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44.— Wednesday, May 26, 1824. R -YES.—What was required has been done, but the

| Advertiser earnestly solicits that the affair may drop; there is risk without use. No news is good news, he requests only to know when an union has taken place.

45.-Saturday, November 6, 1824. TOE to JACK.-SURRENDER !

46.Thursday, November 11, 1824. The Anonymous Writer can have no copy of his first respect. Having seized upon the judgement-seat, he should know no rest till he has traced the accusation through all its windings, till he either by proof establishes, or, in his own person, absolutely acquits from that “ claim ” which is most unequivocally denied. Let him “reflect then.” The wanton cruelty imputed, even in his last letter, would leave a stain never to be effaced.

1 Letter. “Ruinous exposure” are not words in course. He must drop his mask, or forfeit his self

47.-Friday, December 2, 1825. “ CÆSAR BORGIA.”—Labor improbus omnia vincit.

W. L. R. nunc 30. Brompton row.

48.Thursday, May 4, 1826. I CONSENT to any, every condition, rather than a 1 continuance of this lengthened—this too justly dreaded-separation.

49.--Monday, May 8, and May 9, 1826. I CONSENT to everything that can be suggested to 1 procure a reconciliation, which I have for a long period anxiously desired.

50.- Friday, May 12, 1826. T ENTREAT YOU to KEEP to YOUR WORD, 1 or it may be fatal. Laws were made to bind the villains of society.

51.Monday, May 15, 1826. COUNTERSIGN.-Letters from me to you are not

safe. Depend upon my secrecy and honour. Fare thee well.

52. Tuesday, May 16, 1826. RESPECTFULLY; Confidence has been betrayed.

53.Monday, June 5, 1826. M EMORANDUM. — Suspicions are unfounded.

Slanders from Hypocrites and story-tellers ought not to be credited-no unknown circumstance can be credited.

54.- Wednesday, September 30, 1829. TF the GENTLEMAN, whose conversation was inter

rupted a fortnight ago (by an exclamation of—“Sir, you will lose your handkerchief,” and also by a carriage driving suddenly into Portland-place), wishes to renew it, he will find the curiosity that then lay dormant has since been excited, therefore the information volunteered, if he has not left town, may be sent to C. D., twopenny post-office, 88, Oxford-street.

55.Thursday, September 30, 1830. To --A.-It is impossible to approve or

1 justify the step Ima has taken. How much unhappiness her conduct has occasioned, and still occasions, cannot be conceived. All that remains to those whom she has so deeply afflicted is to lament that any one brought up in a knowledge of the duties of virtue and religion could ever be induced to depart so widely from what they enjoin.

56.— Friday, February 11, 1831. 7 may make the experiments to which he alluđes in L. his letter in the presence of H. M. C. without fear of endangering his personal safety.

57.- Wednesday, November 6, 1833. W . D. is informed that his RESOLVE was, as

delicately as possible, duly communicated, and that the same was received with as much fortitude as could be expected. The children are well, and their mother, though very wretched, yet as composed as under the painful circumstances she could be. W. D. is requested to write again, giving a detailed account on a particular subject, from his new residence, when decided upon.

58.—Tuesday, February 14, 1837. H.

59.-Saturday, June 3, and June 5 and 6, 1837. "I DO.” London.

. 60.Thursday, June 8, 1837. 0. L. THANKS C. K. V. The circumstance

was by direction, but seems to have been overdone.

61.—Saturday, June 10, 1837. W ISH, but CANNOT YET. All kind. M. R.

62.Thursday, July 27, 1837. H Has not the slightest desire to act contrary to

• a wish expressed in the manner it has been, had such been the intention, which it never was. H. wishes it to be understood that, were some points cleared up, every feeling, once expressed, would be felt the same even now. H. hopes that this may yet be done; it would give extreme pleasure.

.63.-Thursday, October 18, 1838. THOU wert bidden to eat of my bread, and to drink . of my cup-come, they shall be made sweet to thee, thy name is safe and ever dear-come, come quickly, I will GIVE and thou shalt ENJOY, be thou yet RETAINED to cheer a blighted home,

64.—Saturday, October 12, 1839. DOES R. A. wish to FORM an ALLIANCE with

: the LADY? If so, his parents will consent. WRITE.

65.Wednesday, November 6, 1839. EXTRACT from LETTER, dated November 1, 1839.

__"All that I have to say, however, is for you to write directly to Lady * * * * * * * * Return without a moment's loss of time, and all will be adjusted.

66.Tuesday, September 22, 1840, "W E. J. S.--£100.”

67.—Saturday, May 7, 1842. IH. REJECTS the FIRST Proposition of T. U., and J. will avail himself of the second. As to T. U.'s inquiry, J. H. aver “No."

68.- Wednesday, July 13, 1842. r * * * * * * may implicitly rely upon the honour vi and SECRECY of his friend, and that his only intention is to oblige and befriend. C. should know his friend better than to imagine that any form of words would more effectually bind the man, whose Christian and surname each contain six letters.

69.Thursday, December 1, 1842. CLANVILLE.—16 4872 3648 19 692 1843

2635 3586 186 496 369 471 702 1843 938a 43622 4000 19 500 317 582 3000 5000 958 1000.-Nov. 28, 1842.

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