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in 1836, 1wenty-two thousand, three hundred and twenty. A large portion of this country is but little known, and is still in the occupancy of the Indians. It is yet thinly settled its great mineral resources, fertile soil, and fine climate are, however, attracting numerous emigrants. Lead, copper, and iron are found in great abundance.


Iowa territory was organized by Congress in 1838. During the two preceding years it formed the western division of Wisconsin. The country so far as it has been explored, is beautiful in appearance, and of uncommon fertility of soil. Most luxuriant crops of corn, wheat, and oats, are produced. Lead, the principal mineral

, is found in great abundance ; and the finest lead mines in the United States, are those worked in the vicinity of Dubuque. Coal, iron, and limestone also abound.

INDIAN TERRITORY. This territory is assigned by the United States government for the residence of those Indians who have emigrated or may emigrate from the eastern part of the Union. The atmosphere is salubrious, and the climate delightful. It contains coal, some lead and iron ore, and many saline springs, suitable for the manufacturing of salt. The most serious defect is the want of timber. The Indians devote considerable time to agriculture. About five hundred bales of cotton were raised by the Choctaws in 1835. Number of square miles, two hundred and forty thousand.

MISSOURI TERRITORY. Missouri territory is a vast wilderness, thinly settled only by different tribes of Indians, many of whom have no permanent residence. It consists of extensive prairies, over which roam countless droves of buffalo, elk, deer, and wild horses. This region is visited by white traders who barter with the Indians for skins of buffaloes, bears, beavers, &c., taken by them in hunting. Square miles, three hundred thousand.


This territory is the most western part of the United States. It extends from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific ocean. In many parts the soil is fertile, and well adapted to farming. Wheat, corn, and vegetables are raised in excellent quality. Pine trees of enormous bulk grow on Columbia river, and many of them attain the height of two hundred and fifty feet. Though claimed by the United States, the territory is at present actually in the possession of Great Britain. The traders of the Hudson's Bay Company have established forts at various points. Population eighty thousand; number of square miles, four hundred and fifty thousand.

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