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African boy, 15.

Felix Neff's schools, 88.

African chief, 169.

First penny, 163.

Africaner -- the wild lion of the

desert, 167.

Girl who seeks to join God's people,69.

Aintab, 134.

Girl who did not fear the pistols, 90.

Aleppo, 121.

Give it to the heathen, 100.

Archbishop Dyonisius, 91.

Gods of India, 108.

Gold dollar, 11, 65.

Beirut mission house, 104.

Great objection of the heathen to

Black eyes and blue eyes, 110.

Christianity, 122.

Blind negress, 110.

Blind sage, 70.

Heathen boy's thought, 116.

Blind girl, 181.

children, 130.

Body without the spirit, 49.

child's opinion of God's

Book mark, 75.

gifts, 122.

Burman god dead, 55.

Heathen child brought alive from the

dead, 127.

Ceylon helping Persia, 150.

need our help, 17.

Cheap schools and little girl, 45. Hindoo's curiosity, 111.

Cheerlessness of heathenism, 45. Hindoo mendicants, 154.

Child given to hyenas, 139.

Hindoo mother, 186.

China, 123.

Hindoo orphan girls, 184.

Chinese punishments, 8, 19.

Hint to boys, 162.

Chinese in California, 46.

Holding the ropes, 79.

Chinese sayings, 39.

Hottentot's reproof to Christians, 126.

Christian powder, 42.

How can children help the heathen, 43

Choctaw composition, 94.

How I should like to be a mission-

Conscience or no conscience, 42

Cuttub Minar, 86.

How much do I think of the hea-

then, 113.

Dancing boy of Bengal, 117. How much shall I give, 46.

Death of an East Indian boy, 7. How to aid missions, 139.

Armenian girl, 13. How heathen priests get money,


" " a little African, 29.

Devil's trumpeter, 148.

Ifafa, in South Africa, 153.

Difference between the religion of “ I love Jesus better," 143.

man and the religion of God, 129. Indian scenery and superstition, 3.
Druze woman, with head-dress, 74.

pappoose, 21.
Dying Brahmin and little boy, 142. Isaac, the Esquimaux, 167.

Every child can do something, 41. Karens of Burmah, 51.

Krishna, 40.

Feathered war-god, 161.

Feejee Islands receiving God's law, 47 Leper boy, 61.

ary, 115.

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Letter from Mr. Maynard, 5; Mr. Little Henry's wish, 176; Chil-

Dodd, 35 ; Dr. Scudder, 67 ; Mr. dren at the gate of Heaven, 188.

Wilson, 72; Mrs. Schneider, 156. Poetry of African languages, 61.

Liberal gift, 109.

Poor-house children giving to mis-
Little boy's question, 153.

sions, 26.

Little Esther, 85.

Lilu. Iddison's potatoes, 181. “ Said " and " done,” 111.

Lost treasure found, 92.

Sally, the tract hawker, 172.

Love of the Bible, 109.

Sandwich Island boy, 125.

Lying prayers, 79.

Sarah's legacy, 99.

Schools in Beirut and Constantino-
Madagascar, scenes in, 36.

ple, 83.
Magdalene, the African girl, 20. Seed time, 183.
Map of the world, 97.

Siberian leper, 30.

Mary and her cents, 137.

Siva's temple, 164.

Maxim of Howard, 22.

Slave who wants a god, 103
Missionary associations, 14, 24, 33, Sowing in tears, 145.
77, 158.

Spri Apinter, 52
Missionary bridge, 101.

Story of Jarcha, 44.
preacher, 28.

Superintendents of S. Schools, ad-
Society, 95.

dress to, 177.

Museums, 79.

Ship, 178.

Tahitian child and his mother, 171

Mohammedan fact, 31.

Tamby, the heathen scholar, 57.
Monkey god, 56.

Temple of Juggernaut, 136.

To our young readers, 1.

Name traveling around the world, 46.

Negro boy and his Bible, 47. Unhappy children, 59.

Nestorian celebration, 174.

Nestorian girl and her mother, 155. Water, mode of raising in the East, 38.
New Zealand chief, 147.

“ We bring 'em up to it,” 80.

What can inake a heathen happy, 136.
Ordination at Constantinople, 23. What will take away sin, 138.
Orphans in Feejee, 132.

Where there's a will there's a way,31.

Which is the greatest, Mary or

Peaches, story of, 25.

Christ, 9, 127.

Pearl merchants of Ceylon, 54. Whipping men to prayers, 31.
Penance, what is it, 133.

Who will send a Bible to the heath-
Pilgrim finding rest, 78.
Poetry : The


15; Why I contribute to missions, 53.

Who is my neighbor, 32; Ad- World shut out and Christ within, 93.

dress to a heathen boy, 48; Of Worship of God's creatures, 60.

ferings of the poor, 63; Sower Worthy of imitation, 95.

to his seed, 80; The seed is the

word of God, 96 ; Passing away, Young crusaders, 182.

112; We'll give freely, 119; Young Gideon, 187.

Child coming to Jesus, 128 ; In-
fanticide in India, 143, Mission- Zulu boy, 140.
ary mother to her child, 160 ; Zulu houses, 106.

en, 118.



Vol. I.


No. 1.

TO OUR YOUNG READERS. This number of the Youth's Dayspring is the first of a series with which we propose to furnish our young readers from month to month. You are all fond of reading stories; and we are going to take a great deal of pains to tell you stories that will please and instruct you, and do you good; and especially lead you to try to do good to others. And we wish to have you take particular notice of one thing in regard to our stories, which cannot be said of all the stories that children read, namely, that they are all true. We shall not manufacture any stories for you, out of our own imagination, neither shall we copy any from other. papers, or books, that do not come well attested for truth. For instance, the story about the “gold dollar” in this number is all true, and so is the story of Mariam, the little Armenian girl, and so of the others.

Each number will have one or more wood engravings, to enable you to understand better the condition of the people who are described in these pages; and thus by our stories and our pictures, we shall endeavor to carry you around through the world, as it were, and show you the missionaries laboring in the different countries, and the kinds of people for whom they labor, and the appearance, manners, and customs of the countries in which they are living.

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