be remembered shall have become duly qualified to act therein, shall The VICE PRESIDENT laid before the Sen. by the Senate that the bill as it was passed by

be entitled to hold such office during the term for
which ho shall have been appointed, unless sooner

ate a report from the Secretary of the Navy, the Senate was not printed. The amendment removed by and with the advice and consent of the

in answer to the resolution of the Senate of proposed by the Judiciary Committee of the Senate, or by the appointment, by and with the like the 5th instant, in relation to contracts entered Senate was read, and without being printed advice and consent, of a successor in his place,

into by the Navy Department and Norman except as herein otherwise provided. was adopted by the Senate, and the bill sent to

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That during any

Wiard since the 1st day of January, 1861; the House of Representatives with that amend recess of the Senate the President is bereby empow which was referred to the Committee on Naval ment. Now it is proposed that that shall be ered in his discretion to suspend any civil officer ap

Affairs. pointed by and with the advice and consent of the amended in the mode indicated by the report Senate, except judges of the United States courts,

BILLS INTRODUCED. of the conference committee. Of course the until the end of the next session of the Senate, dominant party in the Senate will pass this bill and to designate some suitable person (subject to be

Mr. MORTON asked, and by unanimous removed in his discretion by the designation of in such a shape as to them shall seem best in

consent obtained, leave to introduce a bill (5. another person) to perform the duties of such sus

No. 230) for the relief of David Brader ; which order to carry out their views; but I submit pended officer in the mean time; and such person so that it is only fair to those who disagree with

designated shall take the oaths and give the bonds was read twice by its title, and relerred to the them and are here in a hopeless minority that

required by law to be taken and given by the sus Committee on Claims.

pended officer, and shall during the time he performs we should have an opportunity to understand

He also asked, and by unanimous consent his duties be entiled to the salary and emoluments what we are to vote upon. If I understand the of such office, and no part of which shall belong to obtained, leave to introduce a bill (S. No. 231) statement of the honorable Senator from Mi

the officer suspended. And it shall be the duty of to provide for the payment of horses and

the President, within thirty days after the commencenois, I cannot vote for the report of the con: ment of each session of the Senate, (except for any

equipage lost or destroyed in the military serference committee, for according to my appreoffice which in his opinion ought not to be filled.) to

vice of the United States; which was read noininate persons to fill all vacancies in office which hension, if that report be adopted and become

twice by its title, and referred to the Commit. existed at the meeting of the Senate, whether temthe law, the President cannot remove a single porarily filled or not, and also in the place of all

tee on Military Affairs. member of his Cabinet the nomina: officers suspended ; and if the Senate during such

PERSONAL EXPLANATION. session shall refuse to advise and consent to an aption of sonie one else who may be confirmed pointment in the place of any suspended officer, then,

Mr. KELLOGG. I move that the Senate by the Senate. He would be, therefore, without and not otherwise, the President shall nominate proceed to the consideration of executive the power to remove any member of his Cabi another person as soon as practicable to said session

business. of the Senate for said office. net, however obnoxious he might become.

Mr. HARLAN. Will the Indian appropriaI may be entirely mistaken, but it seems so

It is also proposed to amend the third sec

tion bill come up to.morrow as the unfinished to me. It depends upon whether the members tion of the act by inserting after the word

business? of bis Cabinet, at least those at present in office, “resignation," in the third line, the words "or

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Chair called are appointed for a term or not, if I understood | expiration of terın of office ;' so as to read:

That the President shall have power to fill all the explanation of the report of the conference vacancies which may happen during a recess of the

agreed to so as to leave it the unfinished busicommittee made by the chairman of the Judi Senate by reason of death or resignation or expiraciary Committee. It depends on whether they tion of term of office, by granting commissions which Mr. YATES. I ask to be allowed a moment are appointed for a term. They were appointed shall expire at the end of the next session thereafter.

on a question of privilege. when ibe tenure-of office act was in full force,

Mr. TRUMBULL and Mr. EDMUNDS The VICE PRESIDENT. Does the Sen. and, according to my apprehension, they were

called for the yeas and nays on the adoption ator from Louisiana withdraw his motion ? appointed for a term ; for although that act of the report.

Mr. KELLOGG. Yes, sir. does not say in so many words that they shall

The yeas and nays were ordered ; and being

Mr. YATES. As to the civil office tenure be appointed for any particular term, yet it taken, resulted-yeas 42, nays 8; as follows:

bill I desire to make a personal explanation. does declare that they shall hold their office YEAS-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman,Brown I see it stated in the papers of my State that during the term of the President by whom ap

low, Buckinghain, Cameron, Carpenter, Chandler,
Conkling, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Fen:on,

when the Senator from Vermont (Mr. Ed. pointed, and for one month thereafter; and it Ferry. Gilbert, Grimes, Hamlin, Harlan. Harris. | MUNDS] quoted an opinion of mine upon the does seem to me that in substance that makes Howard, Kellogg, Morrill, Nyo, Osborn, Patterson, impeachment trial the reporters of the Asso

Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Rice, Sawyer, Schurz, their appointment for a term.

Scott, Spencer. Sumner. Tipton. Trumbull, Willey; || ciated Press reported that I disagreed to that But I do not wish to argue this matter. I

opinion. I said no such thing. I have no do not understand it sufficiently well. I rose NAYS-Messrs. Bayard,Casserly, Davis, McCreery, complaint to find with the press or anybody,

Sprague, Stockton, Thurman, and Vickers-8. for the purpose of moving, if it be in order to

ABSENT-Messrs. Cattell, Cole, Fessenden, Fow

but I said no such thing. I said that whatever do so, that the bill as it passed the Senate, and ler, Hamilton, Howe, McDonald, Morton, Norion, that opinion contained was, in my opinion, also the report of the committee of conference, Robertson, Ross, Saulsbury, Sherman, Stewart, good law; that it was right; and there was

Thayer, and Warner-16. be laid upon the table, and that the bill as it

nothing whatever inconsistent with it in the passed the Senate, and also the report with it,

So the report was concurred in.

position that I took on that occasion. I simply be printed.

The VICE PRESIDENT. The Senate will

desire to say that so far as the report itself was The VICE PRESIDENT. That motion is now resume the consideration of the Indian

concerned it did me injustice ; and as a good in order. appropriation bill.

deal has been said upon it in my own State I HOUSE BILL REFERRED

desire to correct it on this.very day when this donc.

The bill (H. R. No. 351) to change certain bill has passed.


Mr. TRUMBULL. I hope that will not be


first and second time, referred to the Commit. guarantied by the Constitution to the citizens Mr. KELLOGG. I now renew my motion tee on Revision of Laws of the United States, of the respective States; which was read a first that the Senate proceed to the consideration and ordered to be printed.

and second time, referred to the Committee on of executive business.

the Judiciary, and ordered to be printed.

ANTHRACITE RAILROAD COMPANY, The motion was agreed to ; and the Senate

Mr. SCOFIELD moved to reconsider the

Mr. CAKE, by unanimous consent, introproceeded to the consideration of executive

several votes by which bills had been referred; duced a bill (H. R. No. 341) to incorporate and also moved that the motion to reconsider business; and after some time spent therein the

the Government Anthracite Railroad Comdoors were reopened, and the Senate adjourned.

be laid on the table. pany; which was read a first and second time,

The latter inotion was agreed to. referred to the Committee on Roads and Canals,


Mr. FERRY. I ask unanimous consent to WEDNESDAY, March 31, 1869.


offer the following resolution : The House met at twelve o'clock m. Prayer Mr. PALMER, by unanimous consent, in Resolvedl, That the Committee on the Public Lands by the Chaplain, Rev. J. G. BUTLER.

troduced a bill (H. R. No. 342) for the relief bo instructed to inquire into the expediency of so The Journal of yesterday was read and

amending the homestead laws as to include the tine of H. G. Aukeny, late captain fourth Iowa

of service in the Army as residence required under approved.

infantry; which was read a first and second tbe homestead sct. so that whatever tiid a soldier TRANSPORTATION OF MAILS ON RAILROADS. time, and referred to the Comınittee on Mili may have served in the Army shall be counted as

part of the five years' residence required by that act; Mr. TWICHELL. - I am directed by the tary Affairs.

and that they report by bill or otberwise.

BUILDINGS AT FORT TOTTEN. Cominittee on the Post Office and Post Roads

Mr. MAYNARD. If the gentleman will to report back the bill (H. R. No. 138) in re

Mr. CULLOM, by unanimous consent, from put bis resolution in the form of calling the lation to the transportation of United States

the Committee on the Territories, reported attention of the committee to this subject and mails by railroad companies for present action.

back Senate joint resolution No. 38, relating to letting them inquire into it, I will not object. Mr. SCOFIELD. I reserve objection until

Government buildings at Fort Totten, Dakota Mr. FERRY. It is in that form now. It it is reported.

Territory; and the same was referred to the is not mandatory.
The bill provides that it shall be lawful for
Committee on Military Affairs.

Mr. MAYNARD. Then I do not object. the Postmaster General to allow any railroad

The resolution was agreed to.

UNITED STATES COURTS IN NEVADA. company furnishing postal or post office cars Mr. FITCH, by unanimous consent, intro

SECRET SALES OF GOLD. for the transportation of the mail such addiduced a bill (H. R. No. 313) for holding terms

Mr. DAVIS, by unanimous consent, introtional compensation as he may think sit, not of the district court of the United States for duced a bill (H. R. No. 350) to prohibit secret exceeding, however, one hundred per cent.

the district of Nevada ; which was read a first sales or purchases of gold or bonds on account of the rates now allowed by law. Mr. WOOD. I object. and second time, and referred to the Couimit

of the United States, and for other purposes ; tee on the Judiciary.

which was read a first and second time, and Mr. TWICHELL. I hope the gentleman

referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. will withdraw the objection. There is no city

DELAY IN TRANSMISSION OF MAILS. in the Union more interested than his own. Mr. FITCH also, by unanimous consent,

PREPAYMENT OF INTEREST. Mr. WOOD, I cannot see why so large a introduced a bill (H. R. No. 314) to prevent

Mr. SCHENCK. I ask that the Committee discretion should be given to the Postmaster delay and losses in the transmission of the of Ways and Means be discharged from the General. mails; which was read a first and second time,

further consideration of the bill (S. No. 191) AMENDMENT OF TIIE RULES.

and referred to the Committee on the Post to authorize the prepayment of the interest of Mr. FERRY. I rise to make a privileged Office and Post Roads.

the public debt.

Mr. GARFIELD. I would like to ask the report. I am instructed by the Committee on


gentleman oue question. The purpose of that the Rules to report the following resolution ; Mr. BOLES, by unanimous consent, intro

bill seems to me a very wise one, and I had an and I demand the previous question thereon: duced a bill (H. R. No. 315) granting a pen, impression that it was already provided for by Resolved. That the following be added to the rules sion to Susan C., Lavinia L., Sarah Jane, and

law; but the fact that this bill was passed by of the House:

Amandu L. Mills, children of Enos Mills, de. It shall be the duty of the Doorkeeper, ten min

the Senate seemed to indicate that I was prob. utes before the hour of meeting of the House cach ceased; which was read a first and second

ably mistaken, and that there is no law for it. day, to see that the floor is cleared of all persons ex

time, aud referred to the Committee on Invalid cept tbose privileged to remain during the sessions

I would like to ask the chairman of the Com. Pensions. of the llouse.

mittee of Ways and Means why he asks us not

LEXORA MARSHALL. The previous question was seconded and the

to legislate upon the subject? main question ordered; and under the opera

Mr. McNEELY, by unanimous consent,

Mr. SCHENCK. The gentleman was right tion thereof the resolution was agreed to. introduced a bill (H. R. No. 310) to grant a

in his inpression. There is upon the statute. Mr. FERRY moved to reconsider the vole i pension to Mrs. Lenora Marshall, grand-daugh | book, in a joint resolution passed March 17, by which the resolution was adopted ; and also ter of a revolutionary soldier ; which was read | 1864, full provision for this matter of paying moved that the motion to reconsider be laid

a first and second time, and referred to the in advance the interest upon the public debt. on the table.

Committee on Revolutionary Pensions and the After that discovery was made I addressed a The latter motion was agreed to. War of 1812.

note to the Secretary of the Treasury, asking

him whether he still thought further legislation RICHARDE ELIZABETH CURRY.

CLAIMS OF THE STATE OF KANSAS. Mr. ELDRIDGE, by unanimous consent,

On motion of Mr. CLARKE, by unanimous

was necessary. I ask the Clerk to read the introduced a bill (H. R. No. 339) granting a consent, the Committee on Military Affairs was

reply of the Secretary of the Treasury.

The Clerk read as follows: pension to Mrs. Richarde Elizabeth Curry, discharged from the further consideration of mother of John Curry, late a private in conthe bill (S. No. 115) authorizing the appoint


Sir: In reply to your note of this date, I have the pany G, Missouri sharpshooters; which was

ment of a commissioner and the settlement of honor to say that the joint resolution of March 17, read a first and second time, and, with the

claims of citizens of Kansas ; and the same 1864, appears to furnish all he authority needed for accompanying petition and letter of the Comwas referred to the Committee of Claims.

the prepayınent of the interest on the public debt. I

directed an examination to be made of the laws upon inissioner of Pensions, referred to the Com.

Mr. SCOFIELD moved to reconsider the the subject, but the person charged with the duty mittee on Invalid Pensions.

vote by which the bill was referred to the Com overlooked the joint resolution to which you call me mittee of Claims; and also moved that the


Your most obedient servant, motion to reconsider be lid on the table.

GEORGE S. BOUTWELL. Mr. STILES. I desire to ask leave to record The latter motion was agreed to.

Secretary of the Treasury. my vote upon the Senate amendments to the

Hon. ROBERT C. Schenck, House of Representatives.

PORT OF ENTRY IN WEST VIRGINIA. civil tenure-of-office act; also on the judiciary

Mr. GARFIELD. I would like to ask my

Mr. WITCHER, by unanimous consent, bill.

colleague [Mr. Schenck] if the Committee of The SPEAKER. The rules do not allow

introduced a bill (H. R. No. 317) to establish Ways and Means have examined, and if not, that to be done. a port of entry at Charlestown, in the collec

if he has any information as to the amount of Mr. STILES. If I had been present I should

tion district of Wheeling, West Virginia ; which gold which can be used in anticipation of this bave voted “no.'

was read a first and second time, and referred interest ? I hope the Committee of Ways and Mr. CARE. During my absence yesterday to the Committee on Commerce.

Means and tbis House are in favor of the SecI thought I was paired on the tenure-of-office CUSTOV-IIOUSE AT CHARLESTOWN. retary doing that which this provides for. bill. It seems I was not. My colleagne did Mr. WITCHER also, by unanimous consent,

Mr. SCHENCK. It is impossible to say at not report the fact. I wish to state that had I introduced a bill (H. R. No. 348) to provide

this time how much gold can be applied to that been here I would have voted “no" for the construction of a custom-house at

purpose. There is now accumulated about motiou to recede. Charlestown, West Virginia ; which was read

eighty million dollars of coin in the Treasury, REMEDIAL JUSTICE IN TIIE COURTS. a first and second time, and referred to the

and there will be more to be obtained hereafter Mr. POLAND, by unanimous consent, inCommittee on Commerce.

from customs. I therefore move that the bill

be laid on the table. troduced a bill (H. R. No. 340) to extend the


Accordingly the Committee of Ways and provisions of an act to provide farther rem Mr. BINGHAM, by unanimous consent, in- || Means were discharged from the further con; edial justice in the courts of the United States, troduced a bill (H. R. No. 349) extending to sideration of the bill, and the same was laid approved August 29, 1842; which was read a corporations the privileges and immunities on the table.

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on the


CUSTOM-TOUSE, BANGOR, MAINE. a new appropriation, but merely a direction as confidence, Mr. Speaker, in the work of the Mr. DAWES, by unanimous consent, re

to the application of an appropriation already | last Congress that I address myself to any ported from the Committee on Appropriations made.

change of that work with great reluctance. i joint resolution (H. R. No. 65) in relation to

Mr. PETERS. I desire to state that this now call the previous question. au appropriation for the custom-house and building is now in progress of construction, The previous question was seconded and the public buildings at Bangor, Maine; which was

and so nearly completed that it can be made main question ordered. read a first and second time.

immediately serviceable if this appropriation The joint resolution was ordered to be en: The question was upon ordering the joint

can be now used. There are a hundred men grossed and read a third time; and being resolution to be engrossed and read a third

who have been employed there, and who will engrossed, it was accordingly read the third time.

soon be thrown out of employment unless this time, and passud. The joint resolution, which was read, author

is done. It was a mistake of mine in having Mr. DAWES moved to reconsider the vote izes the Secretary of the Treasury to make a the appropriation put in the bill making appro. by wbich the joint resolution was passed; and

also moved that the motion to reconsich be present application of the $25,000 appropriated | priations for the next fiscal year, instead of at the last session of the Fortierh Congress to

having it put in the deficiency bill or the mis laid on the table. the Bangor custom-honse and public buildings, cellaneous appropriation bill.

The latter motion was agreed to. the same to be applied to the use provided in Mr. DAVES. There is not a dollar of

ENROLLED DILLS SIGNED. said appropriation, not hereby increasing the appropriation in this joint resolution. The

Mr. BEATTY, from the Committee on Ensaid appropriation as heretofore made. only question is whether you will discharge all Mr. DANES. I have a letter here from the these workmen now and let this work lie idle

rolled Bills, reported that the committee had Secretary of the Treasury recommending that until the 1st day of July next, and then take

examined and found truly enrolled bills of the this authority be given him. I ask the Clerk the $25,000 which was appropriated by the bill

following titles; when the Speaker signed the to read it.

of the last session and then use it for the very The Clerk read as follows: purpose for which it was originally appropri

An act (S. No. 166) for the relief of Isabella ated, or whether it shall be used now. That

C. Youngs, wife of Theophilus Youngs; and TREASULY DEPARTMENT, March 27,1869, is all.

An act (S. No. 198) in addition to an act SIR: In the bilunaking appropriations for sundry civil expenses for the fiscal year ending Juno 30.1870.

Mr. WELKER. Will the chairman of the

entitled "An act to relieve from legal and an appropriation of $25,000 was made for completing Committee on Appropriations [Jr. Dawes]

political disabilities certain persons engaged in the enlargement of tbe custom-house at Bangor, | give us the assurance that this $25,000 will

the late rebellion," approved July 27, 1868. Maine. This inoney is needed at once, and if it were now finish this building?

LAWS FOR INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. available the work couid be completed by the end of Mr. DAWES. I can only refer my friend Mr. COOK. The Committee on the Judi. May proximo, and the great expense which the sus from Ohio (Mr. WELKER] to the enthusiastic ciary, to whom was referred a communication pension of the work in its present condition will involse be saved to the Government. assurance given to the last House by the dis.

from the Secretary of the Interior asking for In view of the fact that there will be no additional | tinguished gentleman representing that delight. an appropriation to purchase two thousand expense involved, but it saving will be effected by ful town, which carried away the last House copies of the fifteenth volume of the United rendering this approprition immediately available, and the decision of the Comptroller that no moneys and carried $25,000 with it.

States Statutes-at-Large, have instructed mu can be drawn from the above appropriation until Mr. WELKER. I did not hear that.

to say that wbile the Judiciary Committee are July 1 proximo. I respectfully recommend that it Mr. DAWES. Nothing could bave induced ciause be inacrted in the appropriation bill now

of opinion that the purchase ought to be made pending render ng this ainoubi inmediately avail

the last House, in my opinion, to have made they think the communication ought to be able, or the passage of a joint resolution to the same that appropriation but that exhibition of sin referred to the Committee on Appropriations. effect be procured,

cerity on the part of the gentleman from Maine, Very respectfully,

I move, therefore, that the Committee on the GEORGE S. BOUTWELL,

[Mr. PETERS.) And if there is any doubt upon | Judiciary be discharged from the further conSecretary of the Treubury. the matter now I think it would be well for the

sideration of the communication, and that it Hon. JAMES G. BLAINE,

gentleman to repeat now the speech he made be referred to the Committee on AppropriaSpeaker of the House of Representatives. upon that occasion.

tions. Mr. WOOD. I ask that the joint resolution Mr. PETERS. I did make a solemn promise The motion was agreed to. be again read.

to this House that the $25,000 would be enough, The resolution was again read.

LAND DISTRICTS IN CALIFORNIA. and I want to keep my word, but I do not see Mr. DAWES. I will state to the gentleman || how I can do so unless we have this inoney to

Mr. JOHNSON. I ask unanimous consent from New York (Mr. Wood] that there was an

to introduce and put on its passage a bill of appropriation made at the last session of Con. Mr. WELKER. That is what I wanted to one section, concerning land districts in Cali. gress, for the next fiscal year, for the purpose | hear; I did not hear it before.

fornia. It is a measure of considerable local of completing this custom house at Bangor, Mr. PETERS. Then I repeat it now, that

importance, and will not involve any cost to the Maine. If it can be used now the whole work if we can have this $25,000 now we will com

Government. The bill is entitled "An act to can be completed without the slightest addi. plete the building and ask for nothing more.

change certain land districts in the State of tional expense.

Mr. MAYNARD. Will the chairman of the

California." Mr. WOOD. I understand that perfectly. Committee on Appropriations allow me to ask

The SPEAKER. The bill will be read for But the gentleman will perceive that this joint | him why not make this a general proposition? | information, after which there will be an opporresolution is not what the Secretary of the We have appropriated certain moneys for cer

tunity to object to its consideration. Treasury calls for. tain public buildings. Provided the money be

The bill was read. It provides that the Mr. DAWES. The committee understand expended honestly, why should not the Secre county of Sierra be transferred from the Sacrait to give the authority he asks. tary of the Treasury draw upon the uppropri.

mento land district to the Marysville land disMr. WOOD. I doubt very much whether it ations either before or after the 1st of July?

trict, and the county of Mendocino be trans is proper for the House to pass this joint reso. Mr. DAWES. Well, Mr. Speaker, it is to

ferred from the Humboldt land district to the lution in this way. It is really, and in fact, a me very surprising indeed that a gentleman of

San Francisco land district, as near as may be new appropriation, an appropriation for the so large legislative experience as the gentle. by township lines. present fiscal year, whereas the appropriation man from Tennessee ( Mr. MAYNARD) should

There being no objection, the bill (H. R. was originally made for the next tiscal year. suggest a general proposition to authorize the No. 353) was introduced, and read a first and

Mr. DAWES. The committee do not un. Secretary of the Treasury to act in his discre. second time. derstand it to be a new appropriation. So tion and make just such expenditure of all the

The bill was ordered to be engrossed and much money has already been appropriated by money appropriated by the last Congress as he

read a third time; and being engrossed, it was law. This joint resolution merely authorizes shall see fit.

accordingly read the third time, and passed. the Secretary of the Treasury to use now what Mr. MAYNARD. That is not the proposi.

Mr. JOHNSON moved to reconsider the vote he would be authorized to use after June 30, || tion.

by which the bill was passed; and also moved 1869; that is all.

Mr. DA WES. I thought I must have mis.

that the motion to reconsider be laid on the Mr. WOOD. I understand that perfectly. understood the gentleman.

table. But the appropriation was made for a par Mr. MAYNARD. My proposition was with

The latter motion was agreed to. ticular period.

reference to the various public buildings which Mr. JULIAN. I rise to a point of order. Mr. DAWES. Undoubtedly that is so; have been authorized and which are now in When objections are called for by the Chair any there is no question but what the gentleman course of construction. The same reasons that member of the House has a right to a sufficient from New York is correct as to the law. If apply in this case apply, I doubt not, with time to make objection. I rose immediately he sees any impropriety in doing what the reference to a large number of other public after the gentleman from California [Mr. John: committee bere propose of course he should buildings.

SON] had his bill read and desired to ask him

Mr. DAWES. Well, that is a proposition whether that bill met with the concurrence of Mr. WOOD. My objection is to the loose only a little less strange than the one which I the delegation from California. I have not had way in which it is here proposed to legislate. I supposed the gentleman had made. I do think an opportunity to examine it. Accordingly I make tue point of order that that if we are disposed to go over any of the Mr. JOHNSON. It met with the entire this bill makes a new appropriation, and there. work of the last Congress in reference to these approval of the delegation from California both fore must receive its firsi consideration in the appropriations we should not undertake to go in the House and Senate, and is an exact copy Committee of the Whole.

over it in gross, but should only take it up in of a bill that was considered favorably by the The SPEAKER. The Chair overrules the detail, and where there may be some special Committee on the Public Lands, except that point of order, upon the ground that this is not reason for doing 80. I have such undoubting "Nevada county is stricken out.

use now.

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oppose it.

Mr. JULIAN. That is sufficient.

be requested to inquire whether it be advisable for Mr. CESSNA. Before we proceed with the The SPEAKER. The Chair waited a rather this Government to render aid or countenance to said consideration of this bill I desire to say that I unusual time for objection, and he did not hear

undertaking, with leave to report by bill or other-

yielded to the gentleman from Massachusetts the gentleman from Indiana make any.


yesterday for other business, with the underORDER OF BUSINESS.

standing that the report of the Committee of

Mr. CLEVELAND, by unanimous consent, Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. I call for introduced a joint resolution (H. R. No. 66)

Elections in the case of Covode vs. Foster

should be considered to-day. the regular order.

extending the time for the completion of the Mr. HOLMAN. I believe the regular order Portage and

of business has been called for. provisional government of the State of Missis.

The SPEAKER. If the gentleman from to the Committee on Roads and Canals. sippi.

Pennsylvania [Mr. Cessna) had risen before Mr. JENCKES. I rise to a point of order.


the gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr. ButI submit that the Mississippi bill was not the

Mr. ARNELL. I ask unanimous consent

LER] did he would have been recoguized on unfinished business of yesterday, and that the to offer the following resolution:

his question of superior privilege, but the gen.

tleman from Massachusetts is on the floor, and morning hour is now the first business in order. Resolved. That the Committee on Public Buildings The SPEAKER. There was no untinished and Grounds be instructed to inquire wbether the

the gentleman from Pennsylvania cannot take folding of documents cannot hereafter be done in him off it. business pending yesterday when the House

the lower basement of the Capitol, and the rooms adjourned. The Mississippi bill, which has

Mr. CESSNA. I only wanted the opinion of now occupied for folding and storing documents be been cut off for several days past by motions

vacated for committee-rooms, and that the neces the Chair on that point, so that I might know to go to the Speaker's table, takes precedence,

sary arrangements to carry out this object be made, when the election case can be called up.

under the supervision of the architect of the Capitol; in the absence of any such motion, of all other and that said committee report by bill or otherwise.

Mr. WOOD. I rise to a question of order. orders. The gentleman from Rhode Island,

I deny that so far as the Mississippi bill is con

Mr. DAWES. I suggest to the gentleman [ Mr. JENCKES,) who has charge of a bill pend. that he had better make the inquiry general.

cerned the gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr. ing in the morning hour, would be entitled to

Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. I object

Butler) has a right to yield the floor to anybody. the floor should the morning hour be reached.

He has not the floor on that bill. I had the to the resolution. Mr. JENCKES. My point is this: that the

floor at the conclusion of the debate when this

NILES'S REGISTER. Mississippi bill having been postponed yester

question was last up, and when I was through day till after the morning hour, and not having Mr. MUNGEN. I ask unanimous consent the gentleman from Massachusetts did not been reached, it still holds its place subsequent to offer the following resolution for reference

obtain the floor. to the business of the morning hour. to the Committee on Printing :

The SPEAKER. He has been recognized The SPEAKER. The postponement till Resolverl, That there be printed for the use of the

this morning. after the morning hour operates only during

House five thousand copies of Niles's Register, to be Mr. WOOD. I object to his being allowed

put up and bound in the same style the Congresthe day on which the postponement is made.

to farm out the floor upon this question to sional Globe is now printed and bound. This bill came from a committee authorized to

whom he pleases. He spoke once upon the

Mr. SCOFIELD and Mr. ALLISON ob. bill and exhausted his argument in favor of report at any time, and it holds its place as

jected. unfinished business unless some business of

the bill. He then relinquished the floor in

Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. I desire superior privilege takes its place.

favor of the gentleman from Kentucky, (Mr. the consent of the House to have some docu.

BECK,] who spoke his hour, and I then spoke DIRECT TAX IN REBEL STATES. ments printed for the use of the Committee on

my hour. He cannot speak twice on the bill Mr.JULIAN, by unanimous consent, offered Reconstruction.

if any other gentleman in the House desires the following resolution; which was read, con.

Mr. MUNGEN. I object.

to speak. sidered, and agreed to:


Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. That is a Resolved, That the Committee of Ways and Means be instructed to inquire into the expediency of reviv

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Gor very remarkable proposition. ing and enforcing the direct tax in the States lately HAM, its Secretary, announced that the Senate Mr. WOOD. It is true, nevertheless. The in rebellion, and that they report by bill or other had passed bills of the following titles; in which gentleman has not the control of the bill after wise. the concurrence of the House was requested :

he has made his argument in favor of it until LIBRARY FOR IDAHO. A bill (S. No. 43) supplementary to an act en

after the previous question shall be sustained, Mr. SHAFER, by unanimous consent, intro titled “ An act to provide a national currency

and then he is entitled to his bour. duced a bill (H. R. No. 351) to provide a library | secured by a pledge of United States bonds,

Mr. FARNSWORTH. I believe I had the for Idaho Territory; which was read a first and and to provide for the circulation and redemp.

floor on this bill yesterday, and yielded for a second time, and referred to the Committee on tion thereof,'' approved June 3, 1864; and

motion to postpone its consideration until Appropriations.

A bill (S. No. 200) relating to freedmen's

after the morning hour.

The SPEAKER. The gentleman from IlliMr. WASHBURN, of Wisconsin, by unani


nois has not yet spoken on this bill, and theremous consent, offered the following resolution;

fore his right to the floor is superior to that of

Mr. PAINE. On the 22d of this month I which was read, considered, and agreed to: introduced a bill, No. 236, to regulate the man:

the gentleman from Massachusetts, who has Resolved, That the Committee for the District of

already spoken once on the bill. Columbia be instructed to inquire into the present ner of holding elections for Representatives and

Mr. FARNSWORTH. I shall speak at no condition of the Wasbington aqueduct, and the causes

Delegates in Congress. That bill was assigned | great length this morning. I understand that of the imperfect quantity and bad quality of the water as a special order for Wednesday of last week. which it furnishes for the use of the District; also

the Senate has agreed to our resolution to I am satisfied that, there are so many questions | adjourn on Tuesday next, and it is very appathat the committee examine into all contracts made by the Interior Department for the construction or of higher privilege before the House, this bill

rent that we cannot pass this bill. I shall concompletion of said aqueduct, what sums of money cannot be reached have been expended ibereon under said contracts,

tent myself, therefore, with moving a substitute and in what manner; whether such contracts have been faithfully performed; and whether tho work

ask that the bill may now be referred to the done has been done conformably to contract; what Committee on the Judiciary.

Reconstruction, and briefly discussing the ques. plans have been adopted for the construction of a

tions involved in the two bills, and before I take dam or dams over the river Potomac, or any part of

No objection was made; and the bill was it, to obtain a head of water for the aqueduct; and referred accordingly.

my seat I shall move to postpone the whole

subject until the next session of Congress. I whether the works thus planned are sutficient and Mr. HOLMAN moved to reconsider the vote proper for the object of furnishing to the cities of

send to the Clerk's desk and ask to have read Washington and Georgetown a regular and constant by which the bill was referred ; and also moved

the substitute which I offer for the bill. supply of water from the river. Also that said comthat the motion to reconsider be laid on the table.

The Clerk read as follows: mittee inquire and report whether by direction of The latter motion was agreed to. the Interior Department, or otherwise, the property

That the general then commanding the military of private persons has been taken, or is held unlaw.


district of Mississippi is hereby empowered and fully for the use of said aqueduct, and if so, under

directed to order an election to be held in said State,

Mr.WHITTEMORE, by unanimous consent, what circumstances, and what compensation or in

commencing on the first Tuesday of September, A. deinnity remains due to such persons on the part of

introduced a joint resolution (H. R. No. 67) D. 1869, and continuing, as ho may deem necessary, the United States and that the said committee have | postponing the election in the State of Texas;

at the same places at which the former elections for power to send for persons and papers.

the ratification of the constitution was held, and at which was read a first and second time, and such other places as he may direot; at which times INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION.

referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. and places the constitution adopted by the convcoMr. CLEVELAND, by unanimous consent,

tion on tho 13th day of May, A. D. 1863, shall be reRECONSTRUCTION OF MISSISSIPPI.

submitted for ratification to the then registered offered the following preamble and resolution; which were referred to the Committee on

Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. I demand

voters of the State in conformity with the act of

Congress passed Maroh 2, 1867, entitled "An act to Manufactures : the regular order of business.

provide for the more efficient government of the Whereas it is proposed by the American Institute

The House resumed, as the regular order of rebel States," and the act supplementary thereto. of the city of New York to hold an international business, the consideration of the bill (H. R.

The polls shall be kept open from eight o'clock a. m.

till six o'clock p. m. each day. At said election all exhibition of the industry of all nations in said city No. 147) to provide for the organization of those in favor of the constitution shall bave written during the year 1876; and whereas such an undertaking, if properly carried out, will prove of great

a provisional government for the State of or printed on their ballots the words " For constituvalue to the whole country by familiarizing the meMississippi, reported from the Committee on

tion," and those opposed to the ratification of the

same shall have written or printed on their ballots chanics and manufacturers of other countries with Reconstruction.

*Against constitution :" And provided further, Tbat the great progress we have made in the inechanic arts, and thus inducing the immigration of skilled

Mr. BUTLER, of Massachusetts. I desire sections three and five of article seven of said con

stitution shall be submitted separately for the ratifilabor to this country: Therefore, now to yield to the gentleman from Illinois,

cation or rejection ofsaid voters, and if said sections, Be it resolved, That the Committee on Manufactures (Mr. FARNSWORTH.]

or either of them, shall be rejected, then the section

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