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Página 355 - If you go into the upper galleries of the Library of Congress on any day of the winter and take a book from the shelves, the chances are that it will almost burn your hand. It has...
Página 355 - Resolved, That, in the opinion of the Association, the time has come for a radical modification of the prevailing typical style of library building, and the adoption of a style of construction better suited to economy and practical utility.
Página 365 - A librarian should be as unwilling to allow an inquirer to leave the library with his question unanswered as a shop-keeper is to have a customer go out of his store without making a purchase.
Página 355 - In the library I speak of, moreover, there is only the injury resulting from the rising heat to which the books are subjected, since no gas is burned. When to the fearful and almost incandescent heat, that gathers under every ceiling, is added the well-known destructive influence of coal-gas, burned through many hours of each day, the effects upon the books and bindings are simply deplorable.
Página 387 - San Francisco Cataloguing for public libraries. A manual of the system used in the San Francisco Free Public Library- San Francisco, 1884, p. 40. Perkins, Fred. B. A rational classification of literature for shelving and cataloguing books in a library. Revised edition. San Francisco, 1882. 57+4 p. 8°. Dewey, Melvil. Mr. Perkins
Página 356 - Athenzum to consult books, and when he came down found his clothes covered with a fine red powder. He asked if I knew what that powder was. I replied that I had often observed the same fact in the same locality, and I had .no doubt that it was the ashes of the bindings which had been consumed by excessive heat.
Página 375 - At the present time, if a specially valuable book is published it finds its way to at least a thousand different libraries, in all of which it must be catalogued. One of the highest salaried officers of each of these thousand libraries must take this book and examine it for the scores of points that only a cataloguer can appreciate the necessity of looking up. Then the title must be copied and revised.
Página 385 - Scholasticornm et aliorum: iterumque jus Canonicum, historia Ecclesiastica, Chronologia sacra &c. In secunda libri Philosophici, juxta Philosophiae divisionem; itemque artes Mechanicae, quae ex Philosophia dependent. In tertia Medicina, Chirurgia &c. In quarta Juris civilis prudentia. In quinta humana historia pro ratione temporum et locorum. In sexta Oratores, Poe'tae, Grammatici. In septima, universalia sive encyclia, thesauri, apparatus bibliothecae, dictionaria
Página 412 - And at the other end of the scale it is worth his while to knovv that the book is too big to hold in the hand — that a desk or table will be needed when he reads it. Between these two extremes the great majority of modem...
Página 354 - In the Library journal (v. 7, p. 130) ; and in a separate pamphlet, Boston, iSSa, 16 p. (3) " Remarks on Library Construction ; to which is appended an examination of Mr. JL Smithmeyer's pamphlet entitled, ' Suggestions on Library Architecture, American and Foreign.

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