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944.—Monday, June 7, 8, 1858. CAS—Tar-Shoes. Shakspeare's Bust ;-Aubert

and Klaftenburg ;-money for the present ;-proposals for the future. I wish to send to you. No inquiry shall be made. Rely. One line by post. Quite broken down. Oh, come.

945.Thursday, June 17, 1858. LEARTSEASE.—Pray be calm. Do not be too

eager. All will yet be right. Do you agree to meet, and part no more. Some are foes—find a friend. The flowers in the conservatory, I suppose, bloomed last week. Do not part with anything. Do write. Vale.

946.—Saturday, June 19, 1858. H EARTSEASE.—On the brow of the vale. Received

1 with thanks. Agreed as desired, if not too long delayed. Foes I never feared. Friends are sometimes treacherous. I have not forgotten the conservatory. As ever. W.

947.Saturday, June 26, 1858. V 2.-Can there be happiness without confidence ?

1. Alas, I see you doubt. It can never be received. It would be entire ruin. Can you sign it? In a month, death or victory.

948.Monday, June 28, 1858. V 2.—As you desire. Your sincerity is very satis

1. factory. Thanks for your faithfulness, it is duly appreciated, and shall be well rewarded. Hope on a little longer. Did you notice Saturday?

949.Wednesday, July 7, 1858. V GAMINS X.—I CANNOT LECTURE at CovenA try as contemplated. Although reported in the “Endowed Schools Commission” as receiving £80 per annum, I get but £50, and you know with that without board, &c.-E. J. W., Cygne.

950.- Tuesday, July 13, 1858. M .W-T V W-sgzmjs—4. Iohl–O DN 19—8zkro

-enrx-qdstan N 25-zlP-zlzje-ntt. UY2.

951.Tuesday, July 13, 1858. R.-E. R. and “not” M. R. worked illicit still to third 2 months, 1855, at H. G.-M. R. unknown at " 16 or 7." Landlady at 16, dead. M. R. or E. R., age 20. Query, has E. R. a child 4 or 5 years old ? — C. F. Field, Private Inquiry-office, Devereux-court, W.C.

952.- Wednesday, July 14, 1858. ESPERANZA.—J'attends votre lettre avec impatience.

I Dites-moi où je dois vous écrire et quand je puis venir. Soyez ferme et tout ira bien. Votre tout dévoué.

953.Thursday, July 15, 1858. ESPERANZA.—Cela ne sera jamais. Ces enfantil

lages ne m'effrayent pas. Plus que jamais je suis décidé à tout avoir, et une vingtaine de ces lettres injustes et cruelles ne me detourneront pas de mon projet. Vous savez ce que je ferais si vous me faisiez perdre la partie. Vous n'avez qu'à rester fidèle à vos promesses.

954.Wednesday, July 21, 1858. ESPERANZA.— J'attends toujours une lettre : si je - ne la reçois pas bientôt j'irai vous voir. L'affaire marche bien, mais votre indifférence et votre silence m'ont beaucoup affligés. Votre tout dévoué.

955.—Saturday, July 24, 1858. ESPERANZA.—Say how a letter can reach you, and

you will receive important information. Address, E. D. V. X., Post-office, Jersey.

956. Monday, July 26, 1858. ESPERANZA.—Il me semble que vous m'avez tout

à-fait oublié. Pourquoi ne m'avez-vous pas écrit? Au moins, dites-moi où je puis vous écrire. Comme il s'agit maintenant de notre bonheur futur, vous pouviez être un peu moins inconstant. Votre dévoué.

957.Tuesday, July 27, 1858. A CT 7. V. R. Cap. 30 and 31. Parole.

958.Wednesday, July 28, 1858. ECIMALS to CHEOPS.—I have done the State

some service, and they know it; but I intend to do a great deal more. Coventry, like Spitalfields, will not assist us; but the form must be gone through. Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

959.Monday, August 2, 1858. DECIMALS to CHEOPS.—T. C. JONES, Esq.,

DIED last year in America. It is exceedingly unfortunate. He and I were the only merchants who thoroughly understood the whole system. Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

960.Wednesday, August 4, 1858. UNDECIDED. From OLD TOM.

961.- Wednesday, August 11, 1858. DECIMALS to CHEOPS.—It was the perseverance

of one man that sent Lord Bacon to the Tower. Not Coventry, but Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool. Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

962.Thursday, August 12, 1858. PLUE BELL.-Letters received the 10th. Hence

D forth I have every confidence—it was only this trial I feared. I have had a dreadful letter from P. Trust no one. Look again 17th. Will try what I can do the other way. Keep up your spirits.-LOCHINVAR.

963.- Wednesday, August 18, 1858. PLUE BELL.—Your letter received. Your feelings

on receipt will tell you mine. Address given will always find. I leave for the continent in a week. Will continue to communicate thus. Never mind the P. S. question. Write when can.—Lochinvar.

964.-Friday, August 20, 1858. ALL'S WRONG, Wrong. From Old Tom. Write.

965.—Saturday, August 21, 1858. RLUE BELL.—The genuine, truthful, earnest style of

your letters is deeply appreciated. Do not alter it. For C. read J. Two months. L. has and always will have perfect confidence. Keep L. advised as to all movements at head quarters.—Constantia.

CONSTA) with all excellness to you. 2.5 confidence

966.Saturday, August 28, 1858. CONSTANTIA.—Trust our kind friend (under pro

mise) with all except means of intelligence. Say how grateful I am for kindness to you. Say nothing to T. at present. B. B. could not offend. L.'s confidence and respect increase daily. Have taken measures to frustrate our enemy. Keep aloof from this person. Advise our kind friend to do the same as terrible disclosures impend (not affecting us).—L.

967.Thursday, September 2, 1858. ECIMALS to CHEOPS.—Honest John Bull is pig

headed, but he begins to grasp this business. I claim to rank with Cobden, Bright, and Rowland Hill. I go on. (Long R-- Joey). Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

968.Wednesday, September 8, 1858. PLUE BELL.-Should have written sooner, but am

far away. Write as often as can; 'tis all I have to cheer me. Now and then. The person you so much dislike (a Lady) is the enemy alluded to. I am not very friendly with him whose visits you advised me of. Do not let him gain any information from you, and believe nothing he may report. Cheer up. Every confidence. Be cautious.-L.

969.—Wednesday, September 22, 1858. CONSTANTIA.-Received two. That which has

worried you is part of a plan. Heed it not. If that which you allude to is not given it must be done without. Rely upon L's affection and determination. Who says 'tis for the best? Ist November. The time

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