The Flowers of Modern Travels: Being Elegant, Entertaining and Instructive Extracts, Selected from the Works of the Most Celebrated Travelers, Volume 1

Pub. for the subscribers, John H. Belcher, agent, 1816

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Página 219 - Tis impossible for the most jealous husband to know his wife when he meets her; and no man dare either touch or follow a woman in the street. "This perpetual masquerade gives them entire liberty of following their inclinations without danger of discovery.
Página 260 - I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke ; But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once, not without cause : What cause withholds you then to mourn for him? O judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts^ And men have lost their reason. — Bear with me : My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar ; And I must pause till it come back to me.
Página 214 - I went to the bagnio about ten o'clock. It was already full of women. It is built of stone, in the shape of a dome, with no windows but in the roof, which gives light enough. There were five of these domes joined together, the outmost being less than the rest, aad serving only as a hall, where the portress stood at the door.
Página 222 - I prepared myself for an entertainment which was never before given to any Christian. I thought I should very little satisfy her curiosity (which I did not doubt was a considerable motive to the invitation) by going in a dress she was used to see; and therefore dressed myself in the court habit of Vienna, which is much more magnificent than ours. However...
Página 190 - ... rising in it, as smoke generally does, immediately on its getting out of the crater, rolls down the side of the mountain like a torrent, till, coming to that part of the atmosphere of the same specific gravity with itself, it shoots off...
Página 214 - I stopped here one day, on purpose to see them; and, designing to go incognito, I hired a Turkish coach. These voitures are not at all like ours, but much more convenient for the country, the heat being so great that glasses would be very troublesome. They are made a good deal in the manner of the Dutch...
Página 221 - ... not without it. I have often seen them and their children sitting on the banks of the river, and playing on a rural instrument, perfectly answering the description uf the ancient fistula, being composed of unequal reeds, with a simple but agreeable softness in the sound.
Página 215 - Yet there was not one of them that shewed the least surprise or impertinent curiosity, but received me with all the obliging civility possible. I know no European court, where the ladies would have behaved themselves in so polite a manner to such a stranger.
Página 223 - She entertained me with all kind of civility till dinner came in, 'which was served, one dish at a time, to a vast number, all finely dressed after their manner, which I don't think so bad as you have perhaps heard it represented.
Página 44 - So Zembla's rocks (the beauteous work of frost) Rise white in air, and glitter o'er the coast; Pale suns, unfelt, at distance roll away, And on th' impassive ice the light'nings play; Eternal snows the growing mass supply, Till the bright mountains prop th' incumbent sky: As Atlas fix'd, each hoary pile appears, The gather'd winter of a thousand years.

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