The Works of the English Poets: Virgil, trans. by Dryden


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Página 267 - tis just and lawful for your line To drive their fields, and force with fraud to join ; Realms, not your own, among your clans divide...
Página 221 - Egyptian wife. Moving they fight : with oars and forky prows The froth is gather'd, and the water glows. It seems, as if the Cyclades again Were rooted up, and justled in the main ; Or floating mountains floating mountains meet ; Such is the fierce encounter of the fleet. Fire-balls are thrown, and pointed javelins fly, The fields of Neptune take a purple dye.
Página 48 - This way, and that, he turns his anxious mind, And all expedients tries, and none can find. Fix'd on the deed, but doubtful of the means — After long thought, to this advice he leans: Three chiefs he calls, commands them to repair The fleet, and ship their men, with silent care.
Página 56 - Far as he shoots his tow'ring head on high, So deep in earth his fix'd foundations lie. No less a storm the Trojan hero bears; Thick messages and loud complaints he hears, And bandied words, still beating on his ears.
Página 174 - The churls assemble ; for the fiend who lay In the close woody covert, urg'd their way. One with a brand yet burning from the flame, Arm'd with a knotty club another came; Whate'er they catch or find, without their care, Their fury makes an instrument of war.
Página 134 - From heav'n, his nursing from the foodful earth. Here his gigantic limbs, with large embrace, Infold nine acres of infernal space. A...
Página 211 - O ye gods ! replace On his own head, and on his impious race ! The living and the dead, at his command, Were coupled, face to face, and hand to hand, Till, chok'd with stench, in loath'd embraces tied, The ling'ring wretches pin'd away, and died.
Página 44 - Great Jove, propitious to the Moorish race, Who feast on painted beds, with offerings grace Thy temples, and adore thy power divine With blood of victims, and with sparkling wine! Seest thou not this ? or do we fear in vain Thy boasted thunder, and thy thoughtless reign...
Página 53 - T invade the corn, and to their cells convey The plunder'd forage of their yellow prey. The...
Página 300 - Thus equal deaths are dealt with equal chance; By turns they quit their ground, by turns advance: Victors and vanquish'd, in the various field, Nor wholly overcome, nor wholly yield.

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