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3rd ed.




Walton's Complete Angler, conťa.

RENNIE'S EDITIONS. Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, by W. and R. Chambers; London: W. Orr; Dublin: W. Curry, Jun., and Co., 1833. 3 p.l., 328 p., 3 pl., I port. 16o. London: Allan Bell & Co., and Simpkin & Mar

shall, 1834. 3 p.1., 328 p., 3 pl., I port. 16°.

(British Library.) London: Thomas Tegg & Son, Cheapside; R. Griffin

Sous Co., Glasgow, Tegg, Wise Sus Co., Dublin,

1835. 3 p.l., 328 p., 3 pl., I port. 16°. London: Allan Bell & Co., 1836. 3 p.l., 328 p.,

3 pl., 1 port. 16o. Manchester: Printed and published by Thomas Johnson, Livesey street, 1851. 3 p.l., 328 p.,

3 pl., I port. 16°. Halifax: Milner and Sowerby, 1857. 2 p.l., 328 p.,

3 pl., 1 port. 16°.

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3rd ed.

STOCK's FacsimILE EDITION. London: Elliot Stock, 1876. x, 7 1., 246 p. 12o.

Facsimile reprint of the first edition.

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3rd ed.


TERCENTENARY EDITION. Chicago: A. C. McClurg and Company, 1893. xxxiv-287 (1) p., I port. roy. 8°.

TILT'S EDITION. London: Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet-street; J. Menzies,

Edinburgh; T. Wardle, Philadelphia, 1837. 2 v. in 1. 24° This was reprinted in 1858 by Groombridge.

WASHBOURNE'S EDITION. London: H. Washbourne, 1842. 13 p.l., lxxii,

396 p., II pl., 3 port. 8o. Reprint of Major's 1835 edition.

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2nd ed. 1835

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tenary ed. 189–. London. Henry Frowde. Repr. of 5. ed. of 1676.

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GROLIER Club of the City of New York. Chronological hand-list of various editions of “The Complete Angler” by I. Walton and C. Cotton with a supplement embracing other writings of Walton and Cotton, etc. 1593-1893. Exhibited ... Dec. 9–29, 1893. New York, 1893. 26 p. 12°.

ILLUSTRATIONS to Walton and Cotton's Com. plete Angler. London: Published by T. Gosden (1836 ?]. 13 pl., 2 port. 12°.

Lot 393 of the Westwood catalogue. Illustrated by Inskipp, and Stothard. London [1836]. 46 pl., 4 port., 2 facsims. fo.

IZAAK Walton: his wallet booke. [A collection of the songs and poems contained in the Complete Angler, “ Newly set forth and Adorn'd with Sculptures curiously engraven by Joseph Crawhall."] London: Field & Tuer, 1885. 113 p., 31. 8°. No. 5 of 100 copies printed on large paper.

LANE (Frederick Athearn). Index to the original and inserted illustrations contained in

The complete angler," Walton and Cotton, Pickering, pub lisher, five vols., with 1,026 illustrations... New York: Privately printed, 1866. pl. 4o.

MARSTON (R. B.) Walton and some earlier writers on fish and fishing. London: Elliot Stock, 1894. xxv, (1. 1.) 264 p. 16°. (Book-lover's library.)

1653. London. 1655. 1664. 1668. 167б. . 1750. 1759. 1760. 1766. 1772.


3rd ed.


1791. 1797 1808. 1808.

T. Maxey for Rich. Marriot.
T. M. for Rich, Marriot, 2. ed.
R. Marriot. 3. ed.
R. Marriot. 4. ed.
Richard Marriott. 5. ed.
Henry Kent.
Moses Browne's ist ed.

2nd ed.
Thomas Hope. Hawkins' ist ed.
J. Rivington.

2nd ed. Richard and Henry Causton. Moses

Browne's 3rd ed. John and Francis Rivington. Hawkins' John, Francis and Charles Rivington,

Hawkins' 4th ed. J., F. and C. Rivington. Hawkins' 5th ed. F.and C. Rivington, etc. Hawkins' 6th ed. Samuel Bagster. 8° Hawkins' 7th ed.

lg. pap. 8o. Hawkins' 7th ed. Samuel Bagster. Ig. pap. 4° Hawkins' Samuel Bagster. Bagster's repr. of ist ed.

Hawkins' 8th ed. Samuel Bagster. Lg. pap. 8o. Hawkins'

8th ed. James Smith (Gosden's plates.) Hawkins'

9th ed. John Major. Major's ist ed.

2nd ed.

Lg. pap. 8o. Major's 2nd ed. C. Whittingham. Chiswick ist ed. J. F. Dove. Dove's ed. William Pickering. Pickering's ist ed.

2nd ed. C. and C. Whittingham. Chiswick and ed. William Cole. Cole's ed.


7th ed.

1810. 1815. 1815.


1823 1824. 1824. 1824. Chiswick. 1825. London. 1825. 1826. 1826. Chiswick. 1828. London.


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Walton's Complete Angler, conťd.

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Compleat Angler" of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Being a bibliographical record of its various phases and mutations. London: Willis and Sotheran, 1864. xv, 64 p. 4o.

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250 p. 12°


72 p. 8°.

2. ed.

Fishing, General Works, conťd.

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Word (A) from the Maine woods. See Thoreau (Henry David).

for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against st.Wright (Sidney). The romance of the world's

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Young (The) fisherman, a complete guide to angling, showing the tackle and baits required, the rivers, ponds, &c., where fish are to be found, the laws of angling ... London: H. Elliot (n. d.].

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2. ser.

2 v.

II p.

10 pl.

sm. 8°.

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Wilson (James). The rod and the gun, being two treatises on angling and shooting, by J. Wilson,

FISHING LAWS. Reference should also be made to the section Game Laws in the list on Sport published in the Bulletin for May, 1903.

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21 p.

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nar. 16o. Text in English and French.

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10 éd. Paris: Léautey, 1897. 294 p. 24°.

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Belgium Anetban (Jules d'). Loi du 5 juillet 1899, modifiant la loi du 19 janvier 1883, sur la pêche fluviale. (Annuaire de législation étrangère. année 29, pp. 449-451. Paris, 1900.)

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Petit code pratique du pêcheur. Loi sur la pêche fluviale. (19 janvier, 1883-5 juillet 1899.) Suivie de... la liste officielle des fleuves, rivières et canaux... avec de brèves annotations. Bruxelles: J. Lebègue & Cie (1899 ?). 80 p.

2. ed. 24°

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p. 765.)

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Canada. British Columbia.—Statutes.

to amend and consolidate the acts for the protection of certain animals, birds and fishes... 1902.

n. p. [1902] 123-130 p. 4°.

Fur, fin, and feather, containing the game laws of the principal states of the United States and Canada. New York: M. B. Brown & Co., 1868. iv, 5-206 p. 8°

[Revised and corrected for 1871–72]. New York: M. B. Brown & Co., 1871. xiv, 222 p. 8°.

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illus. 8°.

May 10, 1897. New York, 1897. 106 P., 4 pl. illus. 8°.

New York, cop. 1905. 134 p., I pl. 8o.

New York, cop. 1906. 126 p. 8o.

[Aug. 1, 1906.] New York (1906). 138 p., I pl. illus. 8°.

(Aug. 1, 1907.] New York (1907]. 138 p., il. illus. 8°.

(Oct. 1, 1908.] New York (1908]. 150 p., I pl. illus. 8°.

106 р.

Nouveau manuel complet des gardes champêtres, gardes particuliers, gardes forestiers, gardechasse et garde pêche...suivi d'un formulaire de procès-verbaux; par M. Boyard, Ch. Vasserot, V. Emion. Nouvelle édition, revue... par L. Crevat. Paris: Libr. encyc. de Roret, 1889. viii, 351 p. 16o. (Manuels-Roret.)

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2. ed.

Fishing Laws, contd.

Germany. Asal (K.) Das badische Forstrecht enthaltend die auf das Forstwesen des Grossherzogthums bezüglichen Gesetze, sowie die zu deren Vollzug erlassenen wichtigeren Verordnungen und Erlasse nach dem Stande vom 1. Januar, 1898. Nebst einem Anhang das Jagd- und Fischereirecht, den Vogelschutz u. s. w. enthaltend. Karlsruhe: J. Lang, 1848. xii, 723 p. 8°.

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) CHAUSSE, translators. La loi sur la pêche du royaume de Bavière du 15 aout 1908. (Soc. cent. d'aquic. et de pêche. Bull. Paris, 1908. 8o.

v. 20, pp. 225–256.)

Schilgen (F. von). Das Gesetz betreffend die Fischerei der Ufereigenthümer und die Koppelfischerei in der Provinz Hannover vom 26. Juni 1897; nebst den übrigen für die Provinz Hannover ergangenen, die Binnenfischerei betreffenden Ge. setzen und Verordnungen. Hamm i. W.: E. Griebsch, 1897. iv, 110 pp. 12°.

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Complete (The) angler; with full instructions how, when and where to take the best kinds of fish ... to which is added...the laws of angling ... London: H. Elliot, 1855. 24°.

London: (H.] Elliot (185-?). 12o. Cox (Nicholas). The gentleman's recreation : in 4 parts, viz. hunting, hawking, fowling, fishing

With an abstract at the end of each subject of such laws as relate to the same... London: Printed by J. C. for N. C. and sold by Tho. Fabian, 1677.


London: J. Dawks for N. Rolls, 1697. 4. ed. 8o.

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