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1020.Tuesday, March 22, 1859. THE WRITER of the ANONYMOUS LETTER,

- from London, is informed by Mr. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland, that the money he relied on in his old age has been alienated, both capital and interest, and he will have his daughter sent him by the Limerick steamer.

1021.–Saturday, March 26, 1859. TO HER WHO UNDERSTANDS.—It is difficult

to believe you really unkind. Pray point out your wishes, and I will do them. Nothing but misery since the 15th ult. North for a few days; afterwards let me arrange with you—if the old faith survives, you will not keep out of the way. Be kind and reply to, Yours ever.

1022.- Tuesday, April 5, 1859. HER WHO DOES NOT QUITE UNDERSTAND 11 wishes to do so. Not really unkind. If on the 15th ult. the innocence was proved, why longer doubt? Come to my home, and, if honourable, welcome. Duty has called, but not kept me purposely out of the way. Yours sincerely.- April 4, 1859.

1023.Tuesday, April 12, 1859. N ICHT eine MILLION.If an English school

mistress betrays the most sacred trust a father can confide to her, there is no power in England to right him. So, “Vive la Reine."--E. J. WILSON, Ennis, April 9.

1024.Saturday, April 16, 1859. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD. — Any

person (except a detective or his agent) restoring to me my daughter, ALICE JANE WILSON, 10 years old, shall receive £ 200 reward.-E. J. WILSON, Ennis, Ireland.

1025.-Thursday, April 21, 1859. DURCH und durch verfault-Hundert Tausend

G--n M-Me (Ich sch——sze-darauf) Das Gesetz giebt mir fünf Millionen. Durch und durch verfault.-E. J. WILSON, Ennis, Ireland (Irlaad).

1026.-- Friday, April 22, 1859. COCCAGEE.

1027.Saturday, April 23, 1859. NICHT ZWEI MILLIONEN.-£10,000 sterling.

(Bah!) In 1848, the commencement of the Golden Age, I would not have changed prospects with the proudest French merchant in London. Durch u durch verfault.—Ennis, 20th April.

1028. Wednesday, April 27, 1859. CONSERVE TA SANTÉE.—Ma caisse des allumettes

est un trésor inappréciable, le feux qu'elle contienne rechauffe mon âme, me guide dans le ténèbre, et remplace si non le soleil enfin, au moins le réflêt de son éclat.

1029.Wednesday, April 27, 1859. Vou must be very gentle. Je comprend votre senti

ment en harmonie avec mes plus chèrs désirs, mais je n'ose pas. Concernant mes nouvelles : ma vie est très solitaire. P. était trois jours avec moi. J'espére M. mieux. Je retourne O. P. H., pour revenir-Lundi.

DOUBI, 1030.

1030.Thursday, April 28, 1859. DOUBLE-FIN to CONTRE-COUP.-£10,000

sterling. Bah! I claim £250,000 on eggs alone, to say nothing of that costly national antique (Long R. Joey), and on decimals £100,000. Je saurai bien faire valoir (mes droits).-E. J. WILSON, Ennis, Ireland.

1031.— Wednesday, May 4, 1859. ORION'S BOAT. Ready, aye, ready. No more wavering. Thorough.

1032.Friday, May 6, 1859. FAITH.—Thanks. The present news does not accord

very well with the protestations so loudly made by him. It is, however, just as I anticipated. It matters not, poor creature, he is quite harmless. All is unchanged. Pray write sooner. Ever.

1033.—Saturday, May 7, 1859. DOUBLE-FIN to CONTRE-COUP.-Down upon

lovely Apollo. £30 per annum out of his own pocket. Those who don't pay in money, pay in person. Address me, E. J. Wilson, Ennis, Ireland.

1034.Monday, May 9, 1859. TO B. C. Z.—You don't know their antecedents (rouge

1 et noir). I have never seen any of my money from the day I nobly signed it away; and I did not see my child for five years, and yet I respected the laws of · humanity; and you see the return-I have lost my

daughter a second time.—Ennis, 5th May.

1035.Wednesday, May 11, 1859. IL CUYDS e TOPSIE.-Hopagato il due, sessanta.

T. non le sapare, solo io e, due zü. Mi scrivi se vivende per T e male-le vostre Compasses.

1036.—Thursday, May 12, 1859. B -If not foolish, I may have been unscrupulous.

D. He who has been publicly insulted has a right to require a public apology. Your note is sufficient. Read your Bible, and forget me. A. The last.

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1040.Monday, May 16, 1859. RATTLEDORE to SHUTTLECOCK.—You can

D have no idea of the ordeal I have had to pass through here, but I stop. I am firmly persuaded there is a secret here, and one well worth knowing. I am sure of the rest. So address me, E. J. WILSON, Ennis, Ireland.

1041.—Thursday, June 2, 1859. A H, bravo-ouvre tombeau-vent absolument vous

voir. Ecrivez de suite.

1042.—Saturday, June 4, 1859. TO B. C. 2.—I have tried those gentleman-like and

legal ways recommended me by honest John Bull in anonymous letters, but there is no chance of getting my child that way; so “vivent les imprimeurs." Address E. J. Wilson, Ireland.

1043.-Saturday, June 4, 1859. I ORELEY.—Keep Bulls for the present. Weed out

others at pleasure. No tidings of lost sheep. Mr. T. has destroyed nothing. 98 safe. Alas! poor Mercury. Jun. and Ce. will be of great use against the Marsites. All well.

1044.—Tuesday, June 14, 15, 16, 1859.

Don GIOVANNI : : 24 : X.—Pourrai-je jamais II:

. . résoudre ce problème ?

1045.- Wednesday, June 15, 1859. A H BRAVO! Ouvre tombeau. Une autre fois ne 11 joues pas avec un cour trop sensible. Tu as déchiré le mien. Dès a présent je suis perdu. La victime c'est moi. Je te pardonne. Que Dieu te bénisse.

1046.Friday, July 1, 1859. FAITH.--It grieved me to hear that you did not see 1 it. Although accidentally misplaced, it was still there, and I hoped you would find it. That which you suggest as a reason for its absence can never happen. Think of it no more, as it is utterly and intirely impossible. I am not surprised at the last news. Confidence. Time flies. Ever.

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