The Youth's Dayspring, Volume 1

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1850

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Página 32 - It is he whom thou Hast power to aid and bless, Whose aching heart or burning brow Thy soothing hand may press.
Página 99 - Christ. 1 WHEN shall the voice of singing Flow joyfully along ? When hill and valley, ringing With one triumphant song, Proclaim the contest ended, And him, who once was slain, Again to earth descended, In righteousness to reign ? 2 Then from the craggy mountains The sacred shout shall fly ; And shady vales and fountains Shall echo the reply : High tower and lowly dwelling Shall send the chorus round, All hallelujah swelling In one eternal sound.
Página 128 - Suffer me to come to Jesus, Mother, dear, forbid me not ; By his blood from hell he frees us ; Makes us fair without a spot Suffer me, my earthly father, At his pierced feet to fall ; Why forbid me ? help me, rather ; Jesus is my all in all. Suffer me to run unto him ; Gentle sisters come with me ; Oh that all I love but knew him, Then my home a heaven would be. Loving playmates, gay and smiling, Bid me not forsake the cross ; Hard to bear is your reviling, Yet for Jesus all is dross.
Página 41 - Doth not each rain-drop help to form The cool, refreshing shower, And every ray of light to warm And beautify the flower...
Página 32 - Tis the fainting- poor, Whose eye with want is dim, Whom hunger sends from door to door — Go thou and succour him.
Página 88 - I LAY my sins on Jesus, The spotless Lamb of God ; He bears them all, and frees us From the accursed load. I bring my guilt to Jesus, To wash my crimson stains White in his blood most precious, Till not a spot remains.
Página 32 - Tis that weary man, Whose years are at their brim, Bent low with sickness, cares, and pain — Go thou and comfort him. Thy neighbour?
Página 79 - Saviour — the love of God in sending his Son into the world to be...
Página 40 - Overdoing a thing-, they call " a hunchback making a bow." — A spendthrift they compare to "a rocket,'' which goes off at once. — Those who expend their charity on remote objects, but neglect their family, are said to " hang a lantern on a pole," which is seen afar, but gives no light below.
Página 183 - Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna : Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.

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