Österreichische staatsverträge: England, Volume 2


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Página 86 - In cuius rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium, vicesimo tercio die Maii anno regni nostri nono.
Página 733 - TC etC. avons signé, en vertu de nos pleins pouvoirs respectifs, la présente convention, et y avons fait apposer les cachets de nos armes. Fait ŕ Versailles, ce 10 juin de l'année 1763.
Página 671 - ... cities, towns, and villages, belonging to either, may neither demand nor take from the respective merchants and people greater taxes, duties, stipends, recompenses, gifts, or any other charges, than what ought to be taken by virtue of this treaty ; and that the said merchants...
Página 671 - ... for three months, and shall pay thrice the value of the thing so received, of which the half shall be for the king of the country where the crime is committed, and the other half for the denunciator, for the which he may sue his right before any competent judge of the country where it shall happen.
Página 650 - I. His Sacred Royal Majesty of Portugal promises, both in his own name, and that of his successors, to admit, for ever hereafter, into Portugal, the woollen cloths and the rest of the woollen manufactures of the British, as was accustomed till they were prohibited by the law ; nevertheless upon this condition : ART.
Página 670 - That the said Kings of Great Britain and Spain shall take care that their respective people and subjects from henceforward do abstain from all force, violence, or wrong ; and if any injury shall be done by either of the said Kings, or by the people or subjects of either of them, to the people or subjects of .the other, against the Articles of this Alliance, or against common right, there shall not therefore be given letters of reprisal, marque, .or counter-marque, by any of the Confederates, until...
Página 810 - En foi de quoi nous soussignés leurs ambassadeurs extraordinaires et ministres plénipotentiaires avons signé de notre main en leur nom et en vertu de nos pleins-pouvoirs le présent traité définitif et y avons fait apposer le cachet de nos armes.
Página 811 - ... des Puissances contractantes; et que l'on se conformera ŕ l'avenir ŕ ce qui a été observé, et doit ętre observé, ŕ l'égard et de la part des Puissances qui sont en usage et en possession de donner et de recevoir des exemplaires de semblables traités...
Página 671 - ... the aforesaid officers are allowed, shall be put down in writing, declaring as well the species of what is imported, as what is carried out. And if any officer, or any other in his name, upon any pretence whatsoever, in...
Página 444 - ... pendendam noverit harum testimonio litterarum manu nostra subscriptarum et sigilli nostri caesarei appensione munitarum, quae dabantur in civitate nostra Viennae nona Decembris, anno millesimo septingentesimo vigesimo tertio, regnorum nostrorum Romani decimo tertio, hispanicorum vigesimo primo, hungarici et bohemici pariter decimo tertio. Carolus. Ad mandatum sacrae Cese Mtis proprium Philippus Wildericus ND de Georgenthal.

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