Bibliography of Rhode Island: A Catalogue of Books and Other Publications Relating to the State of Rhode Island : with Notes, Historical, Biographical, and Critical

A. Anthony, printer to the state, 1864 - 287 páginas

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Página 161 - THE PRESENT STATE OF NEW ENGLAND, With respect to the Indian War. Wherein is an Account of the true Reason thereof...
Página 182 - A Brief History of the Warr With the Indians in New-England, (From June 24, 1675, when the first English-man was murdered by the Indians, to August 12, 1676, when Philip, alias Metacomet, the Principal Author and Beginner of the Warr, was slain,) Wherein the Grounds, Beginning, and Progress of the Warr, is summarily expressed.
Página 275 - I drew the materialls in a rude lumpe at Sea, as a private helpe to my owne memory, that I might not by my present absence lightly lose what I had so dearely bought in some few yeares hardship and charges among the Barbarians...
Página 245 - England, shall be, from time to time, and forever hereafter, a body corporate and politic, in fact and name, by the name of the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England, in America...
Página 278 - Cotton's endevour to wash it white in the blood of the Lambe; of whose precious Blood spilt in the Blood of his Servants; and of the Blood of Millions spilt in former and later Wars for conscience Sake, that most Bloody Tenent of Persecution for cause of Conscience, upon a second Tryal, is found now, more apparently and more notoriously guilty.
Página 252 - Restoration, 1600, fled to America, and were secreted and concealed in Massachusetts and Connecticut for near thirty years, with an account of Mr. Theophilus Whale, of Narragansett, supposed to have been also one of the Judges, by President Stiles.
Página 220 - THE MEMORY of the late James Grahame, the historian of the United States, vindicated from the charges of " detraction " and " calumny " preferred against him by Mr. George Bancroft, and the conduct of Mr. Bancroft towards that historian stated and exposed.
Página 190 - New England's Ensigne ; it being the account of Cruelty, the Professor's Pride, and the articles of their faith ; signified in characters written in blood, wickedly begun, barbarously continued and inhumanly finished (so far as they have gone) by the present power of...
Página 161 - A NEW AND FURTHER NARRATIVE of the State of New England ; being a continued account of the Bloudy Indian War from March till August, 1676.
Página 190 - Jesus suffers in. This being an account of the sufferings sustained by us in New England, (with the Dutch,) the most part of it in these two last years, 1657, 1658.

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