A Visit to Italy, Volume 2


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Página 135 - When along the light ripple the far serenade Has accosted the ear of each passionate maid, She may open the window that looks on the stream, — She may smile on her pillow and blend it in dream ; Half in words, half in music, it pierces the gloom, " I am coming — stall — but you know not for whom...
Página 135 - Now the tones become clearer, — you hear more and more How the water divided returns on the oar, — Does the prow of the gondola strike on the stair ? Do the voices and instruments pause and prepare ? Oh ! they faint on the ear as the lamp on the view, " I am passing — Premi — but I stay not for you...
Página 301 - E che più volte v' ha cresciuta doglia? Che giova nelle fata dar di cozzo? Cerbero vostro, se ben vi ricorda, Ne porta ancor pelato il mento e il gozzo. Poi si rivolse per la strada lorda, E non fe...
Página 68 - In Venice Tasso's echoes are no more, And silent rows the songless gondolier; Her palaces are crumbling to the shore, And music meets not always now the ear: Those days are gone — but Beauty still is here. States fall, arts fade — but Nature doth not die, Nor yet forget how Venice once was dear, The pleasant place of all festivity, The revel of the earth, the masque of Italy!
Página 67 - I hear them now, and tremble, for I seem As treading on an unsubstantial dream. Who talks of vanished glory, of dead power, Of things that were, and are not ? Is he here ! Can he take in the glory of this hour, And call it all the decking of a bier ? No, surely as on that Titanic tower...
Página 68 - But unto us she hath a spell beyond Her name in story, and her long array Of mighty shadows, whose dim forms despond Above the dogeless city's vanish'd sway; Ours is a trophy which will not decay With the Rialto ; Shylock and the Moor, And Pierre, cannot be swept or worn away — The keystones of the arch ! though all were o'er, For us repeopled were the solitary shore.
Página 258 - The heavenly archer stands — no human birth, No perishable denizen of earth ; Youth blooms immortal in his beardless face, A god in strength, with more than godlike grace ; All, all divine — no struggling muscle glows, Through heaving vein no mantling life-blood flows, But animate with deity alone...
Página 106 - ... Lagoon, Come for the hundredth time, — Our thoughts shall make a pleasant tune, Our words a worthy rhyme ; And thickly round us we will set Such visions as were seen, By Tizian and by Tintorett, And dear old Giambellin, — And all their peers in art, whose eyes, Taught by this sun and sea, Flashed on their works those burning dyes, That fervent poetry ; And wove the shades so thinly-clear They would be parts of light In northern climes, where frowns severe Mar half the charms of sight.
Página 58 - In this thy household sanctuary No visible monument of thee : The Fount that whilom played before thee, The Roof that rose in shelter o'er thee, The low fair Hills that still adore thee, — I would no more ; thy memory Must loathe all cold reality, Thought-worship only is for thee. They say thy Tomb lies there below ; What want I with the marble show ? I am content, — I will not go...
Página ii - LONDON : Printed by S. & J. BENTLEY, WILSON, and FLEY, Bangor House, Shoe Lane.

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