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of the family's eyes, it is for obvious reasons desired that this may meet the attention which the nearest relationship pleads for. An answer, addressed to the Blossoms Inn, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, will be attended to.

13.-Friday, September 21, 1804. TF the YOUTH THAT LEFT ISLINGTON on 1 Sunday evening can remember that he ever had a Mother, he is informed he will soon be deprived of that blessing, except he immediately writes with particulars, or personally appears before her. His friend will redress any circumstance, and settle every point to his satisfaction.


14.Wednesday, October 10, and Thursday, October 11,

1804. THE LETTER of J. A. has been received this

morning: the person to whom it was addressed will be happy to receive a further communication, and assures the writer that everything friendship can dictate will be done for him if he will send a line where a letter may be addressed to him : he thinks it needless to pledge his honour that secrecy will be observed, and his own inclinations alone be consulted.

.. . OCTOBER 9th, 1804. 15.- Friday, January 10, 1806.



Thursday, February 6, 1806. ....

17.Monday, December 29, 1806. TO D. P.—IN ANSWER to D. P.'s note, the sum

proposed is 3000l., which will be lodged in the hands of his Banker, or any one else he may appoint. The next, addressed to Newmarket, will be duly attended to.

18.Wednesday, May 13, 1807 CARD.-If Mr. A., who had such a delightful 1 Row to Battersea, on Monday, the 27th of last month, will call or write, everything can be explained to his satisfaction.

19.-Friday, July 3, 1807. M R. T. BARRALET begs leave to remind his IV Friends who knew him thirty years ago, that he is alive and in good health.—South Lambeth, July 2.

20.Monday, May 22, 1809. TF the LADY who met a CLERGYMAN in the Green

wich Coach, on Thursday, May 18, will send her address at Somers Town, to Rev. W. J., at the Turk's Head Coffee-house in the Strand, she may accomplish the declared object of her wishes immediately.

21.Tuesday, December 25, 1810. A LADY who passed a Gentleman on Monday, the

17th of this month, in Hart-street, Bloomsbury, about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, without speaking to him, is anxious for an opportunity of seeing him again, any time after the 7th of January.

22.Tuesday, September 10, 1811. TF the Gentleman who met a LADY in Gracechurch1 street, on the evening of the 9th of November last, and walked with her to the lower end of Bishopgatestreet, and then waited till her return, and then accompanied her into the City, will be at the exact spot where he waited for her, at 8 o'clock on Wednesday and Thursday next, she will meet him, having something of importance to communicate.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1811.

23.Friday, March 31, 1815. B.'s LETTER is acknowledged with thanks, and ' further information is solicited most earnestly; no expense or labour will be spared in the pursuit of that justice which has hitherto been sought in vain ; honour and secrecy may be relied on always.

24.-- Thursday, November 7, 1816. DHILIP.-Would PHILIP like to hear of his


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25.Monday, April 27, 1818. © B.- If every manly feeling is not extinct in you,

you will return directly. It is false shame to leave a woman to combat difficulties that you could not withstand. You are vilified, as if you were a bad man, and that by persons whose indulgence you might expect. Your presence may reverse what has been done. It will relieve those who love you, from distress the most unutterable.—April 27.

26.Thursday, May 7, and May 14, 1818.

B.—If you could conceive the sorrow and despair • into which I am plunged, I am sure you would at last let me hear from you ; this unkindness distracts me more than all the rest; with you I could suffer every privation; your absence only aggravates our miseries ; you have still friends left, whose kindness can obliterate past recollections.

S. B. 27.Monday, March 22, 1819. Z. is particularly expected; he will find a Letter in

Cheapside.—Saturday morning, March 20, 1819.

.. 28.-- Tuesday, July 6, 1819. [ K. B.--RECEIVED.

- 29.Wednesday, September 6, 1820. "'TIS WELL.” H. H.—London, September 4, 1820.

30.Thursday, September 21, 1820. H H . begs leave to acknowledge receipt of J. A.'s

• communication, and to inform him, that he need not hesitate in naming the harbour and using his own oars. -London, September 1, 1820. . . 31.Monday, April 2, 1821.

B.-B. U.-C. T. *** A. A.-E. E.-E. F. * * *

F. A. * * * E. A. * * * A. S. A. T.-B. U.

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33.Friday, March 7, 1823. in the City, is particularly desirous to know the D. Possessor of the following motto—“Je mours on je m'attache.”

34.—Tuesday, April 1, 1823. A. * * * F. A. * * * F. G. * B. L. * * * A. R. * A. U. * A. W.. * B. G.

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38.Wednesday, September 24, 1823. HAZARD & Co.—TO-MORROW.

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