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the serious Observance of the Lord's Day. Pr. 1 d. or 6 s. a Hundred.

Kind Caution to Profane Swearers. Pr. d. or 55. a Hundred.

serious Reflection on the grievous Scandal of Profane Language in Conversation,

Pr. id.

Baseness and Perniciousness of the Sin of Slandering and Backbiting. Pr. id.

Disswafive from Gaming. Pr. id.

· Diffwafive from the Sin of Drunkenness. Pr. id.

An Exhortation to Chastity. Pr. 1 d.

An Exercise against Lying, by Question and Answer. Pr. 1 d. or 5 s. a Hundred.

A serious Exhortation to Parents in relation to their Children, especially those who are educated in the Charity Schools. Pr. 1 d.

Prayers for Apprentices going out of Charity Schools to Trades or Services. Pr. 1 d.

Questions and Answers concerning the Two Religions, viz. That of the Church of England, and the other of the Church of Rome. The Fifth Edition. Pr. 1įd.

A Protestant Catechism; fhewing the principal Errors of the Church of Rome. By way of Question and Answer. Published by Order of the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland, The Fifth Edition. Pr. 1 d.



Ostervald's Necessity and Usefulness of Reading the Holy Scriptures ; and the Dispositions with which they ought to be read, Translated from the French, by J. MOORE, A. B. Pr. 2 d. or 15 s. a Hundred.

Abridgment of the History of the Bible. Pr. 1 d. or 6 s. a Hundred.

Directions for a devout and decent Behaviour in the public Worship of God; more particularly in the Ufe of the Common Prayer. The 13th Edit. corrected and enlarged. Pr. i} d.

Pastoral Advice to Young Persons, in order to their being Confirmed by the Bishop. The Sixth Edition. Pr. 2 d.

Pastoral Advice to a Young Perfon lately Confirmed by the Bishop. Pr. 1 d.

Morning and Evening Prayers for Families, and Private Persons: as Masters, Mistresses, Children and Servants. Pr. 2 d.

of whom may be had, Bibles and Common Prayer Books in Folio

for Churches and Chapels; alfo in Quarto or other Sizes, for Family Use, or for the Pocket; neatly bound in all Kinds of Bind

ing, either with Cuts or without. Likewise those in plain Binding, for Schools or

Charity Gifts; together' with the whole Duty of Man, Books of Devotion, and other Religious Books and Tracts ;, also Testaments,Pfalters, Spelling-Books, and all Sorts of School. Books, whether Latin, French, or English. At very Reasonable Rates.


Church Catechism



And Confirmed by SCRIPTURE PROOFS:

Divided into Five PARTS,and Twelve SECTIONS:


A brief and plain Account is given

OF I. The Christian IV. The CHRIS




Collected by OHN LEWIS,

Minister of Margate in Kent.

The Twenty third Edition": To which is added, a Section on CONFIRMATION.

LONDON: Printed for B. Dod, Bookseller

to The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, at the Bible and Key in Ave-Mary Lane, near Stationers Hall. .M.Dcc.LI.


9 The Curate of every Parish shall diligently

upon Sundays and Holidays, after the second Leffon at Evening Prayer, openly in the Church, instruct and examine so many Children 'of his Parish fent unto him, as he shall think convenient, in some part of this Catechism.

And all Fathers, Mothers, Masters and Dames, shall cause their Children, Servants, and Prentices, which have not learned their Catechism, to come to Church at the Time appointed, and obediently to hear, and be ordered by the Curate, until such Tine as they have learned all that is appointed for them to learn.

From the Exhortation to the Godfathers

and Godmothers, in the Office of Baptism,

E are to take Care that this Child be Y

brought to the Bishop to be Confirmed by him, so soon as he can say the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments in the Vulgar Tongue, and be further instructed in the Church Catechism, set forth for that Purpose.





THE Right Reverend and Honourable

The LORDS and Others,

Members of the SOCIETY (at London)

For promoting Christian Knowledge.


My Lords and Gentlemen,
\HE following Explanation of our

Church Catechism, being collected to promote Christian Knowfedge, a Design which you are so gloriously employ'd in; I had presumed, at the first Publication of it, to have offered it to You, but that I feared my Mean. nefs and Obscurity might binder the Acceptance of it. But since it has been fo well received, and made fucb Use of, in


A 3

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