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77.Thursday, June 1, 1843. A NEWFOUNDLAND DOG HAS TEETH.

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81.Thursday, March 28, 1844. “ BROKEN PROMISES MAKE FAITHLESS

D FRIENDS.” — A worthier spirit actuates the writer of this, and the persons whom he saw to-day for a brief space are invited to honour him with an INTERVIEW, either at the spot where they met, or at that where he a second time saw them. Respectful sympathy, and all the aid in his power, are his objects in making this request.—Wednesday.

.82.-Friday, November 1, 1844. YOURS, &c., No. 3.

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84.— Wednesday, January 1, 1845. OURS, &c., No. 7.

85.-Saturday, February 1, 1845. YOURS, &c., No. 8.

86.-Saturday, March 1, 1845. VOURS, &c., No. 10.

87.Tuesday, April 1, 1845. VOURS, &c., No. 12. (Stopped by orders from Le

Père.)—NOTHING whatever has ARRIVED here from you, save what you sent to me from Mand M— 's. All depends on your fidelity and courage. -G- M.

88.-Saturday, April 12, 1845. THE SECRET shall be KEPT.-H. M. Friday,

April 11.


89.-Saturday, April 26, 1845. H. S.-KEEP UP YOUR SPIRITS. I will stand by you. April 24, 1845.

90.-Friday, May 2, 1845. VOURS, &c., No.—(See April.) Mrs. M.'s LETTER

has arrived.

91.Monday, June 2, 1845. YOURS, &c., No.--See April.

92.—Saturday, June 21, 1845. B. “is a STRICT Disciplinarian, and not afraid of a rather unruly Pupil."

93.Tuesday, July 1, 1845. VOURS, &c., No. 16.-See April.—YOUR COM

I MUNICATIONS have been RECEIVED. There is nothing to forgive, but only to regret.

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94.-Friday, July 25, 1845.

95.-Friday, August 1, 1845.. VOURS, &c., No.--. See July.

96.--Monday, September 1, 1845. YOURS, &c., No.-. See July.

97.Wednesday, October 1, 1845. URS, &c., No.-. See July.

. 98.Tuesday, October 7-8-9-10, 1845. TT is a common fault with many to “suspect most + where they can prove least.”—J. H. G.

99.- Wednesday, November 26, 1845. T P.—Nos. 36 295, 17396, 04692.

100.Saturday, December 13, 1845. DIE DEUTSCHE SPRACHE.


101.-Monday, February 2, 1846. M. to C. S. swears solemnly to keep his secret inviolate.

102.-Friday, February 27, 1846. ON my honour I'll do as you said in yr. letter.—B. to S. R.

103.-Friday, March 20, 1846. M AY 7, 1844.—Yr. order, Sir, is rather cool, like 1 yrself, and yr. adopted country; nevertheless, it shall be obeyed. Your brother is dead-died on the 6th of April, 1844, of cholera.

104.-Saturday, April 18, 1846. “VATES” has LEFT “The ERA.”

105.-Monday, April 20, 1846. “THE ERA” has LEFT “VATES.”

106.Wednesday, July 29, 1846. D D. D.—Yes-for all the documents as stated


107.--Wednesday, October 7, 1846. NEW*** STONE.—“There is no incense that

doth reach to heaven with such sweet fragrance from the shrine of prayers as gratitude for mercies.”

108.—Wednesday, November 4, »1846. W ITH never-ending regret I own my rash error. The

withdrawal of yr. future notice must seriously injure me, yet I deserve it, and humbly pray that He who knows to “err is human,” will pardon me, soften yr. heart, and make you happy.

109.-Saturday, November 14, 1846. “TO err is human.” RETURN or WRITE.-Je.

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