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1736.Saturday, April 30, 1870. HOTEL-VIPER.—Henceforth you will not find

such easy victims.—POLLAKY, 13, Paddingtongreen.

1737:- Tuesday, May 10, 1870. WOOLOOMOOLOO.—SHOUT.

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1740.-Friday, May 20, 1870. INKIND and UNGENEROUS.—Pertinacious.

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1741.-Monday, May 23, 1870. R.--157, 345.671 Le Diable in miniature, 8621,

4561,,., 751, 8417,, 00—Pollaky.

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1743.—Saturday, June 18, 1870.CHIPTON to MACDONOGH.—Come back. Are w the husks so pleasant that for them you desert the father's house and bread ? Walk in and take your desk as though you had left yesterday; and go home with Minchin as though nothing had happened. The Dis. ciples of Jesus have no reproaches for returning Prodigals.

. 1744.—Tuesday, June 21, 1870. W OOLOOMOOLOO shout rapidly and royally.

Varmint all vanished. Impetuous Popsey im. pecunious.

1745.Tuesday, June 21, 1870, TARTARUS.—They appeared to be exceedingly jolly

in their mourning-coaches. — POLLAKY, 13 Paddington-green, W.

1746.- Saturday, June 25, 1870. CECILIA!

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1748.—Saturday, July 2, 1870. FOUNDRY was so pleased. Much dearer to her

since. Happier by far. You and hope. Intend only gardens. Love Birdie for your sake. -Boo.

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1750.- Friday, July 22, 1870. F G. G. (en voyage).-K. E. Y. has been boiling

. eggs in the crater of Mount Vesuvius; back in Grenoble end of this month, at Hotel du Commerce.-X.

1751.-Saturday, July 23, 1870. E G. G. (en voyage).—Look at the Times ; telegrams Lo now uncertain. Call at S-4g, in Moravia, on the same line of longitude as Austerlitz. Make all haste to Grenoble.-X.

1752.Tuesday, July 26, 1870. G. G. (en voyage).—Telegrams of no use whatso- ever. Stick to the Times for correspondence. Pass by the Tyrol and the Land of William Tell to Grenoble. K.E. Y. is there.—X.

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1753.Wednesday, July 27, 1870. G. G. (en voyage).—Avoid the Land of William

Tellpass through the Tyrol, over the Stelvio

then by Solferino, Magenta, and the Mount Cenis to Grenoble. (5th advertisement.)—X.

LILY. HIS , August 5, 1850

1754.-Saturday, August 5, 1870. | ILY.-TIME FLIES.

1755.-Friday, August 15, 1870. W ITH T.—You are merely her stepping stone.

w Arrived at T. B. G. B. Infatuated. Stop it.. Some day you will turn, and her ruin will follow. She pretends you know all.

1756.Thursday, August 25, 1870. M Y Life, your S. Wife, Rosy.—Letter, telegram,

fortnight. Are you better? Unhappy. V. S. when. £25 gone.

1757.Thursday, August 25, 1870. TO STRAY BUZWINGS.—The BUZWING CHES

TER CUP THIS DAY. Fluttering at 11. Banquet at 1. By order.

1758.—Saturday, September 10, 1870. EDBERY and Mc Raye, attention ! Julius stops at the Tavistock.

1759.Thursday, October 6, 1870. DEARLS and GARNET.-Search large one first if

practicable. Duplicates : if first is not found it will not much signify.

1760.-Saturday, October 8, 12, 1870. I COULD not speak; it was too sudden. .

1761.Saturday, October 8, 1870. EARL and GARNET.—The sooner the better. - Not the small one, as that and the next will be tried here. We cannot insure it, the last day you mention. If large is not found yet, no matter.

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1763.-Thursday, October 27, 1870. to DOLCE.—Will Dolce correct the shadow. M. cannot accompany it as it is now. .

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1766. Wednesilay, November 2, 1870. VINNA FORGET! My silence forgie. Whistle at u Christmas and I'll come to ye. Loyal je serai durant ma vie.

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