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COLONIAL PRODUCE.Sugars...Since our last report, the market has been lively, and prices of Muscovadoes have risen 3s. to 5s. per cwt. Refined have also advanced 2s. to 4s. In foreign sugars little doing, and prices unvaried. The import duty on Muscovado will from this date be 30s. in place of 27s. per cwt. The aggregate average price for the four months preceding 5th instant, was 50s. 8£d. exclusive of duty. The importation of sugars in 1817, is about 10,000 casks less than the preceding year ; but the stock in London is about 3000 casks more. Coffee. The imports in 1817 are nearly the same as in the year preceding ; but the stocks are considerably decreased. The demand this week has greatly increased ; St Domingo is quoted at 97s. and 986. one report states 100s. ; but it is believed the latter is premature. All other kinds are in great request; and an advance of fully 2s. has taken place on every description of Jamaica. Cotton. The imports of cotton into London, Liverpool, and Glasgow, in 1817, were 476,354 bags ; in 1816, 370,863 bags. Prices are a little higher; Pernambucos, 28. 11d. to 2s. 1dd. ; Maranhams, 2s. to 2s. O}d. ; Demeraras, 2s. to 2s. Id. ; Surats, 144d. to 15d. Rum.- The prices have experienced a considerable decline, without facilitating sales, the opinion of its being admitted into France being now completely abandoned. Few transactions of any consequence have taken place. Tobacco. Little business doing, and prices without yariation. Oil.-In Greenland oil there is little alteration. Sperm is expected to advance, as there is not above a month's supply in the market.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.--Hemp is in brisk demand, and has risen considerably in price. Flax is also in request. The demand for tallov has given way, and prices are ls. to 2s. lower. Brandy and Hollands.-Both are again in limited demand, and prices have given way.

British Manufactures. We have again pleasure in noticing the continuing improvement in trade, which the approach of spring is expected greatly to accelerate. The free trade to India promises to be very advantageous to the manufactures of Glasgow, &c.; from whence sewed muslins, and richly embroidered silk shawls, to rival those of Cashmere, arę sent out to the Company's possessions; and the excellence of the British machinery bids fair to enable our manufacturers to outdo the natives in every branch of the cotton trade. Considerable quantities of pullicates, and other goods, are now exported from Glasgow to the Black States in St Domingo. Some descriptions of Glasgow manufactures are now selling 30 per cent. above what they were bringing five months since.-Jan. 9.

Course of Exchange, London, Jan. 9.-Amsterdam, 37:6 B. 2 U. Ditto at sight, 37:0. Rotterdam, 11:11:2 U. Antwerp, 11:12 Ex. M. Agio of the Bank on Holland, 2. Hamburgh, 34 : 6:24 U. Altona, 34:7: 2! U. Paris, three days sight, 24:40 U. Bourdeaux, 24: 60. Frankfort on the Maine, 145 Ex. M. Madrid, 38effective. Cadiz, 38 effective. Gibraltar, 33. Leghorn, 491. Lisbon, 59. Rio Janeiro, 63. Dublin, 8 per cent. Cork, 8.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 02.- Portugal gold, in coin, £4:0:6. Foreign gold, in bars, £4:0:6. New doubloons, £4. New dollars, £0:5:34. Silver, in bars, standard, L.0:5:3.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's Guernsey or Jersey, 20s. to 25s. Cork, or Dublin, 25s. to 30s. Belfast, 25s. to 30s. Hamburgh, 3 gs. to 5 gs. Madeira, 20s. to 258. Jamaica, 40s. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from Dee. 5, 1817, to Jan. 9, 1818.

Dec. 5.


Dec. 12. Dec. 19. Dec. 29. Jan. 2. Jan. 9. Bank stock,


290 3 per cent. reduced,... 825 83 823 803 81

813 3 per cent. consols, 83%


815 4 per cent. consols,

993 993 99 981 984 5 per cent. navy ann...

1065 'India stock,

247 bonds,

96pr. 100 102pr. 99pr. 98 99pr. 98 99pr. 103 104pr. Exchequer bills, 2d... 17 18pr. 19 20pr. 19 20pr. 15 18pr. 19 17pr. 20 21 pr.

2£d. 17 21 pr. 20 25pr. 19 24pr. 13 17pr. 17 22pr. 24 28pr. 3d.

15pr. Consols for acct. ancom 83 84 833 82 82 82 American 3 per cent...

65 new 6 p. cent. 1031 French 5 per

63fr. 50c.

64fr. 5c. 64fr. 25c.

64fr. 500





LIVERPOOL. per B. P. Dry Brown,

75 a 71 @ 75 70 @ 77 Cwt. Mid. good, and fine mid. 82

86 76 87 78 91 Fine and very fine,

88 92 88 90 92 95 Refined, Double Loaves,

150 155 Powder ditto,

124 128
Single ditto,

118 124 116 118 122 126
Small Lumps,
114 118 110 112 125

Large ditto,

1110 114 105 108 112 120
Crushed Lumps,
65 68

66 68 MOLASSES, British,


36 37 | 38 0 38 6 COFFEE, Jamaica,

Ord. good, and fine ord. 82 92 | 80 92 86 96

Mid. good, and fine mid. 93 10093 100 97 103 Datch, Triage and very ord.

Ord. good, and fine ord.

Mid. good, and fine mid. S: Domingo,

86 90 93 97 PIMENTO (in Bond),

9 93 9

949 9*1 lb. SPIRITS, Jamaica Rum, 16 0. P. 3s 8d 3s 10d 3s 10 4s 0 | 3s 4

3s 6 gall. Brandy,

14 0 14 3 Geneva,

4 6 4 9 Grain Whisky,


8 3 WINES, Claret, Ist Growths, 48 52

hhd.) Portugal Red, 40 45

pipe. Spanish White, 30 55

utt. Teneriffe, 30 35

ipe. Madeira,

60 70 LOGWOOD, Jamaica,

£8 £8 10 £7 10 £8 10 £8 5 £8 15 ton. Honduras,

9 8 10

8 15 90

9 10 9 0 10 0 10 0 10 10 FUSTIC, Jamaica,

12 13 12 0 13 0 12 0 13 0 Cuba,


17 0 17 15 INDIGO, Caraccas fine,

96 6d Ils 6d8s 6

Is 6

9s0lls 6 lb. TIMBER, American Pine,

2 3 2 6

2 4 2 53 foot. Ditto Oak,

5 6 Christiansand (duties paid), 2.4 2 5 Honduras Mahogany,

011 1 4 0 10 1 8 11 1 St Domingo ditto,

1 2 3 19 2 5 TAB, American,

170 18 0 brl. Archangel, 22 23

21 0 23 0 PITCA, Foreign, 14

cwt. TALLOW, Russia Yellow Candle, 80

80 81 80 82 Home melted,

82 HEMP, Riga Rhine,

50 £48

ton. Petersburgh Clean,

48 48

FLAX, Riga Thies. and Druj. Rak. 80

50 120

stone MATS, Archangel, £115

100 BRISTLES, Petersburgh Firsts, 16 10 £17

cwt. ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl,


68s 70s Montreal ditto,


64s 63


57s 0 59s 0 OIL, Whale,


55 56 55 56 tun. Cod, 55(p.brl.) - 50

51 TOBACCO, Virginia fine,

9 10 98

0 9 lb. middling,

8 8!

0 61


81 0 41 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

17 1 10 1 6 1 101 Sea Island, fine,

27 2 10 2 6 2 8 good,

2 4 2 6 2 3 2 5 middling,

2 2 2 3 111 2 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1'10 2 1 1 10 2 13 West India,

18 2 0 18 1 93 Pernambuco,

2 1 2 2 2 0 2 1 Maranham,

2 0 2 1 1 114 2 0,11

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101 0 8

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTs, from Nov. 30, to Dec. 31, 1817. Arnold, D., and N. Bristol, parchment-manufac- Lloyd, T. H. Thorndon Heath, Surrey, clothier turers

Laurence, n. Chard, Soinerset, linendraper Ainsworth, R., and W. Davies, Bolholt, whitsters Ladbrook, J. Warwick, farmer Baker, J. L. and G. Leeds, merchants

Lind, T. Trentham, carpenter Bath, W. Esher, Surrey, victualler

Martin, P. London, bookseller Bailey, E. Preshute, Wilts, parchment-manufac Marshall, J. Checkheaton, York, clothier turer

Mason, P. New Mill, Derby, shopkeeper Bruce, J., J. Brown, and G. Scott, London, army Needham, E. London, merchant clothiers

Payant, C. Manchester, auctioneer Coker, E. H. Brigton, schoolmaster

Payne, W. Westminster, cheesemonger
Collyer, R. Cheltenham, porter-dealer

Poole, W. Leicester, hosier
Clark, J. late of Montreal and Quebec, merchant Ravenshaw, T. Liverpool, grocer
Davies, J. Wells, Somerset, cabinetinaker

Rogers, J. Newland, Gloucester, tanner
Deacon, W. London, baker

Richardby, J. Durham, joiner Denhain, F. jun. London, milliner

Shortman, P. Bristol, shopkeeper Dodswell, J. Winchester, butcher

Steele, R. Bristol, druggist Dodman, M. Thornham, shopkeeper

Setree, H. Holborn, Middlesex, money-serivener Elliot, R. jun. Ilminster, miller

Sutton, R. Hampton, Wick, linendraper Elliot, J. Southampton, currier

Stephens, J. London, brewer Ellis, J. A. Great Yarıouth, vintner

Stephens, R. London, tanner Elliot, J. Bristol, corn-factor

Shilsner, G. London, insurance-broker French, S. Merriott, miller

Thwaites, H. London, paper-merchant Futtit, W. Works of Nottingham, butcher

Taylor, R. Pentonville, stage-master Frodsham, S. Frodsham, Cheshire, draper Travers, J., J. Travers Ross, and H. Jones, ChaGibbon, T. Stratford, near Manchester, pork-dealer shire, millers Greensmith, J. Cark, Lancashire, cinder-burner Tomlinson, J. Worcester, dealer Gilbert, W, Bath, baker

Watson, G. Hatfield, York, butcher Handy, J. London, dealer in drugs

Wade, W. London, baker
Holt, Ř. Lymm, draper and tailor

Wale, T. Lutterworth, draper
Haywood, or Hayward, J. Cheltenham, grocer Whitinore, D. Hurdsfield, cotton-spinner
Hughes, P. Trentham, Stafford, innkeeper White, H.'Warminster, linendraper
Hardy, R. Manchester, stone-mason

Whitebread, w. Bath, coal-merchant
Henzall, J. H. South Shields, ship-owner

White, M. Lowdham, Nottingham, bleacher Hitchson, W. London, whalebone-merchant Wood, J. Liverpool, merchant Jackson, J. B. Liverpool, cooper

Wyllie, H., and w. J. Richardson, London, merKirk, S. Leeds, alehouse-keeper

chants Kirkby, J. Leeds, merchant

Williams, T. London, broker Kirkman, E. Portsmouth, milliner

Wingfield, J. London, saddler Langhorn, J. Manchester, merchant

Willis, G. Bath, upholsterer ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTS, from Nov. 30, to Dec. 31, 1817. SEQUESTRATIONS.

and Co. Demerara, merchants; by Macpherson

and Maclachlan, writers, Glasgow, 30th Ja Bethune, D. Kirkibole, Sutherland, merchant

nuary Boyd, J. Bridgend of Perth, baker

Gilchrist, J. Glasgow, late in Eaglesham, cottonElder, A. Edinburgh, grocer and coal-merchant Hargreaves, J. Glasgow, iron-founder and carrier

spinner ; by R. Wight, accountant, Edinburgh,

or R. Muir, writer, Glasgow, 9th January Lawrie, A. and Son, Edinburgh, upholsterers

Hutton, D. F. Kirkcaldy, merchant ; by T. Ro Urquhart, W. Glasgow, merchant

nald there, 9th January Wilson, J. Guildhouse, Lanarkshire, cattle-dealer.

Lawson, G. Edinburgh, tanner; by J. Learmonth, DIVIDENDS.

merchant there, 230 December 1817 Adam, J. Arbroath, merchant; by D. Gibson, ac

Lawson, J. Dundee, flesher and ship-owner; by countant there, 14th January

P. Anderson, merchant there, 27th January Aitken, W. and G. Glasgow, manufacturers; by

Macdougall, J. Perth, merchant; at No. 265, High W. Jeffrey, accountant there, 6th January

Street, Edinburgh, 20th January Bremner, G. Wick, merchant; by J. Kirk, there,

Macfarlane, R. and Co. Greenock, and Macfarlane, 19th January

Scott, and Co. Newfoundland, merchants; by Bruce, A. jun. Greenock, bookseller; by W. Scott,

D. Macewan, merchant, Greenock, 92d Jan stationer there, 14th January

nuary Campbell, the late J. Edinburgh, watchmaker;

Munro, J. Achnacloich, cattle-dealer ; by R. Mitby W. Dalrymple, S.S. C. when called for

chell, writer in Tain, 20th January Cotton, E. Édinburgh, china-merchant; by W.

Oughterson, A. and Co. Greenock, merchants; H. Brown, merchant there, 29th January

by W. Leitch, merchant there, 6th January Dunlop, J. late of Garnkirk; by A. Wallace, mer

Wilson, J. and Son, Dunfermline, merchants and chant, Glasgow, 28th January

manufacturers; in Dow's inn, Dunfermline, Farquhar, A. Wick, merchant and fish-curer; by

12th January J. Kirk, there, 19th January

Zuill, W. Mye, cattle-dealer ; by W. Galbraith, Garden, F. and Sons, Glasgow, and Garden, King,

writer in Stirling, 20 January.


At this season the field labours of the agriculturist are either suspended or copfined to the least important operations. It is within doors, in thrashing out his crop, and feeding his cattle, that he is chiefly employed, enjoying himself moderately, it is to be hoped, at his leisure hours, in the society of his friends and relatives, after the manner of his forefathers. There has been little variation in either the corn or meal markets since our last. The prices of grain, though not, perhaps, too high for the fair rmuDeration of the farmer, after a harvest by no means abundant, are still too high, we fear, for the lower class of consumers, whose wayes are not likely soon to rise to their former rate. Their condition, however, is certainly improved since the beginning of

year, as we do not now hear much of want of employment, nor of the necessity of viding it by means of parish assessments or charitable donations.-January 13.

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Wheat, 240 lbs.

Oats, 264 lbs.

Barley, 320 lbs. Bns.& Pse. Oatmeal Flour. Dantzic. Scotch. Irish. Scots. Eng. English./ Scotch. Stir. Mea. 140 lbs. 280 lbs.

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1817. Wht. Rye. Brley. Oats. Beans. Pease. Oatm. Des. Wht. Rye. Barley. Oats. Beans. Pease.


8. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. s. ds. d. s. d. No: s. d. s. d. S. d. S. d. s. ds. d. Dec. 82 9 18 044 8 27 951 050 1 35 3 29 84 1145 11 45 26 949 11/16 i 13 85 249 2 14 11 28 4 51 750 8 33 8 | De 685 647 4 45 4 26 749 1018 1 84 649 9 45 5 27 1051 9 51 11 33 5 13 86 1 492 45 10 27 7 51

149 7 1 85 950 046 1 28 3 51 751 11 34 5 20 86 9 48 5 45 11 27 151 1/51 2

27 87 91 48 3 46 9 27 11.49


Aggregate Averages of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales,

by which Importation and Duty are regulated in Great Britain. Wheat, Ss. ld.Rye, 478. 4d.-Barley, 45s. 8d. -Oats, 26 11d.-Beans, 51s.21.—Pease, 5ls. Id.

Rapeseed, 1065. 64..-Oatmeal 328. 6d. Average Prices of Scotland for the Four Weeks immediately preceding 15th Dec. Mbaar, Tös. 10.-Rye, 185. 5d.-Barley, 423. 6d.--Oats, 32s. 60.-Beans, 53s. 10d. --Pease, 5ks. Ild.

Waungal, 27. 5d.--Bear or Big, 12. 8d.


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December 3. At the seat of her uncle, BIRTIS.

Sir William Bellingham, Bart. Eliza, elJuly 11, 1817. At Bombay, the lady of dest daughter of Alan Bellingham, Esq. Michie Forbes, Esq. of Crimond, Aber to John

jun. Esq. of Kennetpans, deenshire, a son and heir.

Clackmannanshire. 15. At the house of the Hon. Sir Alex.

8. At Edinburgh, Captain Coll Macander Anstruther, Bombay, the Hon. Mrs dougall, late of the 420 Royal Highland Buchanan, a son.

Regiment, to Jane Cameron Macdonald, 17. The lady of David Hill, Esq. Civil only daughter of the late Alexander MacSecretary at Madras, a daughter.

donald, Esq. of Glenco. December 2. At Westport House, the 11. At Corbalton, county of Meath, Marchioness of Sligo, a daughter.

Ireland, the Hon. Lord Killeen, only son - In George Street, Edinburgh, the of the Right Hon. the Earl of Fingal, to lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Wardlaw, a Louisa, only daughter of Elias Corbally,

Esq. - The lady of Captain Clarke, of Be

* 24. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Alexander mersyde House, a daughter.

Welsh, minister of Heriot, to Margaret, 6. The Hon. Lady Fergusson, a son.

youngest daughter of the late Rev. John 11. At Haddo House, the Countess of Lindsay, Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Aberdeen, a son.

27. At Ardincaple Castle, Miles Angus 12. At the Viceregal Lodge, Phænix Fletcher, Esq. advocate, to Charlotte CaPark, Dublin, the Countess Talbot, a son.

therine, only daughter of General and 14. At Tarvit, Mrs. Home Rigg of Mor. Lady Augusta Clavering. ton, a daughter.

29. At Drumpellier, Robert Graham, 17. At Worthing, the lady of General Esq. M. D. Glasgow, to Miss Elizabeth Sir Richard Jones, a daughter.

Belsches Buchanan, youngest daughter of The lady of Thomas Bruce, Esq. of David Buchanan, Esq. of Drumpellier. Arnot, a son.

Lately, At Charlotte Square Chapel, 26. In Dublin Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Edinburgh, the Hon. Thomas Bowes, to Craufurd of Auchinames, a daughter. Lady Campbell of Ardkinglass.

27. At Cullen House, the lady of Colo At Paris, the Hon. Colonel Pakenham, nel Grant of Grant, M. P. a son.

brother to the Earl of Longford and her 28. At Mormond House, Mrs Gordon Grace the Duchess of Wellington, to the of Cairnbulg, a son.

Hon. Emily Stapleton, daughter of Lord January 2, 1818. At Edinburgh, the Le Despencer. lady of Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, At Genoa, the Count Gurge de Very, to Bart. a son and heir.

Emily, grand-daughter of William Ogilvie, Lately, At Thorndon, Lady Petre, a son

Esq. of Ardglass Castle. and heir.

At the Municipality of the city of Lisle, in France, Louis Andre Levasseur, Lien

tenant in the Legion of Eure et Loire, and MARRIAGES.

member of the Legion of Honour, to Anne, Vovember 18. At Greenock, Arthur third daughter of the late Mr William Oughterson, Esq. of Barbadoes, to Helen, Archibald, of Kelso, Roxburghshire. only daughter of the late Archibald Robertson, Esq.

DEATHS. 21. At Ballenstadt, the Prince Frederic April 14, 1817. At Bangalore, in India, of Prussia, to the Princess Wilhelmina Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell, Louisa of Anhalt Bernbourg.

younger of Jura. He was buried with mi27. At London, George Stanley Repton, litary honours, and attended to the grave Esq. of Dover Street, to the Hon. Eliza- by the 22d dragoons and 69th regiment beth Scott, daughter of Lord Eldop. and the officers of his own corps have, as

December 1. At Ayr, Peter Mactaggart, mark of regard and esteem for their la Esq. one of the magistrates of Ayr, to Miss mented late commanding officer, directed : Mary, second daughter of Bailie John Ait- handsome mausoleum to be erected over hå ken.

remains in the church-yard of Bangalore. At Dumfries, the Rev. James Ha 19. At Seringapatam, Mrs Caroline Gran milton, minister of Newabbey, to Miss the Lady of Colonel J. G. Scott, of the Ma Harriet Smith.

dras artillery

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