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and doings earnestly desired. Springwell continues. T. not quite well. Tell Bird to go to H. V. when asked. Remember 21st, and please attend to this.

1321.Monday, March 30, 1863. SALVEO PEDES.

1322.Wednesday, April 1, 7, 1863, CALVEO PEDES.

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1323.—Saturday, April 4, 1863. A 2.-J'ai une belle nouvelle pour toi. Un second

to paquet est arrivé; on a tâché de faire croire que tu l'avais envoyé, mais on ne nous a pas trompé comme ça. Il les embarrasse sans cesse, que de garder ton secret comme tu le fais. Cela ne réussirait fas s'ils te comprenaient aussi bien que moi. J'essayerai de te voir bientôt, car je veux te consulter sur le projet d'aller à ---l'été prochain, et sur d'autres affaires plus importantes. Quelques efforts qu'ils fassent, ils n'ébranleront point la foi que je mets en toi. Fais que je sache quand tu vas aller au bord de la mer. Que Dieu te bénisse. FAITH.

1324.Tuesday, April 14, 1863. TURF.—If you respect my opinion keep away from

1 him. In London I hear no good. Delicacy must not prevent you communicating exact details. I will not reproach, but assist you. Your misery is mine. Did you get books ? He must be there if I am. Select.

1325.Thursday, April 16, 1863. C AN I dare to write again until I am certain of ....

and where ? ... Can I forget the sad request of your last !

1326.-Friday, April 24, 1863. TURF.—I am anxious to hear you have seen the

Times of April 14th. Do you wish me to go there next month? Will the objectionable person be there? Confide in me.

1327.Friday, May 1, 1863. F F.—Naples, Paris, or elsewhere. G. Smith's on T. 15th. Not twins this time.

1328.— Wednesday, May 6, 1863. A- -Lat. 41 degrees N., long. 10 degrees W.Pollaky, 4th May, 1863.

1329. — Wednesday, May 20, 1863. THE DERBY TURNPIKE TICKET.

1330.-Friday, May 22, 1863. 7 ERO.—Epsom-to the north 4 to 5. “Nous verrons.”—POLLAKY.

1331.Saturday, June 6, 1863. A Z.-Je vais expliquer l'omission du mois passé Iho quand l'occasion s'offria. J'ai été encore une fois à P--h! Le serment de ce jour là reste, et restera à jamais inviolable. J'entends d'étranges rumeurs, mais je sais qu'elles ne peuvent pas être vraies. Je rejette tout ce qui ne s'accorde pas avec tes derniers mots. Je viens de constater une circonstance toute particulière, qui fait abondamment voir ton désaveu de certains procedés recent; si même j'en avais jamais douté. Quelles que soient les rumeurs qui te viennent, crois seulement à ma confiance et ma fidélité inébranlables. — FAITH.

1332.– Friday, June 12, 1863. 7 – The old doctrine of “ being within the four seas" 4. would not affect the final issue of the case.POLLAKY.

1333.Friday, June 12, 1863. TURF.-A month has passed since we met. The

photograph not sent, or letter received. To neglect a sincere friend is foolish and unkind. Write explicitly. I hate uncertainty. Are we to meet again?


1334.—Thursday, June 18, 1863. - Just soon enough to be too late; with a secret . which is no secret after all.–POLLAKY.

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Wednesday, Julyot reach me in COM

1337.Wednesday, July 1, 1863. TURF.—The information did not reach me in time

for the request to be complied with. COMMUNICATE again.

1338.—Thursday, July 9, 1863. A 2.—“Thy will be done.”—FAITH.

1339.—Monday, July 13, 14, 1863. THERE is happiness in calm resignation.-Lam. iii.

3-7. No. 13. “Thy will be done.”

1340.—Thursday, August 6, 1863. ALFRED.—COME, oh, come. I beseech a last

1 interview. Remember the 25th. Although I am bound in honour and in justice to myself to give all up then, yet I am willing to make the sacrifice, and will hand you the greatest number. I desire to spare, if not your feelings, at least those of some one else.

1341.Thursday, August 13, 1863. VIOLET TOKEN !—Your conduct was most unac

countable, and towards "- " most unjust. Your letters await only your honourable explanation being given to him. He's waited long, patiently, and at great loss. WRITE to him immediately, with confidential explanations, by post-fear not. Or write, as formerly, through those who passed your many previous letters. Act on this advice honourably, and without delay. All shall end as you wish. Pocket-book, with portraits.

1342.- Friday, August 14, 1863. TURF.—WRITE. It is long since I heard from you.

Since we met last I have had much trouble. When can we meet again? Brighton this autumn ?

1343.Tuesday, August 25, 1863. SAINT SWITHIN is so very sorry! Was the para

graph intended for him?

1344.–Friday, August 28, 1863. THY WILL BE DONE—the language of heaven

echoed on earth.—August 27. “We praise thee, O Lord.”

1345.Monday, September 14, 1863. M IGHT, Could, Would, and Should—“The many

only formed one —--"! Is W. Hand's address known?

1346. - Saturday, September 19, 1863. M R. A. G.-—“Oui.” Bien fermé. V. dévoué A. F.

1347.Wednesday, September 23, 1863. ONUTA.— Might, Could --? “The many only

formed one.” Send the right address to W. Hand.

1348.—Tuesday, September 29, 1863. FRANKFORT MINE. One blank. One prize. One month, Treasure. Been to sea.

1349.Thursday, October 1, 1863. TURF.—Why so long silent? No reply to last ad

vertisement. Where can we meet? My time is not at my own disposal, or I would long ago have seen you.

1350.Wednesday, October 7, 1863. PHILIP. i. 3. June 13th, 1863—" Aimée pour soi1 même, aimée malgré soi-même." V. H. LM II. 68. Voilà une conviction qui s'établit difficilement dans le cour, ou que l'ennemi du genre humain s'occupe sournoisement à dénouer les cordes qui nous enchainent

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