Neuer Anzeiger für Bibliographie und Bibliothekwissenschaft, Volume 13

Schönfeld, 1864

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Página 99 - The Roll of Arms of the Princes, Barons, and Knights who attended King Edward I. to the Siege of Caerlaverock in 1300. Edited from the MS.
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Página 183 - Ensayo de una Biblioteca española de libros raros y curiosos, formado con los apuntamientos de D. Bartolomé José Gallardo, coordinados y aumentados por DMR Zarco del Valle y DJ Sancho Rayon.
Página 227 - RECHERCHES SUR LA BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE LA FACULTÉ DE MÉDECINE DE PARIS, d'après des documents entièrement inédits; suivies d'une notice sur les manuscrits qui y sont conservés. In-8° 5 fr. 3517 — Paris, imp. Jouaust, rue Saint-Honoré, 358. HISTOIRE DE LA BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE L'ABBAYE DE SAINT-VICTOR A PARIS, d'après des documents inédits. In-8° 5 fr.
Página 18 - THACKERAY the humourist and the man of letters. The story of his life, including a selection from his characteristic speeches, now for the first time gathered together. By Theodore Taylor, Esq. Membre de la socie'te
Página 126 - Some of these narratives have already appeared in print, but others are printed for the first time. 37. MAGNA VITA S. HUGONIS EPISCOPI LINCOLNIENSIS. From Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the Imperial Library, Paris. Edited by the Rev. JAMES F. DIMOCK, MA, Rector of Barnburgh, Yorkshire, 1864.
Página 90 - ANSTIE. — Stimulants and Narcotics, their Mutual Relations, With Special Researches on the Action of Alcohol, ^Ether, and Chloroform on the Vital Organism. By FRANCIS E. ANSTIE, MDMRCP 8vo.

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