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will pass, slow as it lags. Were it 10 instead of 2 it would make no change. Pray write soon-tell me of your health. B. B. must be very steadfast, and close ears to the insidious whisperings, which will be continued.— VIOLET.

970.Wednesday, September 29, 1858. COLCHESTER.

971.Saturday, October 2, 1858. THE COMET will appear very bright, on Saturday. Look out at Remenham.—Briggs.

972.Monday, October 4, 1858. C P -N-- G- N- Mandami il tuo indirizzo,

• avrò forse bisogno di scriverti. Qualora tu foste ricercato del piccolo B. O. M. ti avverto che coloro che lo Chiedono non sono antorizzati, ne dalla famiglia sua ne dalla madre, e però tu non sei obbligato a dire dove stà.-H.

973.Thursday, October 7, 1858. ECIMALS to CHEOPS.—I have lost my money

and my child. You can guess my feelings. Can a lawyer advise a criminal act without rendering himself equally liable? Answer to E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

974.Thursday, October 7, 1858. VIOLET-3 which greatly comforted me. I rate

your good taste too high and the individual too low to cause any uneasiness. Would a letter as last be safe? Is our kind friend as well disposed towards me as ever? It would please me much to know this. Well in health, but low in spirits. I was a little uneasy, but am no longer so.—Lochinvar.

975.Thursday, October 21, 1858. BLUE BELL.-Two.—I am deeply grateful, and

much happier for the knowledge of * * * * *'s continued kindness and good opinion. You can communicate all except the actual means to her. I do not doubt — trustworthiness, but a look or a gesture might unwittingly betray, and invoke consequences which would be frightful. Well. Again in a few days. I have so much to say, the loss of the expected means is miserable, though not unexpected.-L.

976.Tuesday, November 2, 1858. AU CONTRAIRE, long expected Y O M is not

such an uncertain bird that some indications of his fight would not be observable. Have more confidence.

977.Tuesday, November 2, 1858. CONSTANTIA.—One.—Your efforts cannot but meet

my warmest approbation. One of my dearest hopes was to have shared in this, but trust may help to finish. ....'s kindness, merits, and receives my warmest gratitude-say this from me. Something may be made of the excursion you name. Think, and I will also. The separation from B. B. is becoming unendurable to L. Each day heavier than the last. A meeting must be managed. Well. About 4th November.

978.-Saturday, November 6, 1858. CO BE IT, MARIE, God bless you ! 10th and 11th w if possible, which is earlier than I said, if I am able to leave home. The trial is terrible. You act nobly. You know some dates, please to use them. All's well. Ever your—,-Nov. 5.

979.-Monday, November 8, 1858. I AURA.—The choice rose has drooped this year

the petals will become dry, but still retain the aroma—some of the branches are a little out of cultivation—the stem is degenerating. The otto from the damask rose will ever retain its fragrance-all extraneous perfumes nauseate. Thanks for the liberal offer, which is gratefully declined. As before.

980.- Tuesday, November 9, 1858. CONSTANTIA.—Letters have been sent which have

not come to your hands. Write and say where one can be sent safely. You may depend on me.

981.— Wednesday, November 10, 1858. TIOLET.-Great caution is now necessary. L.’s

movements are known. Patience and faith. Well. In a few days. Your brother does not wish to offend. London, Nov. 9, 1858.

982.Thursday, November 11, 1858. STANDLYNCH, 1811, the Comet : Paris, E. Ct.,

1858, the Comet !

BLUE terrible time son Tuesday was

983. — Tuesday, November 16, 1858. PLUE BELL.—Is anything wrong? It seems such D a terrible time since I heard. Pray write soon as can. The notice (C) on Tuesday was not mine—V was. There is one kind friend who will do all he can to effect a reconciliation if opportunity offers. I fancy kinder feelings exist towards me than we think. Do write.London, November 12, 1858.

984.- Wednesday, November 17, 1858. TWENTY-FIVE. - Ich grüsse dich recht herzlich,

und denke nur an dich.

985.-Friday, November 19, 1858. I S. deceased.—Brentford, C. A.—The Clue.-BarJ: tholomew accepts. The most binding legal engagement will be entered into Write at once, as last, to Furnival's-inn, and appoint interview.

and appoint. in. Writeading legal bar

986. —Saturday, November 20, 1858. I ILIAN.—It was not wrong. I had only been doubtI ful as to the reality. Happiness is yet in store for you. Pray write again and send an address.-C.

987.Thursday, November 25, 1858. B B.-Are you unwell, or what is amiss ? Nothing Di since November 2—21 long days. Can any letters have miscarried? My confidence is unshaken, but I fear some terrible calamity. Pray relieve my anxiety, you know how fearful that must be.—LOCHINVAR.

988.—Thursday, November 25, 1858. I ILIAN.–Forgive me. I cannot leave you thus. I

- have much to say of comfort and sympathy, and long for the opportunity. Your better feelings will tell you that Rome is not the only refuge. I beg of you to let me hear at all times when practicable, if the other is at present impossible, and also to withdraw the expression that your determination is irrevocable. You may, indeed, confide in me as in a dear friend or brother. Take courage, and hope for brighter days.-C.

989.Tuesday, November 30, 1858. VIOLET.—The notice T. C. T. on the 9th was mine.

I have cause again to repeat the same. Pray write and say where a letter can be sent to you safely. You know my address. Depend on me.—November 26.

990.- Friday, December 3, 1858. FAITH.—You have made me supremely happy. I do I rely, and have perfect confidence. You were grossly deceived. Entirely powerless for harm. I accede to everything. Residence is changed. Address as in January. God bless you !

991.Tuesday, December 21, 1858. EAR MARIE.—“Thanks.” “All is well. Semper

idem.” Cautious, but quite unchanged by trials. All is quite safe. A gleam appears. The full day is at hand. Your conduct is noble. Refer as I do thus. “God bless you. Ever your own, —,”—Dec. 18.

992.Tuesday, December 21, 1858. NEW YEAR'S DAY.—Remember your promise, its

fulfilment would atone for the past, and mitigate the future. I seek no impossible renewal-only my own peace. Urge no commonplaces as to inexpediency, &c.

-the heart knoweth its own bitterness. You once confided a dark page of your life's history to me; can you not trust me now? I never betrayed you. Ignoring "the days that are no more," we may yet be friends. I hazard all.

993.Saturday, January 1, 1859. THE FIRST INCOME, St. Clement's.

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