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the King and the Prince of Orange, who

has, in consequence, been reinstated in his FRANCE

offices and titles in the war department. The law regarding the liberty of the The High Court of Justice at Brussels press in France, after long continued and has decided against the Duke of Wellinganimated debates, has passed both the ton, in his appeal against the editor of the Chambers by great majorities, and has since Flanders Journal, and has condemned his received the royal assent. By this law, Grace in costs. The Duke, however, perwhich is to continue in force till the end sisting in his suit, has appealed to the Court of the session 1818, no newspaper, or other of Cassation against this second decision. periodical work, can be published without the sanction of the King.

The result of the budget of the Finance Several thousand Germans have petiMinister shows the necessity of a new loan, tioned the Dict at Frankfort, desiring the to a large amount. There is, however, a performance of the 15th article of the fe. dimination of eighty millions of francs, in deral act, which promised representative the estimate for 1818, as compared with constitutions to the different states of Ger. the preceding year, which is held out by many, and on the faith of which the inhathe Minister as a pledge of continued ame bitants came forward in the late war, to relioration.

sist the aggressions of the French. This pledge, they complain, has been forfeited,

now that the danger is past ; and the peti. A levy has been ordered by the Govern tion intimates, that were a hostile army at ment, of 18,000 men, for the present year, present to enter Germany, the people would to be drawn by lot from all the unmarried be deaf to the most urgent requisitions of men, between 17 and 36 years of age, from their Governments. which no exemptions are to be allowed. A new concordat between the Pope and

The King issued a decree in Decem- the King of Bavaria has been concluded, by ber last, prohibiting his subjects from which six new bishoprics and two archbi. trading for slaves on the coast of Africa, shoprics are created, to have endowmeres south of the line, under a penalty of ten in land, yielding revenues for the bishops, years' banishment to the Phillippine islands, of from 8000 to 10,000 forins, and from and restricting the duration of the trade to 15,000 to 20,000 for the archbishops. A any other part of the African coast to Muy certain number of nunneries and mona1820, under the same penalties,

steries are to be re-established, whose oc

cupants are to devote themselves exclusive. NETHERLANDS.

ly to the education of youth. The project of a law, on the subject of the tea trade, has been submitted to the

ASIA. Legislature by the King, by which it is proposed to abolish all exclusive rights and monopolies, and to throw open the trade to We have now official intelligence of the China, and to the Dutch colonies in the conclusion of peace with the Government

A trifling duty of about a half per of Poonah. A new treaty has been entered cent. is to be imposed on tea, and the ex into with the Peishwa, containing proviport duty will not exceed one fifth. This sions, calculated, says the proclamation, to is, no doubt, a wise and liberal arrange- improve the alliance, and to promote and ment; but, it is also evident, that it must render permanent the harmony which both have a very injurious effect upon the reve Governments are anxious to obtain. The nue of Britain, unless counteracted by the latest accounts from Cuttack are to the vigilance of the Excise; as, upon all tea 22d of July. The insurrection then lingerthat can be landed here free of duty, the ed; and, except an affair on the 5th, in smuggler will gain a profit of about 90 per which some partial success had been gaincent.

ed over the insurgents by Captain ArmA reconciliation has taken place between strong, nothing of importance had occurred




A beautiful monument, representing an

AMERICA. urn on a pedestal, under the shade of a banyan tree, was erected in the beginning of June last, in St Thomas's Church, Bom On the 2d of December last, the United bay, in memory of the late Governor Dun- States Congress was opened in the usual

manner by a message from the President On the right of the pedestal is scat- (Mr Monroe), which contains the usual ed a beautiful figure of Justice, with her summary view of the foreign relations of arm raised, inscribing on the urn the fol. the States, of their revenues, commerce, lowing words: “ He was a good man

and domestic industry. and a just."-At her feet are two volumes, The President informs Congress, that inscribed “ Malabar" and “ Benares," the best understanding prevails between and three scrolls, marked “ Judicial and the States and Great Britain ; and that, by Revenue,"-" Gwicowar Treaty,”-and an amicable arrangement, the armed force * Travancore Treaty.” On the left of the on the lakes in Canada has been reduced pedestal is an erect figure of a Bhramin, to one or two vessels on each side, armed four feet high, contemplating, with pious only with one gun. A proposition, the reverence, the urn of one who was so truly exact terms of which are not mentioned, the Hindoo's friend. Beneath this groupe, had been made by the United States to and in front of the principal pedestal, is Great Britain, for putting the commerce the following inscription :

of both countries on a footing of equality, * In memory of the Hon. Jonathan but which had been declined by the latter Duncan, Governor of Bombay from 1795 power. to 1811. Recommended to that high of in regard to the contest between Spain fice by his talents and integrity, in the dis- and her colonies, the President expresses charge of various important duties in Ben- the firm determination of the Government gal and Benares. His purity and zeal for to preserve a strict neutrality : but he rethe public good were equally conspicuous cognizes the existence of these colonies as during his long and upright administration independent powers, saying, that he does of this Presidency. With a generous dis not look upon the struggle as a common regard of personal interest, his private life rebellion of subjects against their lawful wes adorned by the most muniticent acts of rulers, and has therefore sent commissioncharity and friendship to all classes of the ers to treat with them on various points incommunity. To the natives, in particular, teresting to the prosperity of the United he was a friend and protector, to whom States. they looked with unbounded confidence, The President next alludes to the interand never appealed in vain. He was born nal condition of the country, and congra. at Wardhouse, in the county of Forfar, in tulates Congress on the flourishing state of Scotland, on the 15th May 1756 ; came to the revenue, in proof of which he proposes India at the age of 16; and, after 39 years to repeal the taxes imposed during the war. of uninterrupted service, died at this place “ After satisfying (he says) the appropriaon the 11th of August 1811."

tions made by law for the support of the Beneath the inscription are two infants, civil Government, and of the military and supporting a scroll, inscribed with the fol- naval establishments, embracing suitable lowing words:

provisions for fortifications, and for the gra* Infanticide abolished in Benares and dual increase of the navy, paying the interest Kattywar.”

of the public debt, extinguishing more than And at the base of the monument the eighteen millions of the principal within fellowing :

the present year, it is estimated that a ba** Several of the British inhabitants of lance of more than six millions of dollars Bombay, justly appreciating his distinguish- will remain in the Treasury on the 1st of ed merits, in public and private life, have January next, applicable to the current serraised this monument as a tribute of re- vice of the ensuing year.". spect and esteem. 1817."

Mr Monroe, in conclusion, alludes to the

progress of civilization in the interior parts AFRICA.

of the country, and exhibits an interesting

view of the arrangements adopted for carryALGIERS.

ing on the great work of improvement and The new Dey was recently threatened cultivation over the remote deserts which with the fate of his predecessor, by a mụ. lię between the territories of the United ting among the soldiers, his constituents; States and the Pacific Ocean. but being informed of their discontents, and the designs they meditated, he retired to a fortress commanding the city, which Newfoundland. From this settlement the conspirators having attempted unsuc we learn, that the fear of famine, as the cessfully to storm, ten of the ringleaders consequence of the late dreadful conflagra, were seized and strangled.

tions, is now no longer entertained. The VOL. II.



population has been relieved by considerable The independent cause in New Andaemigrations to Canada, Nova Scotia, and lusia and Caraccas, it appears from the the United States; the Governor has found latest accounts, is completely triumphant. employment for all able-bodied labourers, Morillo, after pillaging and flying from the in felling wood for the new erections; and the city of Caraccas, had endeavoured in vain opulent inhabitants have, with praise-wore to find refuge in Laguira, which, as well as thy alacrity, come forward to the relief of Cumana and Barcelona, remained in the their poorer neighbours.

hands of the Patriots.


WEST INDIES. The last advices from the River Plate The Lecward Islands were visited by a mention, that a party of the troops of Ar. moet destructive hurricane on the 21st Oc. tigas had dispossessed the Portuguese of tober last. St Lucie suffered most severeMaldonado ; and it was expected that they ly. The Governor-General Seymour was would soon also be driven from Monte killed by the blowing down of the GoverVideo.

ment House, and many officers, servants, In Chili, General San Martin had raised &c. shared his fate. Major Burdett, his his forces to nearly the number which he lady, and their child, were also killed by proposed, and the preparations for an ex the fall of their house, and almost every pedition against Lima were carried on with negro-house on the island, with all the great activity.

plantations, were destroyed. Dominica The insurrection in Mexico appears, for and Martinique suffered in a similar dethe present, to be crushed, since Mina, the gree. At the latter place a French frigate active patriot general, has been taken pris with troops foundered, and all on board soner. He was attacked, on the 27th Oc- perished. The hurricane was extensively tober, in the pass of Venadito, where he felt also at Barbadoes and St Vincent's, but had posted himself with 200 followers, half it did not extend farther north than Guadaof whom were killed, and the rest inadeloupe. The loss of shipping has been imprisoners. The head of the insurgent, Mo mense; all the vessels at these islands which reno, was exultingly sent to Silao, along escaped immediate destruction, being driwith the dispatch containing the intelli ven out to sea, where it was feared many gence, and barbarously exhibited to the of them, who had not been heard of by the multitude.

28th, must have been lost.



The late Princess Charlotte.A project 8.-- The Duke of Wellington's Seat -- has been set on foot, and a subscription Every arrangement was completed on the is going rapidly on, limited to one guinea 5th, for the purchase of the Earl of Ri- each subscriber, for the purpose of erect. vers’ Chateau and Domains at Strathfield. ing, on some public spot, a monument or say, near Harford Bridge in Hampshire. cenotaph, in memory of this much lament'The Duke of Wellington passed four hours ed Princess. The Duchess of York has in conversation with Lord Rivers, when his consented to be named as patroness of the Grace was last in England, upon the sub- plan. ject. It was agreed between them to ap 10.--The Buyonet. The new bayonet point two arbitrators to arrange matters ; exercise has been for some time practising they came to a decision in the preceding at Plymouth, by the 9th regiment, in week, when the purchase money was a- George's Square. By the new method, this greed upon to be L. 263,000. The tinber formidable weapon is made to act with more on the estate is valued at L. 150,000. deadly effect, and the positions are extreme

Fire. On Sunday the 30th ult. in the ly interesting. Major Torrens, of the ma. morning, the flour and barley mills of Red- rines, is instructing the corps, which has hall, near Edinburgh, were discovered to already made considerable progress. Seve. be on fire, but the tiames had by that time ral of the men exercised before the Duke of made such progress, that all attempts to Gloucester, a few weeks since. get them ander were unavailing: and the Rheimish Testament.-At a meeting of mills, the kiln, and the granaries, were the Catholic Board in Dublin, on Thursday burnt to the ground. A considerable quan. the 4th current, Mr O'Connor moved that tity of grain, chiefly manufactured, was in a committee should be appointed to prepare the different premises, of which, it is sup- a denunciation of the Rheimish notes to posed, not less than 300 bolls have been the Bible, which notes, he said, tended to totally destroyed.

prejudice the minds of the people of Eng.

so as to af.

land against the Catholic emancipation. He vigable, a regular communication may be declared, that although he was a Catholic established through both canals, by means from principle, he would not remain one an of steam-packets or otherwise, hour longer, if he thought it essential to the ford a cheap and expeditious conveyance to profession of that faith to believe that it was the most remote parts of the Highlands, lawful to murder Protestants, or that faith The late Mr Meikle. A tomb-stone has might be innocently broken with heretics. lately been erected in the church-yard of However, at the suggestion of several gen- Prestonkirk, East Lothian, upon which the tlemen, Mr O'Connor consented to with. following lines are inscribed :-“ Beneath draw his motion, and it was agreed that a this stone are deposited the mortal remains general exposition of the religious and po. of the late Andrew Meikle, civil engineer litical principles of the Irish Catholics should at Houston Mill, who died in the year 1811, be drawn up, in the form of an address or aged 92 years. Descended from a race of appeal to the Protestants of Great Britain. ingenious mechanics, to whom the country

Bassorah Goats. About a year ago, Mr for ages had been greatly indebted ; he Lee, of Lincoln, received from his son, in steadily followed the example of his ancesIdia, a pair of those beautiful animals the tors, and, by inventing and bringing to perBussarah or Bassorah goats, of whose hair fection a machine, for separating corn from are manufactured the

Cashmere shawls. Dur- straw, (constructed upon the principles of ing the last week the female has brought velocity, and furnished with fixed beaters forth two fine kids; and, from the success or skutchers,) rendered to the agriculturists with which a former increase was attended, of Britain, and of other nations, a more be, there is hope of inuring these delicate qua- neficial service than any hitherto recorded drupeds to the climate, which is very desia in the annals of ancient or modern science." rable, as their milk is considered a specific 16.-Crim. Con.--The first action for in cases of consumption.

criminal conversation ever tried before the City of Aberdeen. A report has just Jury Court in Scotland, was heard in Edinbeen published by the trustees for the cre- burgh yesterday. The plaintiff, Kirk, who ditors of the town of Aberdeen, which states, sued in forma pauperis, was a private sol. that the property under the management of dier in the royal artillery; and the defendthe trustees will afford a ycarly revenue, ant a writer in Edinburgh.

The jury sufficient, not only to pay interest at five found a verdict for the plaintiff--Daper cent. on every debt, but also to leave a

mages, £30. considerable surplus. It states, that the London Bill of Mortality.„A general whole debts amount to £230,000, the in- bill of all the Christenings and Burials from terest of which, at five per cent. is £17,500; Dec. 10, 1816, to Dec. 16, 1817:whereas the present revenue, feu-duties, &c.

Christened in the 97 parishes within the amount to £12,547, 8s. 8d. leaving a sur walls, 1044_Buried, 1785. plus of £1047, 8s. 8d. besides the value of

Christened in the 17 parishes without the ibe multures of the town's mills, and other walls, 5429_Buried, 3939. eubjects. In estimating the value of this

Christened in the 23 out-parishes in Midproperty, the trustees did not take the dlesex and Surrey, 12,716_Buried, 10,108. amount that it would produce, “if feued Christened in the 10 parishes in the City or sold off in small portions, in the course and Liberties of Westminster, 4910.Buof a great many years, but such as it may ried, 4836. yield, with a prospect of advantage to the

Christened.--Males, 12,624; Females, purchasers, if brought into the market at

11,505. In all, 24,129. the present moment ;” and therefore the

Buried.--Males, 10,033; Females, 9933. property is estimated much below its real in all, 19,968. value.

The Discases and Casualties this Year. 15.-Port of Glasgow. It is worthy of remark, that, during last month, and up to


700 ( 'roup.. Monday, no fewer than 271 vessels arrived at the Broomielaw, Glasgow, whose register Aged

.1,875 | Drysy ............... 718 Ague

2 Epilepsy........... tonnage amounts nearly to 15,000 tons;

Apoplexy and Sad. a great part of them lately having been


46% Fevers of all kinds 1,299 square-rigged vessels of from 70 to 100 tons

743 Fistula

5 Flux register.

6 French Pox ......... Highland Navigation. The facility and Bleeding..... safety with which vessels can now pass

Bursten and Rup

Gravel, Stone,

Strangury through the Crinan Canal, since the lockgates were renewed, and numerous acute

Chicken Pox.........

1 Headmoldshot, rocky bends cut off, will be a great saving Colick, Gripes, &c. of time and expence, and the danger of go- Consumption .......1,200 ing round the Mull of Kintyre will also be convulsions .........3,242 Imposthume.........

Cough and Hoop

Inflammation ......1,002 entirely avoided. When that great na

ing Cough........ 615 Jaundice .......... honal work, the Caledonian Canal, is Dan Cow Pox ............

1 l Jaw Locked .........

Abortive and still

born Abscess

1 109





9 86 51

45 Gout

ture.... Cancer ..........


99 Grief .......



and Water in the







2 119

Rush ...

2 Executed
2 Found dead

10 29 4 9



1 8 1 11

76 Tumour ............

3 ing spacious room for the exposure of a Lumbago

1 Water in the Chest Lunatic 944 Worms .................

12 variety of larger articles, is labelled thus : Measles .......

on the south side, pigeons, vegetables, fruit, Mortification 304 Broken Limbs...... Palpitation of the Bruised ................

salt beef, pork, salt herrings, and other salt Heart ....... 4 Burnt......

fish ; east side, birds, dogs, swine ; and Palsy 162 Choaked

north side, dry goods, baskets, gingerbread, Pleurisy 22 Drowned

&c. &c. Purples

4 Excessive Drinking 12 Quinsy

20.--On Wednesday, during a strong

gale at Glasgow, a house three stories high, Rheumatism

11 Fractured ... Scrophula.. 5 Frightened

not finished, was blown down during the Scurvy ............... 6 Killed by Falls, and night ; fortunately no person was hurt. Small Pox ......... 1,051 several ther Ac

Shocking Accident. The following meSore Throat...

5 cidents Sores and Ulcers... 11 Killed themselves

34 lancholy circumstance occurred at Airdroch, Spasms 25 Murdered..

between Thornhill and Sanquhar, ThursSt Anthony's Fire Poisoned Stoppage in the Scalded ..................

day last :--James Roan, a man about 60 Stornach 24 Shot .......

years of age, was attacked by a bull in the St Vitus's Dance... i Starved ......

most ferocious manner. There being no Stricture

1 Strangled Swelling 1 Suffocated

person at hand to render assistance, the Teeth 419

poor man, after being thrown down, was Thrush

Total casualties 367

trampled on with such violence by the inWhereof have died,

furiated beast, that his ribs were actually Under two years of age..

.5698 severed both from the sternum and the Between two and five

.2019 spine ! in consequence of which he expired Five and ten .............

929 on Saturday, in great agony. Ten and twenty.

706 Russian Missions.- The Rev. W. Glen, Twenty and thirty.

1361 late minister of the Burgher congregation Thirty and forty

.1795 at Annan, who some time ago left this Forty and fifty

.1983 country as a missionary to Astrachan, in Fifty and sixty

.1788 Russia, accompanied by his family, arrived Sixty and seventy

1614 at that place on the 4th October last, after Seventy and eighty

.1224 a passage from St Petersburgh, down the Eighty and ninety...

683 Wolga, of 65 days, in good health. It may Ninety and a hundred

156 be gratifying to the numerous friends and A hundred........

7 acquaintance of that gentleman to be inA hundred and five

2 formed, that a letter has been received from Decreased in the Burials this year 348.

him by a person in Annan, dated 14th Oc

tober, stating that he had a more pleasant 18.-Curious Sale.---A gentleman in passage than he could have expected, and Norfolk, possessed of property to the value on his arrival had found provisions of all of £5000 per annum, lately sold the rever. kinds plentiful and cheap, with every other sion of his whole estate to another gentle convenience he could possibly desire. man and his heirs, at the expiration of 360 22.-Attempt to Ravish.-- In the High years, for five guineas. However whimsi Court of Justiciary this morning, William cal this purchase may seem, our readers M-Ward, alias Ward, was brought to trial, will find, that the compound principal and accused of the crime of rape, or assault with interest of five guineas, for 360 years, will intent to commit a rape, on the body of amount to £1,310,720 !

Agnes, daughter of John M'Callum, subA Litter of Lions. The great lioness at tenant in Arnmannel, Stirlingshire. The Exeter Change, London, on Friday the jury found the prisoner guilty of the assault 12th, brought forth three remarkably fine with intention of committing a rape, but cubs, two males and a female, being the found the rape not proven ; and the Court second time this year; and, contrary to ex sentenced him to 14 years transportation. pectation, she suckles them herself. The Fire.--On Saturday evening, a fire broke last litter were obliged to be suckled by a out in the lower flat of a house in the West spaniel bitch.

Bow, Edinburgh, which was not extinGlasgow.-Yesterday the new markets in guished until two floors were consumed, by Candleriggs Street, denominated the bazar, which ten poor families lost all they had in were opened, and numerously attended the world. About thirty other families reThe plan of the buildings is neat, and the siding in the upper part of the house, had accommodations are extensive. Besides much of their furniture damaged in remov. thirty-six shops, a number of which are al- ing it from the scene of danger. A liberal ready occupied, in which provisions, &c. of subscription has been made for the sufalmost every description, are retailed, there ferers. is sufficient space for the country people to 25.--Trials for Blasphemous Libels.--On sell their poultry, butter, eggs, &c. under this and the two preceding days, Mr Hone, covered sheds, fitted up with tables and a bookseller in London, was tried in the scats. The area round the bazar, contain Court of King's Bench, on three separate

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