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1103.- Tuesday, June 5, 1860. D.—Could not succeed on -- You know - Hope better fortune.-WRITE.

1104.-Friday, July 20, 1860. LIZABETH STREET and every one. READ this

COLUMN of yesterday.-F. M. S.

1105.Tuesday, July 31, 1860. Aiviyud. -How, without money, you can get steamers; and as many more steamers you get, as more money you can possess ?-X. to B. S.

1106.Thursday, August 2, 1860. VOUR INITIALS in Hair. -J- July 31.

1107.Wednesday, August 22, 1860. H EW.—M. at S., much better. I have done very

well. Made 65 this week. Seconds for about 2,000. Hear again in two months.

1108.-- Saturday, September 1, 3, 1860. ANTONIA.—Circumstances which appear adverse

sometimes prove favourable, and the faith I hold will not permit me to lose hope. Yours truly, Annie.

1109.Tuesday, September 4, 1860. THANKS.— I am, since Tuesday, in the W. C. B. H.,

and I shall, probably, remain until you tell me to leave. I have been everywhere. One little garden is the only one well looked after.

1110.-Saturday, September 22, 1860. ANNIE.—The excursion may not now extend to Geneva or Paris. Yours faithfully, Antonia.

1111.Monday, September 24, 1860. ADELINE.—Your happiness must be considered.

1112.Thursday, September 27, 1860. I A. W.-I cannot. Yes, I do very much. Thursday J. or Friday, at 4, at old place.

1113.-Thursday, September 27, 1860. ORRID CREATURE.—Keep up your courage, 1 and trust in God; He knows your innocence, and will protect you. All your friends will be faithful till death.' Patience. Subteakhoojiaca.

1114.-Friday, September 28, 1860. Y Y. Z.—8 o'clock. —Portugal.

1115.Monday, October 1, 1860. LE VRAI CROIX.—I could not send before ;

fear I cannot again, but ever believe I am “Fidèle à Mort.” Did you receive the picture ?

1116.Tuesday, October 2, 1860. TOIFEY, Toifey.—No letter as promised. Assert

your rights. No white slave. Write. I go S. W. on Wednesday, October 3-return to town on Monday, October 22. Meet me that day. God bless you. Thine now as ever. Despair. When the heart heaves. Return.


1917.Tuesday, October 2, 1860. M H . (Omega).— From justice and friendship you

M. owe me some explanations respecting the calumnies emanating from Newcastle, in order that I may be enabled to defend myself in future against similar aspersions, though (as a Christian) I may not be allowed to retaliate. Your letter shall be answered immediately.-Kappa.

1118.Monday, October 8, 1860. AIBLUMCHEN, warum hast du nicht geschrieben?

Es verlangt mich zehr deinen zustanden zu wissen. Kanust du, mich au dem acht und zwanrigsten. Monatstage zu treffen, mit mir verabreden?

1119.- Wednesday, October 10, 1860. TO M. A. A.—Ich habe gelebt und geliebt. Farewell ?

1120.Thursday, October 11, 1860. ISABEL

1121.Monday, October 15, 16, 1860. DEAREST BEIDES.–VISIT the BLACKMOOR

at once, and all will be arranged, and write to London Club. Mother very ill.

1122.Tuesday, October 16, 1860. --N.-I learn from Mrs. L., that you are the u victim of a foul conspiracy and gross delusions. I have ever been, am now, and mean under any circumstances to continue, unchanged and faithful to 9th Nov., 1860. Therefore the vacancy will not and cannot be filled up as you suppose. Think of this in your moments of remorse. I found no letter with yours. I shall not try to find or molest you; but let me write you more fully. I wish you to be happy.—GRUNTLE.

1123. Wednesday, October 17, 1860. REIDES.—“Have a care." You are near destruc

tion, but still have friends. Go to the Blackmoor at once, and a kind arrangement will be effected.E-

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1124.Friday, October 19, 1860. T.—You must come—it is your duty. G-- says so seriously. Extremes all but meet.

1125.-Monday, October 22, 1860. CORRESPONDANCE.-Adressez-vous par billet

au bureau convenu. Vous y trouverez plusieurs Lancaster. Le bureau est ouvert depuis 10 jusqu'a 3. Tout va bien.

1126.Tuesday, October 23, 25, 1860. ADRESSEZ-VOUS, Great Winchester-street, city,

vous en trouverez 5 au nom convenu, le bureau est au rez-de-chaussée à gauche. Soyez tranquille tout va bien. - Pervi, Luxembourg, 11.

1127.Thursday, October 25, 1860. D A. C. hopes now for mutual sympathy-time and 1. thoughts work wonders. A reply is asked, though hardly hoped for, saying that certain reports (so quickly spread abroad after I left) might one day turn out truths. The 25th prox. Ever yours.

1128.Monday, October 29, 1860. ALPHA.-Does this vexation proceed from you or

from his enemies who employed similar means last May and June? If from you, you will please to cease, or you may see him a few days hence a wanderer, once more, by your fault. Though you imagine him changeable, God will strengthen him not to swerve from the path of honour and conscience respecting M. Z.Kappa.

1129.Thursday, November 8, 1860. R E.—Tuesday, the 13th. Very great.

1130.-- Wednesday, November 14, 1860. UEEN of BUSHIRE.—Remember Ali Bux.

WRITE at once. You know where.

1131.Tuesday, November 20, 1860. LANG OUT the BANNERS.—COMMUNICATE 11 all at once, if not too late. All may be arranged. T. L. and T. A.

1132.Monday, November 26, 1860. D A. C. hopes that silence gives consent. Time and 1. circumstance are the keys to real sentiments. One word is asked in reciprocity, and anxiously waited for. The 25th prox. Ever yours.

1133.--Tuesday, November 27, 1860. I G.-Oui. Depuis le neuf. Parole. Violettes J. arrivées mille remercimens. Souffrant et très occupé. Je t'embrasse.

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