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1704.—Saturday, October 16, 1869. “ ROLAND” 7543. 17, 359. 1946,-0751. . 287. I.

51. 74, 6.—POLLAKY, Paddington-green.

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1706.Wednesday, October 27, 1869. AIXA.—The Horseman dangerously ill. Search pass a leading to Mountain.—POLLAKY.

1707.Monday, Novemier I, 1869. AIXA (Telegram).—The Horseman slightly better.

(Rome, 27.10.69.)-POLLAKY'S Private Inquiryoffice, 13, Paddington-green. London, W.

1708.-Monday, November 8, 1869. DIPLOMAT.—Telegram, “He has shaved.”—POLLAKY, 13, Paddington-green.

1709.Friday, November 12, 1869. AIXA.—The Horseman is dismounted, and left in the 4 cold. (Telegram R.... No. gth).—POLLAKY, Private Inquiry-office, 13, Paddington-green.

1710.—Saturday, November 13, 1869. E NEST., F. Nest, C. Nest., 22d February.—Snow

• on the ground, yet 'twas then the heart grew warmer. You did quite right. I am very grateful. Listen, when another year dawns. Be very careful of yourself. I bide my time. God bless you ever.—28 M. E 8, Letters.

1711.Monday, November 22, 1869. WHISPER. Empty pocket. As quiet as a mouse. At Xmas.--POLLAKY, 13, Paddington-green, W.

1712.Thursday, November 25, 1869. TLE! Endlich Nachricht Noch nicht wohl, immer

Dein, bleibe es.

1713.-Tuesday, November 30, 1869. HAWKER.-Particulars rewarded.—CALL.


1714.Tuesday, November 30, 1869. PRAS PIQUE : You are a dark shadow on the Road

of life. I will not touch it.-POLLAKY, 13 Paddington-green.

1715.- Wednesday, December 8, 1869. ARGUERITÉ.-Rien de nouveau. Look next

year and the years following. Write soon. Tout à toi.-FAUST. Fleurs qui vivaient auprès d'elles. Dites. lui qu'elle est belle.

1716.-Saturday, December 18, 21, 23, 1869. CURLY FEATHER.–Wet or dry, must I never see

you more ?-Disconsolate Umbrella.

1717.Thursday, December 30, 1869. CURLY FEATHER CANNOT TELL.

1718.Tuesday, January 4, 1870. 'HE CRUELLEST WRONG of ALL. Not in the

slightest hurt. Thought it the most natural thing in the world. The cruellest wrong of all is not to have a personal knowledge of Jesus ; wrongs Him-wrongs. oneself.

1719.-Friday, January 7, 1870. E 0. G.–Leave E for N January 7th. M any time,

“ if you care.” The sooner the better. If there is not rain—Loyal à mort. “BLUE BELL.”

1720.--Tuesday, January 11, 1870. B.—Read Jan. 7. Am so disappointed. “Do you

care for MM? If so, make it soon. E. for N. Jan. 7. M, if fine, any time. Fidèle à mort.-—“ Blue Bell.”

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1721,- Wednesday, January 19, 1870. E. C.-Too late. On ne doit jamais aimer le bien, d'autrui. Blaspheme not.-L. M. L.

1722.Thursday, January 20, 1870. I M. L.-Courage, mon petit chou. Soyez ferme,

u fiez-vous à moi, et soyez aussi silencieuse que les rochers au fond de la mer. Votre Français est très mauvais.-C. E. C.

1723.Thursday, January 20, 1870. THE GOSPEL “for the period” (aiúvlov)—“He that

1 hath ears to hear let him hear”-and nothing else can meet the exigencies of these perilous times. Inquiring Churchmen are invited to send their cards to G. W., 90, Stamford-street, Blackfriars.

1724.-Saturday, January 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 1870. NOT IN THESE BOOTS.-H. R.

1725.-Thursday, January 27, 1870. ALL very pleased indeed, with “several things," espe

cially cuffs. “Little blue oddity" very pretty. Used daily by me. Did not like intruding on them in their trouble, so send word thus. Let me know maker's name of cotton. Farewell, Birdie.

1726.Monday, January 31, 1870. "O STRAY BUZWINGS.-In consequence of the

destruction by fire of the Star and Garter Hotel, Richmond, a GRAND FLITTING of the Order will occur Tuesday, 8th proximo. Red tickets obtained only of J. G. B. The Buzwing-hall, Jan. 26, 1870. By order.

1727.Monday, January 31, 1870. "O STRAY BUZWINGS.— JAHARAH SINGH,

P.B., will LECTURE (D.v.) at the Buzwing-hall, on Monday, 7th inst. Subject_“The Buzwing Theory of Flight.” By order.

1728.-- Wednesday, February 2, 1870. THE ICE around the C. B. is very Rotten, and has

broken up.--N. C. G.

1729.Monday, February 14, 1870. CRACE.—His Eminence declares that, “of all the

U penitents he ever confessed, you cap them.” C'est facile à comprendre !-POLLAKY, Private Inquiryoffice, 13, Paddington-green.

1730.-Friday, February 18, 1870. DEERLESS ONE.—“Il faut l'amour ou la religion

pour goûter la nature.” Scorching inside last cover will discover affinity. Pray respond. Yours for ever. P **** R.

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1732.Tuesday, March 8, 1870. SECULAR (Rome).—Nos. 50, 52, 53 safe-51, 52

ominous fingermarks! 51, struggled nobly.POLLAKY, 13, Paddington-green.

1733.Tuesday, March 22, 1870. Dy the WATER, wishing for me, cruel fates that

separate us. Why not break the cord? All my cfforts useless. For many --- --- J.

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