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585.— Wednesday, April 18, 1855. TINE fois pour toutes, veuillez me bien comprendre,

je ne cherche pas a violenter vos dispositions, quand vous serez disposé à parler Anglais avec moi serai enchanté d'accéder à votre désir. Quant au cadeau dont vous m'avez parlé, vous me feriez de la peine d'exiger que je l'acceptasse. Le cadeau que j'estimerais le plus ce serait votre amitié; accordez-la moi, et j'en serai heureux.

586.Thursday, April 19, 1855. CHUTE.—Honneur aux Braves. Guerre aux Voleurs. Vive la Reine.—Egypte.

587.Monday, April 30, 1855. HOPE ON, Hope Ever.—Never fear my being able

I to achieve all that we can wish for before the expiration at which time three months is granted. Should you be uncomfortable do not hesitate. Keep your own counsel. Do not forget your D. nor our friend. Let me HEAR of you. Toujours la même.-W.E.E., 30th of April, 1855.

588.—Tuesday, May 8, 1855. HITE LILAC, May 8, 1853 and 1854.—Esperance,

Nil Desperandum. God bless you. The above is all left to me this year. I know not where you are.

589.Monday, May 14, 1855. ROSE of ST. BRIDE'S.— Il appartient à l'homme

- d'errer, et à Dieu de pardonner.-W.alter.

. 590.—Saturday, May 19-21-22, 1855. A`Z.—The TOILET CLUB.

: 591.Tuesday, May 22, 1855. ST. JAMES’S-STREET.-I tell you again I'll not

touch the money; it's all stolen property. I can get an honest living, and I prefer such.—Egypt.

592.—Tuesday, May 29, 1855. V under Y 61814.—With many thanks.-C. C.

593.Thursday, May 31, 1855. ANY HAPPY RETURNS of the DAY.-Send

your address advertisement to the New York Herald. News of great importance.—Mayflower,

594.Wednesday, June 27, 1855. TO ST. JAMES'S-STREET.—My ideas have under

gone a complete revolution on that subject, and I tell you again I'll not touch the money; it's all stolen property. But where's my child ?-EGYPT.

595.-Tuesday, July 3, 1855. I E. R., 126.—P. C.

596.— Wednesday, July 4, 1855. PAS UN MOT.—M. G.

597.-Wednesday, July 4, 5, 1855. JULY the FIFTH.—La première noce. Souviens-toi J de la bague de malachite en fer-à-cheval? Ni oubliée ni pardonnée. Adesso e sempre.

598.–Friday, July 13, 1855. CARLETTO hat aus St. Anna lauter Eminenzen mitge

bracht. Bravo, bravissimo.


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599.- Friday, July 27, 1855. P.—You were SEEN LAST NIGHT. Hawks • are abroad.—25th July.

600.Thursday, August 9, 1855. OPE.- Error does not cause anger.

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601.Tuesday, August 21, 1855. TVY LEAF.—NO ARRANGEMENT can be MADE

until I have seen you. Perform the promise contained in your letter some time before the 30th of this month.-A. 7=2=11 B= 2 = 30.

602.Friday, August 31, and September 3-5, 1855. AUSTRALIA-EMY-WRITE–TOBY.

603.---Tuesday, September 11, 1855. TH. a NI.—No 1, 2, m'est parvenu ; je suis votre 1 opinion sur la prudence.

604.—Tuesday, Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 1855. RECEIVED your LETTER with great pleasure, but

with great regret for the pain you have suffered. What you desire so much would only keep alive the subject in your mind, besides would cause grave suspicions if discovered, and render nugatory all that has been done, which would be lamentable indeed. The other reason you mention has no influence whatever. Above all, to retrace your steps would be most unwise, rendering everything still more nugatory than in the other case. Consider the consequences and the pain which the sacrifices that have been made (but which do

not suppose regretted), having been thrown away, would cause to others. I have gone away for five years for that reason. The initials had better be omitted, and I therefore do so. This will be copied by the lady you mention, and sent you as agreed upon. May God bless you always.

605.-— Friday, September 21, 1855. I --An entire MYSTERY, otherwise I would.

T. M. L.

606.-Saturday, September 22, 1855. TH-NI.—Mittwoch hab ich No. 4, erhalten am 17t.

1 sandte ich Ihnen Briefe nach der leyten Direction. Ich bin bey M.P. Wenn ich wieder schriebe zeige ich es an.

607.Wednesday, September 26, 1855. TH. NI., No. 5, ist SONNABEND AUGEKOMMEN;

I alle sind ruhig, und mit Ihnen einverstanden für die zeit. Kein Wort ist wahr von der Reise-Ruhe. Arduld und zeit allin wird Sugen bringen. Die Verleumder werden zur zeit die Stease finden.

608.-Saturday, September 29, 1855. PITY.-Yes.—The future of a buried heart and con

science! It is more than unfeeling to seize the unhappy hour of a weak and erring heart to influence it, to violate its whole nature, abandon the tenderest ties, and make it for ever bankrupt of every true and proper feeling. Remorse, and one day you will feel it.

609.Monday, October 1, 1855. TH. NI.—Das Awiso B wird für Moutag benützt

werden durch die versprochene bortsetzung des dennerstagiegen Briefs. Bald werden jene Wolken verschenchen die Jhren Himmel trüben-bliecken Sie mit zuversicht auf eine nahe Befreiung.

610.Thursday, October 4, 1855. TO MY FRIEND.-L. 78 inches ; C. 61 inches.

611.Thursday, October 4, 1855. THIS is a funny world, and people seem to have

entertained funny ideas.—The BROOCH was found to be of inferior description, and not likely to have been worn by either. The letter shall be called for if desired, but think better not.

612.Friday, October 5, 1855. D ECEIVED.—“It did relate to you.”—“ It has I reached the hands it was meant for.”—Your conjecture is right about the cause. I will explain ; but in the meantime, WRITE to me in full confidence immediately you see this. I am very sad, and anxious to hear you know of who and what about. Address now M., Post-office, Camberwell-green.

613.—Saturday, October 6, 1855. I B. R.—The MONKEY is HOME. Where is the J. Man of Ross.-G. G.

614.Saturday, October 6, 1855. TH. NI.-No. 9, ist seit Dienstag in meiner Hand.

Tausend Dank dafür. Mit allem einverstanden werden sie am St. die Autwort erhalten. Es mucht mich glucklich zu wissen das sie alle wohl sind. Nicht verzagen nur muthig hoffen.

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