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186.— Tuesday, August 28, 1849. OUISE.—Ou le voit bien, mais ou n'y pense pas

à présent.--Août 27.-D. E.

187.-Saturday, September 15, 1849. T QUISE de K. S.-GEDULD und HOFFNUNG.

September 13.-R. L.

188.—Thursday, October 4, 1849. ONE.—YES. 2.--Yes, If I should fail.—ALFRED.

189.Monday, October 8, 1849.


190.Tuesday, October 9, 1849. IT IS ALL OFF.—R.

191.Wednesday, October 10, 1849. M ARIE LOUISE.—D. K. Vous avez bien raison

de n'avoir point de peur.—Normandie. Octobre 8.

192.Tuesday, November 20, 1849. DIVER is WELL, and gone with his friends to Paris.

193.- Saturday, December 8, 1849. MR. DOLDRUM has ARRIVED.

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194.-- Thursday, January 10, 1850. J. under consideration. Why make such a selection of two names?

195.Tuesday, January 15, 1850. B.—ALL is WELL. Be on yr. guard against h the two persons you heard of on the 13th. They neither of them understand the case, especially the first. Thomas is in Town. God bless you.

196.- Saturday, February 16, 1850. TF the Intentions of M. N. R. are honourable, the 1 person his letter was addressed to will be grateful for any disclosures, as she has already suspected the villany, he hints at. A further COMMUNICATION immediately, addressed to 29, Half-Moon Street, Piccadilly, is requested, and the secrecy demanded may be implicitly relied on.

197.Wednesday, February 20, 1850. VOURS TRULY, and most obliged.--I feel that you

wished to leave me in a good position. It is not so. Let me shortly hear from you, and your confidence shall not be abused, and all may yet be right.

198.Tuesday, February 26, 1850. EARTHRUG CLUB.—The “MYTH” is requested to Return to his disconsolate friends.

199.- Wednesday, February 27, 1850. HEARTHRUG CLUB.— Faith, Corporal, you'll I kill me with yr. wit and learning. Have you returned to yr. canteen?—not Hearthrug Club.—Spare me. Good bye.-H. C. .

200.-Friday, March 1, 1850. NO ONE.-S. Impi. F. npi. C. qgnl. mkgn. F. ngli.

lokg. pil. S. nlgi. F. nmkl. B. qgip. F. hkom. C.

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201.- Wednesday, March 6, 1850. FRIDAY EVENING.-I am deeply grieved at the

tidings announced. A sincere prayer is offered up for amendment and restoration.-B. March 2.

202.Monday, April 15, 1850. A B. C. D. is informed that what he desired is done, M. and that his wishes are entirely granted by the parties concerned.

203.- Saturday, April 20, and 22, 23, 24, 1850. A BIT OF MY MIND.-A. M., March 25.

204.Wednesday, April 24, 1850. A SUBSTANTIAL PROOF of SYMPATHY, No.

82, 287 RECEIVED.

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207. Thursday, May 9 and 10, 1850. TO A. B.-I intend to OPPOSE, but others should

1 join me. I shall be glad to receive another letter without delay, and I will consider it confidential.

208.— Tuesday, May 28, 1850. A W.-The DOG “WOLF” is DEAD. The ex

periment has fully succeeded. The “Bear” mourns. “Tidus vale amicus.”

209.Wednesday, May 29, 1850. TO A * * * *.—If humanity has not entirely fled

from your breast, return, oh! return, ere it is too late, to the heart-broken distracted wife you have forsaken-ere the expression of those soft eyes that won you be lost in the bewildered stare of insanity—ere they may gaze even on you and know you not; write, tell her, oh! tell her, where you are, that she may follow you -her own, her all—and die. See her once more.

210.Thursday, May 30, 1850. W.—The WOLF is NOT DEAD, but has been . dangerously ill. Letters are intercepted. I trust no one. Break not your pledge. Communicate personally.-B. .... ts.

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214.Monday, July 15, and 18, 22, 25, 1850. THE ONE-WINGED DOVE must DIE unless the

CRANE RETURNS to be a shield against her enemies.

215.Friday, July 19, 1850. TO NON VENI, NON VIDE.—With many thanks.

1 Ho passato molte infelici óre. 216.Thursday, July 25, and Monday, August 5, 1850. HIS HONOR ne MANQUE que TOI SEUL. 1. Welcome in poverty. Ecris. Viens. Je meurs. -Jennie.

217.Thursday, August 1, 1850. N O.6.-Slmpi at Cagnl and F pink. Fmqho olhi Chgo,

Fpgnm Eomin 22nd Fmnhq, oing Epqig, and Fnpkl by Enhkp, Foghm npmq ogpi. Chgik and Cuhgq Fnpqm Cqknp in Fhnio. Cpoml Snigl Enpqh. Sonqh. Fkqpo hipk mqhoʻolhi, Enqkh. Cigi S. to Fmlgi Cqkin.J. de W.

218.- Wednesday, August 28, 1850. · F., CHELSEA. APPOINT the PLACE. Delay

. not; I trust to your word, but cannot live in this state of indecision. All will be well could I but see you. M. H. Address, 137, Jermyn-street.

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