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itself will defeat the artist. Of every author's works, one “Of these three plays, I think the second is the best. will be the best, and one will be the worst. The colours The truth is, that they have not sufficient variety of are not equally pleasing, nor the attitudes equally grace-action, for the incidents are too often of the same kind

; ful, in all the pictures of Titian or Reynolds.

yet many of the characters are well discriminated. King “ Dissimilitude of style and heterogeneousness of sen Henry and his Queen, King Edward, the Duke of Glow timent may sufficiently show that a work does not really ter, and the Earl of Warwick, are very strongly and disbelong to the reputed author; but in these plays no tinctly painted. such marks of spuriousness are found. The diction, the “The old copies of the two latter parts of Kiss versification, and the figures, are Shakespeare's. These Henry VI. and of King HENRY V. are so apparently plays, considered, without regard to characters and in- | mutilated and imperfect, that there is no reason for supcidents, merely as narratives in verse, are more happily posing them the first draughts of Shakespeare. I am conceived, and more accurately finished, than those of inclined to believe them copies taken by some author, King John, King Richard II., or the tragic scenes of who wrote down during the representation what the King Henry IV. and Henry V. If we take these time would permit; then, perhaps, filled up some of his plays from Shakespeare, to whom shall they be given? omissions at a second or third hearing,—and, when be What author of that age had the same easiness of ex had by this method formed something like a play, sent pression and fluency of numbers ?

it to the printer."-Johnson. 58

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