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1166.Monday, April 8, 1861. TOLLY to RUMMY.—Please give me a right under

standing, as I am in a fix, and I will answer you in return.

1167.Monday, April 22, 1861. RIGHT, my own darling E.-April 16.


1168.Wednesday, May 1, 1861. ORION’S BOAT.—No writing. I will see you.

1169.Wednesday, May 1, 1861. TO the ONE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND.—You

cannot, I am sure, now fail in your promise voluntarily given. I pray you to let this painful suspense end, and accounts come as before. R. has returned to remain. Let this appeal be sufficient.

1170.Wednesday, May 8, 1861. TOM CAT.-A Boy on the 2nd May, in Paris.

1 Pray write to B., who is now free! He waits to tell you all. Direct under cover to J. R. S. You may safely write.

1171.Thursday, May 9, 1861. REAULIEU.—Received.—Ps. XX., 3, 4.

1172.- Wednesday, May 22, 1861. TOM CAT.-Another letter has been SENT to

1 Bruxelles, poste restante. An interview in pure and sincere friendship is all that is asked, at any time and place you may name. Do not delay, it is of vital importance to me, and much so to you. Depend upon your own wishes being carried out.-B.


· 1173.Monday, May 27, 1861. RION'S BOAT.—Wait for me. E. Y. 2. mistook.

1174.—Tuesday, May 28, 1861. S. P., Water Colourer,

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1175.Saturday, June 1, 1861. A FAINT HEART NEVER WINS a FAIR LADY.

The ANONYMOUS CORRESPONDENT whose letter was posted in Lombard Street, on Thursday last, is requested to be MORE EXPLICIT. R. sticks to his craft, and will persevere when he sees his way. Address, Post-office, Vigo-street, Regent-street.

1176.Tuesday, June 11, 1861. PRIDGEWATER.-I am horrified at what I have

discovered. If possible let me know the worst.

1177.Tuesday, June 18, 19, 1861, HONEYCOMB.—Please "journey” home end next

week. WRITE immediately, sending address. You have not been kind to IDIOT.

1178.Tuesday, June 18, 1861. FELIX.—138 and special, right. T. leaves home - July 3. Congratulate Ce. on late successful performance. Proposed plan approved, but come sooner if possible. Remember us to Scrup & Co. All well, and unite in regards. Addio.

1179.Thursday, June 20, 1861. SMUDE.-Sah nettirw eciwt. Syats ta sih ecffio rof

eht tneserp.— June 19.

1180.– Friday, June 21, 24, 26, 1861. PORTMANTEAU to PACK. I still dream.

1181.Thursday, June 27, 1861. A B. Z. si yltsenrae detseuqer ot etacinummoc tuohtiw edo yaled. Ma ni yrev taerg elbuort. Dna eriuqer etaidemmi ecivda.-53, Reppu Ruomyes-teerts, Namtroperauqs.

1182.Monday, July 1, 2, 1861. CHAPEL of EASE.—NELLY.-He is delirious. He

wishes to hear from you. We fear the worst. You know the address. His friends have inserted this. A line from you may save him yet.

1183.Friday, July 12, 1861. SMUDE.-Eht tsop eciffo ta Hgiel si dehctaw. Lotsirb lliw od. Ekat erac.- July 11.

1184.-Friday, July 19, 1861. I B. and S. S. are quits.

1185.Tuesday, July 30, 1861. W H. D. Elsie. C. C. C. You are mistaken. This

is my testimony. Yours, as ever, for ever. Robert.

1186.--Thursday, August 8, 9, 1861. V Y. Z.—August 12. 8 o'clock.--PORTUGAL.

1187.Thursday, August 8, 1861. CIOIA MIA.—Pipey and Beauty quite well. Cases

paid for. Sorry to disappoint you, but too uncertain. Letter by first opportunity. Thank J., to whom I could write? A toi corps et âme.

1188.- Wednesday, August 14, 1861. TOM MOORE, No. 1, RECEIVED yours. You write, I will do as you propose.

1189.Wednesday, August 21, 1861. OM MOORE.-I shall not leave London unless with you. Your letters give hopes (No. 2).

1190.—Thursday, August 22, 1861. STELLA.—Aan, Bala, Na Bud, Ke Ay, Bala, Bud. ~ There is a LETTER for you.—C. Y.-35, Postoffice, G--W.

1191.—Saturday, August 31, 1861. TOM MOORE.—YOURS RECEIVED. Thanks.

1 How is T.'s health ? Polly's visit was a great kindness, and it has allayed a very anxious feeling. B. is a bachelor (No. 3).

1192.Tuesday, September 3, 1861. TOM MOORE.--B. will be there (4).

1193.Tuesday, September 3, 1861. BLUE ENAMEL CROSS.--I cannot trust W. Letter

received. I accept all its terms. Mine until. death. Be patient.

1194.Wednesday, September 4, 1861. T'ESCORT RECEIVED YOURS. However well

- himself complains of the conduct of your protégée. He gives him great trouble, and unless you could give hope for an early “Duncaster” meeting he fears the necessity of applying for help to Dr. Evans. Having no

project he shall not leave S. before the 15th September. Scarborough, Sept. 1.

1195.Friday, September 6, 1861. ORELEI.—The Anthropophagous didn't gobble the


1196.— Tuesday, September 10, 1861. s to L., the 8 R's, and W.-CHARLES URQU

HARDT NEWPORT TINLEY has not suffered from the eels.

1197.Saturday, September 14, 1861. TOM MOORE-Yours received. Six months is quite

right. I think B. had better see you next week; but if you think otherwise, a small parcel, containing the writing, shall be left at the Rail, you to call for it as you pass (5).

1198.— Tuesday, September 17, 20, 24, 1861. N W.-L'Amaro è Molto. Helurchen.

1199.Tuesday, September 17, 1861. TOM MOORE.-B. travels upon the second day

named, unless you advise differently by post. B. can arrange the day to your advice (6).

1200.Thursday, September 19, 1861. W ILL you GIVE me a BOA at Brighton. Norwood

V Junction, 10.30 P.M. Shall we never meet again? The word to Nina, Post-office, Norwood. S. marked “M. T.” may reach and console the stranger.

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