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Página 26 - The twilight hours, like birds, flew by, As lightly and as free ; Ten thousand stars were in the sky, Ten thousand on the sea; For every wave with dimpled face, That leaped upon the air, Had caught a star in its embrace, And held it trembling there.
Página 10 - Twas born in a moment, yet, quick as its birth It was stretched to the uttermost ends of the earth, And, fair as an angel, it floated as free, With a wing on the earth and a wing on the sea. How calm was the ocean ! how gentle its swell ! Like a woman's soft bosom it rose and it fell ; While its light sparkling waves, stealing laughingly o'er, When they saw the fair rainbow knelt down on the shore.
Página 27 - Was ne'er arrayed like these ; And just as free from guilt and art Were lovely human flowers, Ere sorrow set her bleeding heart On this fair world of ours. " I heard the laughing wind behind A-playing with my hair ; The breezy fingers of the wind — How cool and moist they were ! I heard the night-bird warbling o'er Its soft, enchanting strain ; I never heard such sounds before, And never shall again. " Then wherefore weave such strains as these, And sing them day by day, When every bird upon the...
Página 69 - The birds! the birds of summer hours They bring a gush of glee, To the child among the fragrant flowers, To the sailor on the sea. We hear their thrilling voices In their swift and airy flight, And the inmost heart rejoices With a calm and pure delight. Amid the morning's fragrant dew, Amidst the mists of even, They warble on, as if they drew Their music down from Heaven.
Página 9 - The breeze fluttered down and blew open the flowers, While a single white cloud, to its haven of rest On the white wing of peace, floated off in the west. As I threw back my tresses to catch the cool breeze, That scattered the rain-drops and dimpled the seas, Far up the blue sky a fair rainbow unrolled Its soft-tinted pinions of purple and gold.
Página 171 - Thee their strains of love, When, trembling on uplifted plumes, They leave the earth and soar above ; We hear their sweet familiar airs Where'er a sunny spot is found ; How lovely is a life like theirs, Diffusing sweetness all around ! From clime to clime, from pole to pole, Their sweetest anthems softly roll, Till, melting on the realms of air, Thy still small voice seems whispering there.
Página 18 - What is it, that we hear in thy sad moan ? Is this unceasing music all thine own ? Lute of the ocean-caves ! Or does some spirit dwell In the deep windings of thy chambers dim, Breathing...
Página 14 - O, how soft thy darts, How tender and how sweet ! Thy song enchained a thousand hearts, And drew them to thy feet ; And, as thy bright lips sang, they caught So beautiful a ray, That, as I gazed, I almost thought The spirit of thy lay Had left, while melting on the air, Its sweet expression painted there.
Página 145 - Tis the glance — the expression — the well-chosen word, By whose magic the depths of the spirit are stirred — The smile — the mute gesture — the soul-startling pause — The eye's sweet expression, that melts while it awes — The lip's soft persuasion — its musical tone — O such was the charm of that eloquent one...

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