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734.—Thursday, July 31, 1856. TMMER der Deinige, aber der zweifel erscheint in der Ferne.

735.Thursday, July 31, 1856. FEUILLE de HETRE to --.-Your friend B. will

soon call upon you, as of old. He will not allude to the subject, and pray be careful that you do not. Tell me if you understand. Why may I not write ?

736.- Thursday, July 31, 1856. M ANCHESTER, E.-I am still without any private

news to support the public documents. You know that I cannot act upon these. The Britishers withhold all confidence from the straightforward, singlestick settler. However, I shall not cross the water yet, being determined to spare no reasonable efforts to settle successfully the question which has so long and anxiously occupied my attention. —Yours, July 30, 1856.

737.-Friday, August 1, 1856. A VOW.-1855, December 5th.—J. N09014.

738. — Friday, August 1, 1856. ZWEIFEL VERSCHWINDET.

739.Friday, August 1, 1856. 7 Y. X., E.-The news you sent me from the opposite 4. shore is most gratifying and important. You must allow for my imperfect instructions in the foreign tongue; but I believe I understand your intentions now, and, of course, I shall follow them exactly. I wish I knew our mutual friend's hotel, for I feel that I ought to anticipate

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741.-Saturday, August 2, 1856. EMILIE, on the 22nd, sent No. 3, to Rmgviozx; on

the 28th, No. 4 to the city, directed to our friend there. Have they your address ? Give me full directions. Why not poste-restante as before?—July 30.

742.- Saturday, August 9, 1856. FEUILLE de HETRE to — -I read your adver

tisement on the 3rd of July, headed as above ; since that I have seen nothing from you, nor have I advertised until the 31st, headed also as above, to which you have not replied. I intend writing to you to the old address, unless you tell me to the contrary. There must be an explanation, or you may mistake ignorance for friendliness. At present you little. dream who has been your Highland friend. Reply to this, or say if you understand that of the 31st.—Ever your own.

743.Monday, August 11, 1856. M Y colours, though torn, are still at the masthead.

They would be very flimsy if they could not stand a stiff breeze.—TOM.

744.—Tuesday, August 12, 1856. CHANGE and BENEFIT.-EXCELSIOR.

745.—Tuesday, August 19, 20, 25, 28, 1856. TILL nothing of later date than the 21st of March.

The three awaiting you as before (this announced

in June last; so long neglected) must be withdrawn at the end of this month. Reflect on the 28th of August. I must know your present wishes, as a crisis is at hand; and, if other means now in operation fail to effect it, your brother will seek you.-SIBELLA.

746.Wednesday, August 20, 1856. VANCLUSE.—The unintelligible (July 1) was reason

able; now solved License. Selten und unsterblich ist du wahre Liebe.—Yours.

747.Wednesday, August 20, 1856. AT sea, becalmed ; in a chilly fog; confused sounds

of distant guns, betokening a sudden engagement with an enemy. My tattered colours still flying at the masthead. Send me a pilot, that I may clear the shoals and grapple with the foe.—Yours, TOM.

748.--Wednesday, August 27, 1856. M Y DEAR BROTHER.—Your sisters, C. and M.,

have no words to express their gratitude. They only ask one line more, to show that it is not a delusion. Thank Tom for his invaluable log of the “Cor Caroli." If I slip my lodgings, it will be to avoid the pressing kindness of my relations, who wish me to go to Hanwell. To you I shall be at 42. This difficulty explains my long delay.

749.- Thursday, August 28, 1856. SAFE through life's dangers till near their end: then,

a fall, a betrayal too cruel, a life wound. One who could not spare is implored to pity and forgive.-August 25, 1856.

750.Wednesday, September 3, 1856. R. C.-I am now more than ever convinced there L. must be some mistake or strange coincidence, and in vain I try to solve this distressing mystery by advertising. This is my last attempt, and if still unsuccessful, shall avail myself of the only means I possess of communicating with you. I can endure this state of misery and suspense no longer. My promise must be forgotten. Circumstances alter cases. That of the 28th has given me a severe shock, and I grieve that you should not have spared me this by writing as I asked, and enabling me to do so. By the time you see this, a second letter will be waiting at the post-office, Brighton, addressed to you—name in full, &c., just as usual. Lose no time in getting your letters and replying.-Ever your own.- August 30, 1856.

751.-Friday, September 5, 1856. T R. C. The signature to mine, dated August 28,

• was a mistake, and must have puzzled you greatly. I am, contrary to my intention, advertising again, as a new light has broken in upon me. Tell me where to write, for I must now communicate with you. I think you have acted very strangely throughout, and unintelligibly. Failing a new address, I shall use the only one I am sure about. The time has arrived. Displeased.

-Ever your own, E * * -September 2, 1856. A third letter awaits you.

752.Wednesday, September 10, 1856. TUNE the 8th.—Glorious associations. Mark Tapley J in Eden never more jovial. Despatches may be sent to the Strand, en route for Claudet. All's well.

753.—Saturday, September 13, 1856. THIRTEENTH. Mhggs—Nuk-iclyy-suo suox

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754.—Thursday, September 18, 1856. TANCHESTER.—Since my last, a few weeks since,

the general central question has been well nigh settled. Ruatan is, I reckon, to be ceded by the Britishers. But none of the public documents on the left-central question can be depended on; and as there's no applying just now to the Britishers' Cabinet (the Court and all vacating), I fear nothing can be fixed right away. Facts on both sides of the water have, it seems, unluckily complicated and delayed quite beyond my comprehension the settlement of this question, and frustrated my own exertions. I guess you know how all this disturbs the simple notions of the quiet Prairie settler. Nevertheless, before I order my clipper, and sail away into distant waters, I mean to indulge my pertinacity of negotiation by waiting some space for the fixing by the Cabinet here, however this may eventuate. Guard the settlement, for I hear Kansas has risen. September 17, 1856.

755.Friday, September 26, 1856. TO A. GARDIENNE.—Depuis Lundi déjà les nou

velles de Madrid sont très bonnes-soyez tranquille. O'Donnell n'est plus qu'un cadavre; son nom seul appartient à l'histoire.

756.Monday, September 29, 1856. GARDIENNE.— J'oublié hier de vous dire que le Général est avec son aide-de-camp. Vos

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