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5,4859. recipice, Atas

994.-Saturday, January 1, 1859. T K.-I have not yet fallen down the precipice, but

1. still stand trembling on its slippery brink. Alas, who can say that another year will find me thus, now that I have lost your bright example and good advice ? Marianne.

995.-Monday, January 10, 1859. TO CONTRE-COUP.-I am puzzled what to do

with my daughter when I get her. I had the guarantee of a London schoolmistress of 23 years' standing, and yet she was not safe. You know what happened to my money and papers in the heart of the city of London. I want your advice respecting my salary here; I must be cautious, as you know what happened to me at Greenwich for daring to speak my mind. Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland..

996. Tuesday, January 11, 1859. JAN. 6.—Dear A. S.-Receive the full expressions of J my zeal ever. Your conduct is noble and constant. I am the same, unbent even by ---, inflexible like you. “All's well.” Thus point and refer. Yours ever, M.

997.Friday, January 14, 1859. TO HER WHO CAN UNDERSTAND.—Let the

flower not droop. It must know that the other flower does sympathize with it. A reply sent to your lines was by some mistake not duly inserted. There will be no delay now, and all may yet be right.

998.—Tuesday, January 18, 1859. DIENSTAG WAHL.-Nachmittags für sie. Lassen

sie mich sie sehen ?

999.-- Tuesday, February 1, 1859. T. E.--Du muss nur einmal wieder schreiben. die letzte zeit. Denke an dein versprechen; zwei Jahren zu warten, und dann oder wenn du willst komme. Mein herz ist gestorben, &c.

1000.Tuesday, February 1, 1859. CLOVES.—Thus to address you without having heard

- a word! I have tried in vain to get news. My fears have been, are still, of the most painful, even dreadful, kind. God grant they may soon be dispelled. He has, I trust, supported you through all. I have been much tried, and have written for my own relief, but would send all if I could. Many things have forced themselves upon me, spite of my distress. Improvements everywhere, only worth to me for their obvious bearing on the one object I really live for. From the past let us gather strength and hope. I trust nothing in what I sent has disturbed you. God bless you ; be true.--Clarence.

1001.Monday, February 7, 1859. TO CONTRE-COUP.—To terminate this disgraceful

1 business, I had made arrangements to place my daughter at school, at Boxmoor, Herts, but I cannot get her. Now, what am I to do? The money I relied on in my old age has been alienated-my child lost for ever

-myself in the most miserable part of the land of misery, with a miserable salary. Write and address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

1002.Tuesday, February 8, 1859. TWO THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED POUNDS


1003.- Tuesday, February 8, 1859. ERNEST.-Je t'en prie m'envoyer les renseignements

- accueillis à Cologne, Bonne, et Dusseldorff. Le paquet chiffré J. T. Le dénouement s'avance. L'avocat est certain de son affaire.-Ça Va Venire.

1004.—Thursday, February 10, 1859. THE BEAR has COMÉ to TOWN.

1005.- Saturday, February 12, 1859. ROSE-COLOURED Spectacles. Look through them

if you would learn the truth.

1006.--Monday, February 14, 1859. TO CONTRE-COUP.—My last advertisement to you

arrived here yesterday, and I lost two pupils the same day. Oh, Boxmoor ! Boxmoor! (vous comprendrez). The author of the decimal system at Her Majesty's Customs, which pours pure gold every day into the coffers of the nation, earning a miserable subsistence in the worst part of Paddy's land! “Aux hommes capables la patrie méconnaissante." Address E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.—Feb. 10.

1007.Tuesday, February 15, 1859. DIENSTAG WAHL. Keine andere.

1008.-Tuesday, February 15, 1859. TRIBE.—Quiet, or by the Pyramids. The birds will

be caught.—Ennis 12th Feb. ; Boxmoor, 20th Feb.

1009.-Thursday, February 17, 1859. ORION'S BOAT.-R. proven beyond doubt. D.

not yet. E. January 3. Reference G. No compromise. Soon.

1010.-Friday, February 18, 1859. C Y.- pietosa colei, che mi soccorse. Household

woes.-E. F. Cooke, St. James's Parsonage. Bethnal-green.

1011.Monday, February 21, 1859. A. A mother M. SC. H. Vox humanitatis. HL.

A trifle. A servant's mite. Dum spiro spero. For F. MS. HCH. A. S. Little Herbert. Sympathizer. AMS. JDM. HD. MS. both WL. Non nobis nati JGR. GL. AW. Mrs. J. S. D. Falkland-house. Household woes. E. F. Coke, St. James' Parsonage, Bethnalgreen. “Quale i fioretti dal notturno gielo, Chinatile chiusi, poi che 'l sol gl' imbianca. Il drizzan tutti aperti in loro stelo.”

1012.—Monday, March 7, 1859. CLOVES.—Why this mysterious, most painful silence ? Pray let me see you soon.-T. T.

1013.-Saturday, March 12, 1859. CAUTION.-All persons assisting in secreting my

daughter, ALICE JANE WILSON, 10 years old, are liable to seven years' imprisonment.—E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

1014.-- Tuesday, March 15, 1859. VIOLET.--You may still rely. Yes, I will, on the

17th, weather permitting; if not, on the 18th,

1015.Tuesday, March 15, 1859. CLOVES.Still silent ! I am in great distress of

mind about you. This suspense is dreadful-let me not ask in vain for its removal.—CLARENCE.

1016.Tuesday, March 15, 1859. TRIBE.—You are not to seize my child, even if you

I can find her. You know how the detectives and police served me; but I intend to have my rights like other men, or—- Vive la Reine.-E. J. WILSON, Ennis, Ireland.

1017.Thursday, March 17, 1859. 70H MOT.—You are informed the second time that

you are being duped and deceived in the name of another. Keep away.

1018.-Friday, March 18, 1859. CLOVES.—I will agree to anything, if you will only

V let me write to you at once. I have so much to say. This you must not refuse. God bless you.Clarence.

1019.-Friday, March 18, 1859. V - I dare not believe in the coincidence—the happi

v. ness would be too great—yet even you must allow it is very strange. The name cannot pass my lips. “Her eyes are lode-stars, and her breath sweet air.” When last I saw those other stars alone I was plunged in despair. Years have elapsed since then, but the minutest incident is still ever fresh in my memory.--15th March.-J.

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