Book Catalogues: Medicine. Vol. 1-2, Volume 2


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Página 50 - A Report on Excisions of the Head of the Femur for Gunshot Injury.
Página 51 - Clinical Illustrations of various Forms of Cancer and of other Diseases likely to be mistaken for them, with especial reference to the Surgical Treatment.
Página 16 - Commission appointed to inquire into the best mode of distributing the Sewage of Towns, and applying it to beneficial and profitable uses.
Página 27 - An Experimental Inquiry into the Nature. Cause, and Varieties of the Arterial Pulse, and into certain other properties of the larger Arteries in Animals with Warm Blood, illustrated by Engravings.
Página 17 - The erection, drainage, and ventilation of buildings ; " And the supply of water in such towns and districts, whether for purposes of health, or for the...
Página 6 - Minutes of information, collected with reference to works for the removal of soil water, or drainage of dwelling-houses, public edifices, &c.
Página 7 - Agricultural value of the sewage of London examined in reference to the principal schemes submitted to the Metropolitan board of works. • With extracts from the evidence of chemists, engineers, and agriculturists.

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