Senate Journal, Volume 45

Includes regular and extra sessions.

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Página 569 - ... a majority of all the members elected to each house, then it shall be the duty of the...
Página 117 - He shall, from time to time, give to the General Assembly information of the state of the government, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall deem expedient.
Página 138 - ... the leading object shall be, without excluding" other scientific and classical studies, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts...
Página 65 - No person shall manufacture for sale, or sell, or keep for sale, as a beverage, any intoxicating liquors whatever, including ale, wine, and beer. The General Assembly shall by law prescribe regulations for the enforcement of the prohibition herein contained, and shall thereby provide suitable penalties for the violation of the provision hereof.] [The foregoing amendment was adopted at a special election held on June 27,1882.
Página 485 - Every mechanic, builder, artisan, workman, laborer, or other person, who shall do or perform any work or labor...
Página 486 - ... a just and true account of the demand due him or them, after all just credits have been given, which is to be a lien upon such building or other improvements, and a true description of the property, or so near as to identify the same upon which the lien is intended to apply...
Página 488 - ... during the pendency of such action the owner may withhold from the contractor the amount of money for which such lien...
Página 303 - Many have oftentimes expressed the fond hope that the day is not far distant when we shall be able to control cancer.
Página 225 - No. 1, proposing an amendment to section 46, article 4, of the Constitution: Resolved by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring (a majority of the members elected to each house agreeing thereto), That the following amendment to the Constitution of Virginia, be and the same is hereby, proposed and referred to the General Assembly...
Página 485 - ... to the extent, of all the right, title and interest owned therein by the owner or proprietor of such building, erection or other improvement for whose immediate use or benefit the labor was done or things furnished.

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