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|| Accounts, bill(S. No. 71) to facilitate the settle Agricultural Report, concurrent resolution for Abbott, Joseph C., a Senator from North ment of, of disbursing officers of quarter: printing extra copies of the-{By Mr. Carolina.........

master's department-[By Mr. Sherman.] Anthony, April 1, 1869.] bills introduced byreferred, 32.

reported and agreed to, 410. No. 37—to remove the charge of desertion joint resolution (S. R. No. 39) authorizing In House: received from Senate, 438; called

from certain soldiers of the second North the Secretary of the Treasury to andit up, 507;, referred, 508; reported and

Carolina mounted infantry ............... 28 and settle the, of William Y. Patch, concurred in with amendment, 714.
No. 38-lo remove the charge of desertion late collector of internal revenue for Agricultural scrip, bill (S. No. 93) legalizing

from certain soldiers of the thirteenth the first collection district of Califor certain locations of, therein designatedTennessee cavalry ........... ......28

nia—[By Mr. Cole.]

[By Mr. Howe.] No. 39—for relief of Anson B. Saurs, 28 referred, 190.

referred, 41, 42. No. 40-granting pensions to Eliza Shel. | Adjournment, House concurrent resolution Agriculture, the Committee on...... .27 ton, Nancy Shelton, Cerena Metcalf, for an, sine die.

Alabama, bill (S. No. 11) to renew certain Nancy King, Patsey J. Shelton, Sarah received from House, 66; read, 84 ; motion grants of land to the State of-[By Mr. Metcalt, Cloa Shelton, and Mary Frank to take up, 152.

Warner.] lin, and their children under the age of House concurrent resolution fixing a day for read and printed, 8; referred, 28; reported sixteen years.........


and passed. 62; passed House with ainendNo. 99-to pay loyal citizens in the States received from House, 350; discussed, 884 ment, 581; concurred in, 582; enrolled,

lately in rebellion for services in taking 473; concurred in with amendment, 475. 620. the United States census of 1860...... 42 concurred in by House, 495.

In House : received from the Senate, 80; No. 100—to provide for the payment of remarks by

referred, 150; reported, 587; passed with claims to loyal citizens of the States Mr. Anthony..

384, 385, 386 amendment, 588; agreed to by Senate, lately in rebellion ........


Mr. Conkling, 385, 386, 387, 474, 610,611 632; enrolled, 636. No. 212—to relieve certain persons therein

Mr. Corbett...

.386 remarks bynamed from the legal and political dis

Mr. Davis........

607, 608
Mr. Fessenden.....

.....................582 abilities imposed by the fourteenth Mr. Edmunds......


Mr. Fowler amendment of the Constitution of the

387, 473, 474, 608, 611 Mr. Pomeroy

...........................582 United States......

.... 291
Mr. Fessenden

....152, Mr. Sprague.... joint resolutions introduced by

384, 386, 387, 474, 475

Mr. Warner ......................

..... 8, 62, 582 No. 33—relating to Government buildings

Mr. Hamlin .....

.385, 474, 608 bill (S. No. 140) to renew certain grants of at Fort Totten, Dakota Territory.....128

Mr. Harlan.


land to the State of-[By Mr. Spencer.] No. 38–in relation to taking the ninth

Mr. Howard ......

.473, 608 referred, 86.
Mr. Howe......

384, 385 | Alaska, bill (S. No. 32) to prevent the extermNo. 53—relating to certain brevet appoint Mr. Morton ...... 474, 607, 608, 610 igation of fur-bearing animals in [By

Mr. Pomeroy
..887, 609, 610, 611

Mr. Ferry.] reports made by... 41, 127, 175, 205, 410, 528

Mr. Rice.....

...611 read and printed, 24; discussed, 33 ; passed, incidental remarks by.

Mr. Robertson.

102, 207, 290, 347, 611

Mr. Sherman......

.....152, 387, 474, 610 In House : received from the Senate, 60; remarks on the resolution for a committee

Mr. Stewart......

.... 609 referred, 80; reported and recommitted, on disabilities....

......... 26
Mr. Sumner...

....384, 587 ; motion to reconsider, 637; discussed, on the bill for relief of Orlando Brown, 41

385, 386, 474, 475, 607, 608, 610 097, 698; motion to reconsider tabled, 699. on the bill to fix the status of judge advo

Mr. Thayer...... ..387, 473, 474, 475 resolution in relation to mail service to-[By cates of the Army....175, 630, 662, 663 Mr. Trumbull............ 473, 474, 608, 611 Mr. Williams, March 23, 1869.] on the bill to remove the charge of deser

Mr. Warner....

...386 agreed to, 206. tion from certain soldiers......... .205

Mr. Wilson ........ . 152, 607, 608 bill (S. No. 264) to execute the provisions on the currency bill, 266, 269, 357, 359, 370 yeas and nays on the .......

.475, 611 of a certain treaty between the United on the order of business, 348, 410, 540, 541 concurrent resolution rescinding the concur States and his Majesty the emperor of on the deficiency bill..................505, 581 rent resolution forthe, of the two Houses

all the Russias, concluded on the 27th on the joint resolution to protect the inter on Saturday, April 10-[By Mr. Sum day of January, A. D. 1868–[By Mr. ests of the United States in the Union ner, April 8, 1869.]

Trumbull.] Pacific railroad.... ..............539, 540 read and discussed, 607.

reported, 573. on the bill for the removal of disabilities Adjutant general's department, joint resolu. | Aliens-see Naturalization.

from certain persons, 541, 542, 543, 544 tion (H. R. No. 43) concerning vacancies Anthony, Henry B., a Senator from Rhode on the El Paso Pacific railroad bill.....677 in the.


.......1 Accessories, bill (S. No. 190) to amend an act received from House, 206 ; referred, 206 ; petitions presented by

345 entitled "An act to provide a national reported, 217; passed, 620; enrolled, 630, bills introduced bycurrency secured by a pledge of United 653.

No. 6-to provide stationery for Congress States bonds, and to provide for the cir remarks by

and the several Departments.. culation and redemption thereof, ap

Mr. Edmunds .....

620 No. 225—to authorize the Postmaster Genproved June 3, 1864, by extending certain Mr. Wilson .......


eral to contract with certain parties and penalties to-[By Mr. Morrill.]

Administration of justice, bill (S. No. 16) to their successors and assigns for the reported and passed, 205; passed House, provide for the better, in the Territories transportation of the mails between the 413; enrolled, 413; approved, 532. of the United States-[By Mr. Cragin.]

United States and Europe in American In House : received from the Senate, 228; read and printed, 8; referred, 28.


.....847 referred, 230; reported and passed, 409; bill (S.No.151) to further the-[By Mr.Cole.] No. 226—to incorporate the Washington enrolled, 437. referred, 102.

Homeopathic Medical Society ........ 347 41st Cong. 1st SESS.




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Anthony, Henry B., a Senator from Rhode Appropriations, the Committee on ...27 Asylun— Continued.
Island Continuerl.

reports from......

188, 232, 527 joint resolution (S. R. No. 35) donating the
concurrent resolutions submitted by-

joint resolution (H. R. No. 1) to supply an Lincoln Hospital to the Columbia Hos.
for the appointment of a joint committee omission in the enrollment of the act pital for Women and Lying-in-[By Mr.

to consider all applications for the re making, for sundry civil expenses of Wilson.]
moval of political disabilities-[March the Government for the year ending referred, 176; reported, 653.
8, 1869).....

June 30, 1870.

joint resolution (S. R. No. 64) appointing
for printing extra copies of the Agricul. received from House, 41; passed, 47, General Thomas Osborn a manager of
tural Report-[April 1, 1869).........410 enrolled, 103.

the National, for Disabled Soldiers-[By
for printing additional copies of the bill (S. No. 118) to amend an act entitled

Mr. Wilson. )
Land Office Report for 1868-[April "An act making, for the legislative, read and passed, 653; passed House, 721.
1, 1809)............

executive, and judicial expenses of the

In House : received from the Senate, 682;
resolutions submitted by-

Government for the year ending 30th passed, 714.
reappointing a select committee to revise June, 1870”—[By Mr. Willey.] Atkins. Jearuin, bill (H. R. No. 335) for the
the rules of the Senate-[March 5,
referred, 62.

relief of.


bill (H. R. No. 123) making, for the current received from House, 347; referred, 371.
directing inquiry into the mode of ap-

and contingent expenses of the Indian Atocha, Alexander J., bill (S. No. 164) to
pointment and tenure of office of the department, and for fulfilling treaty amend an act entitled “An act for the
subordinate officers of the Senate-

stipulations with the various Indian relief of," approved February 14, 1865—
[March 20, 1869).


tribes for the year ending the 30th of [By Mr. Kellogg.]
for printing the petition of citizens of the

June, 1870.

referred, 128.
District of Columbia in relation to the

received from House and referred, 190; || Attorneys General, bill (H. R. No. 243) to
government of the District-[April 6,

amendments, 190, 217, 263, 291, 320, provide for the publication of the opin-
1869). ........

321; reported, 332; called up, 371; ions of the.
for printing a report on the levees of the discussed, 387, 413, 442; passed with received from House, 662; read, 679; dis.
Mississippi-[April 5, 1869] ..........527

amendments, 451; disagreed to by cussed, 716 ; passed with amendment and
for printing report No. 4 from the Com-

House, 581; conference, 586,. 611; with new title, 717; enrolled, 721.
mittee on Foreign Relations-[April

conference report, 628; concurred in, remarks by-
7, 1869)...........

628; enrolled, 677.

Mr. Conkling.

reports made by....... 175, 410, 527, 528, 573
bill (H. R. No. 354) making, to supply Mr. Edmunds

.716, 717
incidental remarks by..

deficiencies in the, for the service of

Mr. Howe...

27, 31, 34, 46, 176, 347, 492, 620
the Government for the fiscal years end.

Mr. Trumbull

.716, 717
remarks on the revision of the rules.........9

ing June 30, 1869, and June 30, 1870.
on the resolutions to print certain docu-

received from House, 495; referred, 495;
ments ......


amendments, 505; reported, 527; amend || Bailiff, bill (S. No. 97) to fix the salary of the,
on the resolution for the appointment of a

ments, 532; discussed, 577, 582; passed of the Court of Claims-[By Mr. Trum-
joint select Committee on Retrench-

with amendments and with title amended, bull.)


586; conference, 620; conference report, referred, 42; reported, 492.
on the bill to repeal the civil tenure

657; concurred in by the Senate, 657; Baldwin, Commander Charles H., United
......... 45, 115 enrolled, 677.

States Navy, joint resolution (S. No. 27)
on the resolution in relation to the appoint-

joint resolution (H. R. No. 51) authorizing authorizing, to accept a gold medal from
ment of the officers of the Senate....176

the transfer of certain, heretofore made. the king of the Netherlands-[By Mr.
on the election of officers of the Senate, 188

received from House, 293 ; referred, 305 ; Sumner.]
on taking the chair as President pro tem-

reported and passed, 495 ; enrolled, 532. reported and passed, 85.
pore ..........


Army, joint resolution (S. R. No. 42) respect. In House : received from the Senate, 101;
on the currency bill, 272, 273, 362, 365, 368

ing the pay of enlisted men of the-[By referred, 225 ; leave to report asked, 715.
on the resolution of adjournment...... 384,

Mr. Wilson.]

Banking capital, bill (S. No. 15) for the more
385, 386, 413 referred, 206; reported and passed, 320 ; equal distribution of national-[By Mr.
on the resolution for printing additional

passed the House, 413; enrolled, 413; Wilson.]
copies of the Land Office Report, 410, 528
approved, 532.

read and printed, 8; referred, 28.
on the order of business.....

In House: received from Senate, 345 ; called
....539, 540

Banks-see Currency.
in regard to the apportionment of the up, 408; passed, 409; enrolled, 437. bill (S. No. 106) to establish additional na-
Senate committees.


bill (H. R. No. 237) to abolish the office of tional, secured by United States bonds
on the deficiency bill.....

chief of staff to the General of the.
584, 586

and to secure redemption of their cir-
on the tax bill.. .619, 620, 621, 622

received from House and referred, 206 ; culation in coin-[By Mr. Corbett.] •
on the papers of Norman Wiard...665, 667

reported, 217; passed, 305; enrolled, referred, 42.

Appeals, bill (H. R. No. 325) to repeal the

Bayard, Thomas F., a Senator from Dela-
bill (H. R. No. 238) relating to retired offi.
first section of an act relating to, to the

cers of the.

bill introduced by-
Supreme Court.
received from House, 581 ; referred, 587.

received from House and referred, 206 ; No. 102—for the relief of the daughters of
reported, 217.

General Charles F. Smith, deceased....42
Appraisement and inspection of imports, bill
joint resolution (S. R. No. 48) to drop incidental remarks by......

(S. No. 253) to create St. Louis, in the

from the rolls of the, certain officers
State of Missouri, and Cincinnati, in the

remarks on the bill to strengthen the public
State of Ohio, ports of entry, and to regu;
absent without leave-[By Mr. Wil. credit ........

50, 68
late the, in certain cases-


on the bill to repeal the civil tenure
-[By Mr. Schurz.]
reported and passed, 320.


161, 234
referred, 492
In House: received from Senate, 345 ; on the tax bill

Appropriation, bill (H. R. No. 367) making referred, 509.

on the bill in relation to Virginia, Missis.
an, for the improvement of rivers and Arsenal, joint resolution (S. R. No. 10) direct sippi and Texas......

.... 660
harbors for the fiscal year ending June ing the Secretary of War to sell the Ber Bidwell, Emily B., bill (S. No. 205) granting
30, 1869, and the year ending June 30, gen Heights--[By Mr. Wilson.]

an increase of pension to, widow of Brig.
referred, 32; reported, 410.

adier General Daniel D. 'Bidwell; Sallie
received from House, 586; referred, 587; || Art, joint resolution (H. R. No. 44) to author Griffin, widow of General Charles Grif.

reported, 607; discussed, 624; passed, ize works of, intended for free exhibition fin; and to Sarah Hackleman, widow of
625; enrolled, 630, 653.

to be introduced into the United States Brigadier General Pleasant A. Hackle.
bill (H. R. No. 421) making available an, without payment of duty.

- [By Mr. Wilson.]
heretofore made for furniture for the received from House, 206; referred, 206; referred, 291.
Presidential Mansion.

reported adversely and indefinitely post Bonds, bill (S. No. 41) to prohibit secret
received from House and passed with poned, 527.

sales or purchases of gold or, on account
amendment, 718; amendment recon Artillery, bill (S. No. 5) to establish an ord of the United States, and for other pur-
sidered and rejected, 720; enrolled, nance commission and to consolidate the poses-[By Mr. Conkling.]

ordnance department with them[By Mr. referred, 28.
Appropriation acts, joint resolution (H. R. Howard.)

bill (S. No. 121) to guaranty the payment
No. 30) to supply omissions in the en read and printed, 8; referred, 28.

of certain, to be issued under the author.
rollment of certain, approved March 3, Asylum, bill (S. No. 133) to incorporate the ity of the governments of the States of

Washington General Hospital and, of the Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi,
received from House, 103 ; referred, 103 ; District of Columbia--[By Mr. Hamlin.] for the purpose of building and repair-
reported and discussed, 188; passed with referred, 85; reported and passed, 127.

ing the levees in said States-[By Mr.
amendments, 190; agreed to by House, In House: received from the Senate, 150; Kellogg.]
217; enrolled, 232.
referred, 228.

referred, 62.

ware ...............


103, 492




Brook, Alfred E., bill (H. R. No. 272) for the || Cable, bill (S. No. 12)- Continued.
bill (S. No. 56) to strengthen the public relief of, postmaster at Ilion, in the county remarks by-
credit and relating to contracts for the of Herkimer and State of New York.

Mr. Chandler.......31, 103, 104, 492, 495
payment of coin-[By Mr. Williams.) received from House, 293 ; referred, 305.

Mr. Conkling.

reported, 31 ; called up, 46 ; discussed, 48, Broome, John M., joint resolution (S. R. No.

Mr. l'essenden..

49, 64, 66; bill H. R. No. 7 substi: 45) for the relief of, and others, the band

Mr. Grimes.....

tuted, 66.
of the twelfth Kentucky cavalry-[By Mr.

Mr. Sherman ..............

103, 493
resolution for printing a report relative to Sherman. ]

Mr. Stewart.

103, 104
guarantying the payment of certain, to referred, 263 ; referred anew, 410.

Mr. Stockton .....
be issued for repairing levees—[By Mr. Brown, Orlando, bill (S. No. 42) for the relief

Mr. Sumuer...

Kellogg, March 29, 1869.]

of---[By Mr. Wilson.]

Cameron, Simon, a Senator from Pennsyl-
referred, 321.
referred, 28; reported, 41; passed, 128 ; varia......

Books-see Documents.

passed the House, 293 ; enrolled, 350 ; petitions presented by ......... .........31, 102
Boreman, Arthur I., a Senator from West approved, 413.

bill introduced by-

.1 In House: received from the Senate, 146; No. 25-supplementary to an act entitled
petitions presented by: ...... 204, 492, 607 referred, 225; reported and passed, 307;

“An act to authorize the extension, con:
Boswell, James W., joint resolution (S. R. enrolled, 374.

struction, and use of a lateral branch of
No. 16) for the relief of Benjamin Cooley remarks by-

the Baltimore and Potomac railroad into
and-[By Mr. Vickers.]

Mr. Abbott....


and within the District of Columbia,
referred, 42.

Mr. Grimes.....


approved February 5, 1867.............. 21
Boundary line, joint resolution (S. R. No. 3)

Mr. Wilson ......

28, 129

resolution submitted by-
in relation to establishing the, between Brownlow, William G., a Senator from Ten. for a committee to wait upon the Presi-
the State of Arkansas and the Choctaw and nessee...

dent--[March 5, 1869)........... .8
Chickasaw nations.—[By Mr. McDonald.] petitions presented by

231, 262
incidental remarks by......

......... 20, 46
referred, 29.

Buchanan, James, President, resolution calling remarks personal and explanatory. .27
Bounties, joint resolution (S. R. No. 46) for the correspondence in 1860 between, on the election of Chaplain..... ....30

for the protection of soldiers and their and Lewis Cass, Secretary of State, re on the motion for the appointment of a
heirs-[By Mr. Wilson.]
garding the policy to be pursued to avert

civil service committee.....

referred, 291; reported and discussed, 346 the war of the rebellion then threaten. on the National Junction railroad bill,
remarks by-
ing --[By Mr. Chandler, March 17, 1869.)

190, 191
Mr. Grimes....
.346 agreed to, 102.

on the currency bill.........
Mr. Howe......


Buckingham, William A., a Senator froin Con Canal-see Ship. Canal.
Mr. Wilson....
...346 necticut....

1 bill (S. No. 57) granting public lands to aid
joint resolution (S. R. No. 58) for the pro remarks on the currency bill...364, 365, 369 in constructing a steamboat, in the State

tection of soldiers and their heirs-[By || Building, joint resolution (S. R. No. 41) do. of Florida—[By Mr. Osborn.]
Mr. Wilson.]

nating to the public schools of Washing referred, 32.
referred, 439; reported, 573 ; discussed, ton, District of Columbia, the frame, bill (S. No. 122) confirming a charter granted

620; passed, 621; passed the House with located at the southeast corner of Twenty by the Legislature of the State of Louisi-
amendments, 677; concurred in, 679; second street west and I street north, in ana for the purpose of connecting the
enrolled, 716.
said city-[By Mr. Fessenden.]

Mississippi river with Lake Borgne by
In House : received from Senate, 646; dis. read and passed, 206.

means of a-[By Mr. Kellogg.]
cussed and passed with amendment, In House : received from the Senate, 228; referred, 62.
696 ; recalled from Senate, 698; re referred, 230.

bill (S. No. 125) granting lands to aid in the
turned, 699; House amendments agreed bill (S. No. 196) to provide for the location construction of a, or canals for irrigat-
to by Senate, 703 ; enrolled, 712.

and erection of a, suitable for the post ing purposes in the State of Califor-
remarks by-

office, the United States court, and other nia- [By Mr. Cole.]
Mr. Edmonds....


Government oflices in the city of Leav. referred, 62.
Mr. Harlan ......


enworth, Kansas-[By Mr. Pomeroy. ] bill (S. No. 186) granting the right of way
Mr. Morton ....
.621 referred, 263.

and alternate sections of land to aid
Mr. Pomeroy

joint resolution (S. R. No. 62) in relation

in the coustruction of a, for irrigation
Mr. Sherman.


to a site for a, for the State Depart. and navigation in the State of Califor-
Mr. Williams...... .....

ment-[By Mr. Morrill.]

nia-[By Mr. Cole.)
Mr. Wilson ..... ..439,573,620,621,676 reported, 573; passed, 611; passed House, referred, 190.
Bovine cattle, bill (H. R. No. 404) to repeal


Canal Company, bill (S. No. 219) to confirm
an act of the Legislature of New Mexico In House: received from Senate, 644 ; the charter of the New Orleans and Ship
imposing a capitation tax on.

referred, 704 ; read, 713 ; passed, 714. Island, and to grant a right of way to said
received from House, 532; read, 540; || Buildings, joint resolution (S. R. No. 33) company--- [By Mr. Kellogg.]
passed, 587; enrolled, 620.

relating to Government, at Fort Totten, referred, 321.
Brader, David, bill (S. No. 230) for the relief Dakota Territory-[By Mr. Abbott. ] joint resolution (S. R. No. 56) granting &
of-[By Mr. Morton.]

referred, 128 ; reported and passed, 205 ; right of way to the New Orleans and
referred, 395.

passed House with amendment, 451; con Ship Island-[By Mr. Kellogg.]
Brevet appointments, joint resolution (S. curred in, 468; enrolled, 495; approved, referred, 412.
R. No. 53) relating to certain-[By Mr. 532.

Canby, Israel T., bill (S. No. 221) for the
Abbott. )

In House: received from the Senate, 228; relief of the sureties of, late receiver of
referred, 347; reported and passed, 410.

referred, 230; referred anew, 396; re public moneys at Crawfordsville, Indi.
In House : referred, 512.

ported and passed with amendinent, 451; ana--[By Mr. Pratt.)
Bridge, joint resolution (H. R. No. 64) author agreed to by Senate, 480; enrolled, 491. referred, 321 ; reported, 409.

izing the building of a railroad over the joint resolution (H. R. No. 69) relative to, Capitol grounds, joint resolution (S. R. No.
Obio river at Paducah, Kentucky.

used for military purposes in the city 21) authorizing the removal of the public
received from House, 347; referred. 371 ;

of New York.

stables, steam saw.mill, and other build-
reported and passed, 411; enrolled, 475. received from House, 451; referred, 451. ings from the--[By Mr. Morrill.)
Bridges, bill(S. No. 22) to establish and declare | Bullion, bill (S. No. 17) relative to the refining reported and passed, 62; passed House,

the railroad ard, of the New Orleans, of gold and silver, at the Mint of the 130; enrolled, 177.
Mobile, and Chattanooga Railroad Com United States and branches --[By Mr. In House : received from Senate, 80 ; read,
pany, as hereafter constructed westward Stewart.]

138; passed, 139; enrolled, 174.
from the city of New Orleans, a post read and printed, 8; referred, 28.

Carpenter, Matthew H., a Senator from Wis.
roate-[By Mr. Kellogg.)
Byrd, William E., bill' (H. R. No. 269) for the consin....

read and printed, 9; referred, 28 ; reported, relief of, of Hancock county, in the State bills introduced by-
127 ; discussed, 206.
of Tennessee.

No. 96-to provide for holding the courts
bill (S. No. 58) to authorize the construction received from House, 293; referred, 305;

of the United States in case of the sick.
of, over the Mississippi and Missouri referred anew, 346.

ness or other disability of the judges of
rivers-[By Mr. Ramsey.]

the district courts, approved July 29,

referred, 32.


bül (S. No. 169) to regulate the construction | Cable, bill (S. No. 12) to authorize the New No. 141--to provide a remedy for the loss
of, over the Mississippi and Missouri York, Newfoundland, and London Tele-

or destruction of judgment records or
rivers-[By Mr. Drake.)

graph Company to land its submarine, decrees appertaining to proceedings in
referred, 151
upon the shores of the United States-[By

the United States courts.. .....86
bill (S. No. 256) in relation to, across the Mr. Conkling.)

No. 271--to punish contempts of the courts
Obio river-[By Mr. Morton.]

read and printed, 8; referred, 28; reported, of the United States in certain cases, 611
referred, 492 ; amendment, 611.
31; discussed, 103, 492.

No. 273—for relief of Rollin White......667



.53, 70


............. 128


Carpenter, Matthew H., a Senator from Wis Certificates, bill (S. No. 51) authorizing the

Secretary of War to pay certain, issued
joint resolutions introduced by-

for fortification purposes in Lawrence,
No. 15-giving construction to the acts Kansas—[By Mr. Ross.]

of Congress granting lands to the State referred, 29.
of Wisconsin to aid in building rail. Chandler, Zachariah, a Senator from Michi-
roads. .......


No. 18—for the relief of William B. Whit-

petitions presented by...

... 84, 187
ing, a captain, formerly a commander bills introduced by-

in the Navy of the United States. .....47 No. 155---to provide for the enrollment and
No. 25--for the relief of Helen Lincoln

license of certain foreign vessels...... 128
and Heloise Lincoln, and for the withi No 206—to detach the port of St. Paul
holding of moneys from tribes of Indians from the collection district of Minnesota
holding American captives...........

and to annex it to the collection district
incidental remarks by ..........

.176, 667
of Louisiana........

remarks on the bill to strengthen the public joint resolution introduced by-

No. 61-extending the time for the com-
on the bill to repeal the civil tenure act, pletion of the Portage Lake and Lake

112, 113
Superior ship-canal......

on the St. Croix and Lake Superior rail resolution submitted by
road bill.............. ........ 469, 473

calling for the correspondence in 1860 be-
on the joint resolution relating to steam. tween James Buchanan, President, and

..... 666

Lewis Cass, Secretary of State, regard.
Carroll, Johanna, bill (S. No. 180) for the ing the policy to be pursued to avert
relief-[By Mr. Fenton.]

the war of the rebellion then threaten-
referred, 176.

ing-[March 17, 1869]..

Casserly, Eugene, a Senator from California, 1 reports made by........

bill introduced by—

incidental remarks by......

No. 167—amendatory of an act to protect

47, 102, 103, 176, 219, 304, 305, 720
the rights of actual setters upon the pub.

remarks on the bill to authorize the landing

of a submarine cable......... ..31,
lic lands of the United States, approved
July 27, 1868......

103, 104, 492, 495

on the bill for the enrollment of certain
concurrent resolution submitted by-

foreign vessels .........
for printing extra copies of the report of on the deficiency bill..

Commissioner of Patents for 1869–

581, 582, 583, 584
[April 10, 1869).

719 on the river and harbor bill...607, 624, 625
reports made by...

on the resolution relating to the pay of
incidental remarks by ............ 321, 439, 719 southern Senators........... 718, 719, 720
remarks on the bill to repeal the civil tenure

Chaplain, resolution for the election of-[By

..184, 185

Mr. Trumbull, March 5, 1869.]
on the bill to amend the judicial sys agreed to, 9.


remarks by-
on the order of business

Mr. Cameron .....

on the bill in relation to Virginia, Missis-

Mr. Grimes....

..... 661
sippi, and Texas .......

Mr. Hamlin..

on the bill to fix the status of judge advo-
cates ........


Mr. Kellogg.
on the joint resolution to protect the inter-

Mr. McCreery.


Mr. Morrill..
ests of the United States in the Union

Pacific railroad................671, 674, 676

•Mr. Morton ......

on the El Paso railroad bill..............677

Mr. Sherman......


Mr. Sumner
Cattell, Alexander G., a Senator from New

.30, 31
Mr. Vickers


Mr. Warner.....

petitions presented by, 174, 204, 289, 345, 439

Mr. Yates...........

joint resolution introduced by-

Charter, bill (S. No. 122) confirming a, granted
No. 52-authorizing the Secretary of the
Treasury to refund penalty, interest, and

by the Legislature of the State of Louisi-

ana for the purpose of connecting the
costs illegally assessed and collected

Mississippi river with Lake Borgne by
under direct tax laws.......... .347

means of a canal—[By Mr. Kellogg.]
incidental remarks by..


referred, 62.
remarks on the currency bill.... 367

bill (S. No. 185) to continue in force an act
on the Indian appropriation bill.


entitled "An act to extend the, of
on the order of business..


Washington city," &c.-[By Mr. Pat-
on the bill for the removal of disabilities

from certain persons...


referred, 190; reported and passed, 289;
on the joint resolution relating to steam-

passed the House, 495; enrolled, 540;

approved, 586.
Cemeteries, joint resolution (S. R. No. 40) In House : received from Senate, 309;

authorizing the Secretary of War to také passed, 508; enrolled, 562.
charge of the Gettysburg and Antietam bill (S. No. 219) to confirm the, of the New
national-[By Mr. Wilson.]

Orleans and Ship Island Canal Com-
reported, 205; called up, 306.

pany, and to grant a right of way to said
Cemetery, bill (S. No. 192) to equalize and company-[By Mr. Kellogg.]
define the rights of all persons who own

referred, 321.
lots in the Oak Hill, District of Colum- || Chattanooga rolling-mill property, joint reso-
bia-[By Mr. Hamlin.]

lution (S. R. No. 17) authorizing the sale
referred, 206.

of the, at Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the
Census, bill (S. No. 99) to pay loyal citi Southwestern Iron Company-[By Mr.

zens in the States lately in rebellion for Wilson.]
services in taking the United States, of referred, 47; reported and passed, 127.
1860–[By Mr. Abbott. ]

In House: received from the Senate, 150;
referred, 42.

referred, 230.
joint resolution (S. R. No. 38) in relation to Cherokee neutral lands, joint resolution (H.
taking the ninth-[By Mr. Abbott.]

R. No. 73) relative to the, in the State of
referred, 190.

Kansas and the late treaties respecting
bill (H. R. No. 256) to provide for taking the same.
the ninth.

received from House, 495; referred, 495 ;
received from House, 532; referred, 540. reported aversely, 679.

Chief of staff, bill (H. R. No. 237) to abolish

the office of, to the General of the Army.
received from House and referred, 206;

reported, 217; passed, 305; enrolled, 350.
Churches, bill (S. No. 91) to incorporate

sundry, religious societies, and congrega-
tions in the District of Columbia- [By

Mr. Vickers. ]
referred, 41.
Civil expenses, joint resolution (H. R. No. 1)

to supply an omission in the enrollment
of the act making appropriations for sun.
dry, of the Government for the year end.

ing June 30, 1870.
received from the House, 41; passed, 47;

enrolled, 103.
Civil offices, bill (S. No. 1) to repeal an act

regulating the tenure of certain-[By Mr.

Thayer. ]
read and printed, 8; referred, 28; motion

to take up, 32; reported and indefinitely
postponed, 62.
bill (s. No. 2) to amend an act regulating the

tenure of certain-[By Mr. Edmunds.]
read and printed, 8; referred, 28.
bill (H. R. No. 3) to repeal an act regulating

the tenure of certain.
received from House, 41; discussed, 43;

referred, 45; reported, 62; discussed,
87, 104, 130, 153, 177; recommitted,
205 ; amendment, 217; reported, 233;
discussed, 233; passed with amend.
ments and with new title, 248 ; disagreed
to by House, 322; discussed, 322; con-
ference, 333, 347; conference report,
394; agreed to by Senate, 395; by House,

Civil service in the Departments, motion

for the appointment of a committee on

the-[By Mr. Sherman, March 10, 1869.]
discussed, 45.
remarks by-
Mr. Cameron

Mr. Fessenden..

.45, 46
Mr. Grimes.......

45, 46
Mr. Patterson
Mr. Sherman...

.45, 46
Mr. Sprague

Mr. Trumbull.

concurrent resolution rescinding the concur-

rent resolution passed on the 2d of
March, providing for the appointment
of a joint Committee on the-[By Mr.

Grimes, March 10, 1869.]
laid over, 46; agreed to, 63.
In House : received from Senate, 80; non-

concurred in, 228; motion to reconsider,

Claims, the Committee on...

........ 27
reports from ...... 47, 127, 409, 439, 504, 607
discharged from subjects


409, 410, 439, 607
bill (S. No. 21) authorizing payment to be

made for certain services rendered to
the United States in the late insurrec.

tionary States-[By Mr. Sawyer.)
read and printed, 9; referred, 28; re.

ported, 527.
bill (S. No. 52) authorizing the appointment

of a commissioner and the settlement of,

of citizens of Kansas-[By Mr. Ross. ]
referred, 29.
joint resolution (S. R. No. 5) authorizing

the appointment of commissioners to
examine the, of citizens of Douglas,
Johnson, and Miami counties, Kansas,
for spoliations committed in what is
known as the Quantrell raid in August,

1863–[By Mr. Ross.]
referred, 29.
bill (S. No. 98) to authorize the appointment

of a board of commissioners to examine
the, of loyal persons in the States letely
in rebellion for supplies furnished the
military forces of the United States-

[By Mr. Wilson.]
referred, 42; committee discharged, 439;

substitute reported, (see bills. No. 249,)

.45, 46

.......... 666


... 102

... 206



Cole, Cornelius, a Senator from California | Commissioner, bill (S. No. 52) authorizing the
bill (S. No. 100) to provide for the payment Continued.

appointment of a, and the settlement of
of, to loyal citizens of the States lately bills introduced by

claims of citizens of Kansas-[By Mr.
in rebellion--[By Mr. Abbott.]
No. 125-granting lands to aid in the

Ross. ]
referred, 42; substitute reported, (see bill construction of a canal or canals for referred, 29.
S. No. 249,) 439.

irrigating purposes in the State of Cali Commissioners, joint resolution (S. R. No. 5)
resolution calling for information in regard


authorizing the appointment of, to examine
to Venezuela--[By Mr. Morton, March No. 126-granting lands to aid in the con the claims of citizens of Douglas, Johnson,
11, 1869.]

struction of the Oroville and Virginia and Miami counties, Kansas, for spolia-
agreed to, 47.

City railroad ........

..........62 tions committed in what is known as the
joint resolution (S. R. No. 23) for setting No. 151-to further the administration of Quantrel raid in August, 1863–[By Mr.
apart a portion of the Fort Snelling justice.

.102 Ross.)
military reservation for a permanent No. 152-to provide for the paving of

referred, 29.
military post and the settlement of all, Pennsylvania avenue.

bill (S. No. 98) to authorize the appointment
in relation thereto-[By Mr. Ramsey. ] No. 186-granting the right of way and of a board of, to examine the claims of
referred, 63; reported, 205.

alternate sections of land to aid in the

loyal persons in the States lately in re-
bill (S. No. 150) providing a mode of settle-

construction of a canal for irrigation bellion for supplies furnished the mil-
ment of certain-[By Mr. Rice.]

and navigation in the State of Califor itary forces of the United States--[By
referred, 102.



Mr. Wilson.)
bill (S. No. 195) to carry into effect the No. 203-granting lands to the Santa Bar referred, 42; committee discharged, 439;
convention of July 4, 1868, between the
bara branch of the Southern Pacific

substitute reported, (see bills. No.
United States and Mexico for the ad-
railroad, of California............... .263

249,) 439.
justment of-[By Mr. Sumner.)

No. 228-granting land to aid in the con Committee-rooms, resolution providing for the
reported, 232; passed, 292; passed House, struction of a railroad and telegraph line reassignment of-[By Mr. Robertson,
495; enrolled, 540; approved, 586.

from the Central Pacific railroad, in March 23, 1869.]
In House: received from Senate, 309; Nevada, to the Colorado river........347 agreed to, 206.
passed, 508; enrolled, 562.
joint resolutions introduced by-

remarks by-
bill (S. No. 224) to provide for the auditing
No. 39—authorizing the Secretary of the

Mr. Drake.......

and adjudicating and payment of cer-
Treasury to audit and settle the accounts

Mr. Morrill

tain, of loyal citizens of the United
of William Y. Patch, late collector of

Mr. Pomeroy

States-[By Mr. Rice.]
internal revenue for the first collection

Mr. Ramsey....

referred, 346.

district of California.....


Mr. Robertson
remarks by-
No. 59—-making San Diego, California, a Committees, standing...

.27, 28, 63
Mr. Conkling...

port of delivery.....

.468 select-
Mr. Grimes...

Mr. Howe................................... 346
resolution submitted by-

to wait upon the President......... 8, 9, 720
Mr. Rice ...............
in regard to the detention of overland

to Revise the Rules of the Senate......... 1
mails-[April 8, 1869]..


on the Removal of Political Disabilities,
bill (S. No. 249) for the settlement of, for


report made by.....
quartermaster and commissary stores incidental remarks by........

on Retrenchment. .....

....... 293
furnished to or taken by the United

190, 321, 394, 468, 612

of conference-
States within the States in rebellion remarks on the bill to strengthen the public

on resolution of the House for the appoint-
during the late war - [By Mr. Howe.]


46, 48, 53 ment of a joint Committee on Retrench-
reported, 439.
ou the bill to repeal the civil tenure act,


86, 130
Clark, Alinzer, bill (H. R. No. 336) for the

111, 394

on bill (H. R. No. 3) regulating the tenure
relief of.
on the bill to amend the judicial system,

of certain civil offices.. .333, 347
received from House, 317; referred, 371.

213, 575

on joint resolution (S. R. No. 19) enabling
Clark, Lois, bill (S. No. 174) granting relief on the bill to provide for the paving of

actual settlers to purchase certain lands
to-[By Mr. Edmunds. ]

Pennsylvania avenue..........


of the Great and Little Osage Indians,
referred, 176.

on the currency bill.........

532, 611
Clarke, J. E., bill (S. No. 201) to authoriz. on the Indian appropriation bill..

on bill (H. R. No. 123) making appropri-

the payment of moneys due, and Jobn T.

394, 433, 447

ations for the current and contingent
Peabody—[By Mr. Wilson.]
on the joint resolution to protect the

expenses of the Indian department, and
referred, 263.

interests of the United States in the

for fulfilling treaty stipulations with
Clerical force, hill (S. No. 261) to reorganize

Union Pacific railroad...................502

various Indian tribes for the year ending
on the joint resolution relating to steam-

June 30, 1870.
the, of the Department of the Interior, and

......586, 611

...... 666

on bill (H. R. No. 354) making appropri-
for other purposes--[By Mr. Patterson.]
referred, 532.
Collection district, bill (S. No. 83) to define

ations and to supply deficiencies in the
the limits of the, of the Teche, in the

appropriations for the service of the
Clerk, resolution authorizing the select Com-

State of Louisiana, and for other pur-

Government for the fiscal year ending
mittee on the Removal of Political Dis-

June 30, 1869......
poses-- [ By Mr. Kellogg.]

abilities to employ &-[By Mr. Robertson,

on bill (H. R. No. 140) to amend an act
March 22, 1869.]
reported, 41.

entitled "An act imposing taxes on dis-
agreed to, 190.
bill (S. No. 206) to detach the port of St.

tilled spirits and tobacco, and for other
Clerks, resolution inquiring what, of the com-

Paul from the, of Minnesota and to

purposes," approved July 20, 1868, 657
mittees of the Senate may properly be dis-

annex it to the, of Louisiana-[By Mr.

pensed with-[By Mr. Davis, April 7,

Compensation-see Pay; Salary.

referred, 291.

concurrent resolution creating the Commit-
reported, 573.
Collectors, bill (S. No. 116) to allow deputy,

tee to Audit and Control the Contingent

Expenses of the Senate and the Com-
Coin, bill (H. R. No. 7) to strengthen the pub-

and assessors of internal revenue acting

roittee on Accounts of the Ilouse of
lic credit and relating to contracts for the

as assessors the pay of, and assessors“[By
Mr. Cragin.]

Representatives a joint committee to
payment of.

define the number, duties, and, of the
received from House, 66 ; substituted for bill
referred, 62; committee discharged, 205.

employés of the two Houses--By Mr.
S. No. 56, 66 ; discussed, 66; passed, 70;

Colorado, the Territory of, bill (S. No. 168) Cragin, March 15, 1869.]
enrolled, 86.

granting lands to aid in the construction agreed to, 62; concurred in by Ilouse, 347.
Coinage, bill (H. R. No.351) for the, of nickel-

of a railroad from Lincoln, in the State In House : received from Senate, 80; con-
copper pieces of five cents and under.

of Nebraska, to Denver-[By Mr. Tipton.] curred in, 330.
received from House, 350; referred, 371.

referred, 151.

Concrete Stone Company, bill (S. No. 70)
bill (S. No. 250) in relation to the, of gold
bill (S. No. 177) creating an additional land

to incorporate the District of Colum
and silver-[By Mr. Sherman.)

district in--[By Mr. Tipton.]

bia--[By Mr. Vickers.]
referred, 439.

referred, 176.

referred, 32.
Cole, Cornelius, a Senator from California... 1 Commerce, the Co

hittee on .........

27 Condemned material, joint resolution (S. R.
petition presented by ...

instructions to ........


No. 55) donating, to the Industrial Home
bills introduced by-

reports from ....... 31, 32, 41, 47, 529, 607 School of the District of Columbia—[By
No. 46--to provide for the better security Commission, joint resolution (s. R. No. 63) Mr. Wilson.]
of the lives of passengers on vessels pro-

authorizing the President to appoint a, to referred, 412.
pelled by steam.
29 make a survey across the Isthmus of Da.

Congressional Printer, resolution for the elec-
No. 113-to encourage, facilitate, and rien for a ship-railway or ship-canal-[By tion of a-[By Mr. Conkling, March 22,
establish international telegraphic com:
Mr. Wilson.]

munication .....
referred, 611.

agreed to, 188.

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