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Omnibus extemplo Teucris jubet ordine duci

Instratos ostro alipedes pictisque tapetis.

A urea pectoribus demissa monilia pendent;

Tecti auro, fulvum mandunt sub dentibus aurum.

Absenti .Eneae currum, geminosque jugales 280

Semine ab aethereo spirantes naribus ignem,

Illorum de gente, patri quos Daedala Circe

Supposita de matre nothos furata creavit.

Talibus -Eneadae donis dictisque Latini,

Sublimes in equis redeunt, pacemque reportant. 285

Ecce autem Inachiis sese referebat ab Argis
Sasva Jovis conjux, aurasque invecta tenebat;
Et latum jEnean, classemque ex arthere longe
Dardaniam Siculo prospexit ab usque Pachyno.
Moliri jam tecta videt, jam sidere terrae, 290

Deseruisse rates. Stetit acri fixa dolore;
Tum quassans caput, hoec effundit pectore dicta:
Heu stirpem invisam, et fatis contraria nostris
Fata Phrygum! Num Sigeis occumbere campis,
Num capti potuere capi? num incensa cremavit 295
Trqja viros? medias acies, mediosque per ignes,
Invenere viam? At, credo, mea numina tandem
Fessa jacent; odiis aut exsaturata quievi.
Quin etiam patria excussos infesta per undas ,

Ausa sequi, et profugis toto me opponere ponto. 300

Absumtae in Teucros vires coelique marisque, ,

Quid Syrtes, aut Scylla mihi, quid vasta Charybdis
Profuit 1 optato conduntur Tybridis alveo,
Securi pelagi atque mei. Mars perdere gentem

286. Inachiis Argis. There were several cities in Greece named Argos. This was in the Feloponnese, near Mycenae.

Trojans he commands the winged coursers, caparisoned with purple and embroidered trappings, to be led forth in order. Golden poitrels hang low down from their breasts; arrayed in gold, they champ the yellow gold under their teeth. For the absent hero, he orders a chariot, and a pair of harnessed steeds of ethereal breed, from their nostrils snorting fire, of the race of those which crafty Circe produced, when, having stolen horses from the chariot of her father the Sun, she raised up a spurious breed by a substituted mare. With these generous presents and friendly speeches from Latinus, the Trojans, mounted on their steeds, return, and bring back peace.

But lo, the unrelenting wife of Jove was on her return from Inachian Argos, and, wafted in her chariot, possessed the aerial regions; and, from on high, at the distance of Pachynus, the Sicilian promontory, far off she spied ^Eneas full joyous, and the Trojan fleet. She sees the Trojans already labouring on the buildings, already settled in the land, and that they have abandoned their ships. Pierced with sharp pangs of grief she stood; then tossing her head, she poured forth these words from her enraged breast: Ah race detested, and fates of Troy still opposite to ours! how have they baffled the utmost efforts of my revenge! Was it in the compass of my power to overthrow them in the plains of Sigeum 1 enthralled could they be held in chains? when Troy was burned to ashes, were they consumed 1 through the midst of armies, through the midst of flames, have they then found their way 1 But, I suppose, the power of my divinity, tired out now, lies dead and inactive; or, glutted with full revenge, I have dropped my resentment. Yet, with hostile intention, I dared to pursue them over the waves, when they had been driven out of their country, and on the wide ocean to oppose myself to the exiles. The powers of heaven and sea have been spent on the Trojans. Of what avail to me were the quicksands of Afric, or Scylla, or the vast Charybdis? Now in Tyber's wished-for channel they are lodged, secure against the raging seas and me. Mars was able

Immanem Lapithum valuit: concessit in iras 305

Ipse Deum antiquam genitor Calydona Diana::

Quod scelus aut Lapithistantum.aut Calydone merenteT

Ast ego, magna Jovis conjux, nil linquere inausum

Quae potui, infelix quae memet in omnia verti,

Vincor ab .Em:.;. Quod si mea numina non sunt 310

Magna satis, dubitem haud equidem implorare quod

usquam est:
Flectere si nequeo Superos, Acheronta movebo.
Non dabitur regnis, esto, prohibere Latinis,
Atque immota manet fatis Lavinia conjux:
At trahere, atque moras tantis licet addere rebus; 315
At licet amborum pbpulos exscindere regum.
Hac gener atque socer coeant mercede suorum.
Sanguine Trojano et Rutulo dotabere, virgo;
Et Bellona manet te pronuba: nee face tantum
Cissei's pra:gnans ignes enixa jugales: 320

Quin idem Veneri partus suus, et Paris alter,
Funestaeque iterum recidiva in Pergama taedae.
Ha*c ubi dicta dedit, terras horrenda petivit.
Luctificam Alecto dirarum ab sede sororum,
Infernisque ciet tenebris; cui tristia bella, 325

Iraeque, insidiaeque, et crimina noxia cordi.
Odit et ipse pater Pluton, odere sorores
Tartarean monstrum; tot sese vertit in ora,
Tam saevae facies, tot pullulat atra colubris.
Quam Juno his acuit verbis, ac talia fatur: 330

Hunc mihi da proprium, virgo, sata Nocte, laborem, .
Hanc operam; ne noster honos, infractave cedat
Fama loco, neu connubiis ambire Latinum
JEnedidat possint, Italosve obsidere fines.
Tu potes unanimos armare in proelia fratres, 335

Atque odiis versare domos; tu verbera tectis,

306. Antiquam. This adjective seems here, and in some other places, to signify,dear, favourite.

307. Scelus is here put for poena scelcris.

319. Bellona manet le pronuba. Bellona will conduct >;ou to the nusband whom they design for you. Juno herself was rightly the Pronuba, or goddess who presided over marriages.

320. Cisscis. Hecuba, the danghter of Cissens, dreamed that she brought forth a firebrand, and she accordingly was delivered of Paris, who kindled the Trojan war.

lo destroy the gigantic race of the Lapithae; the father of the gods himself gave up his beloved Calydon to Diana's resentment: what crime, either of the Lapithae, or of Calydon, had deserved such severe punishment? But I, the great consort of Jove, who had power to leave no means untried, who have had recourse to all expedients, unhappy! am vanquished by jEneas. But, if my own divinity is not powerful enough, surely I need not hesitate to implore whatever deity any where subsists: if I cannot move the powers above, I will solicit those of hell. Grant I be not permitted to bar him from the kingdom of Latium, and Lavinia be unalterably destined his spouse by fate: yet I may protract, and throw obstacles in the way of those mighty events; yet 1 may with the sicord of war cut off the subjects of both kings. "With this costly price of their people's blood let the father and son-in-law unite. Thy dowry, virgin, shall be paid in Trojan and Rutulian blood; and Bellona waits thee for thy bridemaid: nor did teeming Hecuba alone, impregnated with a firebrand, bring forth a blazing nuptial torch: to Venus too this production of hers shall prove the same, even a second Paris, and a firebrand fatal to Troy again tottering to its fall.

Having uttered these words, dreadful down to earth she plunged. From the mansion of the dire sisters, and the mfernal glooms, she calls up baleful Alecto; whose heart's delight are rueful wars, strifes, and deceits, and noxious crimes. Her even her father Pluto's self abhors, her hellish sisters abhor the monster; into so many shapes she turns herself, so hideous are her forms, with so many snakes the grim Fury sprouts up. Whom Juno stimulates with these words, and thus addresses: Virgin, offspring of Night, perform for me this task, this service, your own peculiar province; that our honour and wounded fame be not quite baffled, nor the jEnean race be able fawningly to circumvent Latinus by this intended match, or take possession of the Italian territories. Thou canst arm to war the most cordial brothers, and by hates and animosities embroil families; thou canst introduce into FHnereasque inferre faces; tibi nomina mille,

Mille nocendi artes: feeundum concute pectus,

Disjice compositam pacem, sere crimina belli:

Arma velit, poscatque simul, rapiatque juventus. 340

Exin Gorgoneis Alecto iafecta venenis,
Principio Latiam et Laurentis tecta tyranni
Celsa petit, tacitumque obsedit limen Amatae;
Quam super adventu Teucrum Turnique hymenaeis,
Femineae ardentem curaeque iraeque coquebant. 345

Huic Dea caeruleis unum de crinibus anguem
Conjicit, inque sinum praecordia ad intima subdit,
Quo furibunda domum monstro permisceat omnem.
Ille inter vestes et levia pectora lapsus
"Volvitur attactu nullo, fallitque furentem, 350

Vipeream inspiraus auimam: fit tortile collo
Aurum ingens coluber, fit longae taenia vittae,
Innectitque comas, et membris lubricus errat.
Ac dum prima lues udo sublapsa veneno
Pertentat sensus, atque ossibus implicat ignem, 355

Necdum animus toto percepit pectore flammam;
Mollius, et solito matrum de more locuta est,
Multa super nata lacrymans Phrygiisque hymenaeis:
Exsulibusne datur ducenda Lavinia Teucris,
O genitor 1 nee te miseret nataeque tuique 1 _ 360

Nee matris miseret, quam primo Aquilone rehnquet
Perfidus, alta petens, abductit virgine, praedo?
An non sic Phrygius penetrat Lacedaemona pastor,
Ledaeamque Helenam Trojanas vexit ad arces?
Quid tua sancta fides, quid cura antiqua tuorum, 365
Et consanguineo toties data dextera Turno 1
Si gener externa petitur de gente Latinis,

3tib\ Consanguineo. Turnlie was the son of Ike nymph Vcnilia, the sister of Amata.

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