Anecdotes of the Aristocracy: And Episodes of Ancestral Story : Second Series


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Página 86 - and tell you a truth which, perchance, ye will marvel at. One of the greatest benefits that ever God gave me, is, that he sent me so sharp and severe parents, and so gentle a schoolmaster. For when I am in presence either of father or mother, whether I speak, keep silence, sit, stand, or go, eat, drink, be merry or sad, be sewing, playing...
Página 86 - I must do it, as it were, in such weight, measure and number, even so perfectly as God made the world, or else I am so sharply taunted, so cruelly threatened, yea presently sometimes with pinches, nips and bobs, and other ways which I will not name for the honour I bear them, so without measure misordered that I think myself in hell till time come that I must go to Mr.
Página 34 - Fondness prevailed, mamma gave way, Kitty at heart's desire Obtained the chariot for a day, And set the world on fire!": "I am sure it must have been very inflammable,
Página 86 - Her parents, the Duke and Duchess, with all the household, gentlemen and gentlewomen, were hunting in the park : I found her...
Página 87 - Elmer; who teacheth me so gently, so pleasantly, with such fair allurements to learning, that I think all the time nothing whiles I am with him.
Página 11 - Here didst thou dwell, here schemes of pleasure plan, Beneath yon mountain's ever beauteous brow : But now, as if a thing unblest by man, Thy fairy dwelling is as lone as thou ! Here giant weeds a passage scarce allow To halls deserted, portals gaping wide : Fresh lessons to the thinking bosom, how Vain are the pleasaunccs on earth supplied ; Swept into wrecks anon by time's ungentle tide...
Página 125 - Stanhope got up at ten o'clock, went out, and then returned to be dressed, if in London, by the hair-dresser ; and there were only two in London, both of them Frenchmen, who could dress her. Then she went out to dinner, and from dinner to the Opera, and from the Opera to parties, seldom returning until just before daylight.
Página 102 - ... with William, Earl of Douglas, father of Earl James, of whom we are now speaking, at his castle of Dalkeith, five miles from Edinburgh.
Página 253 - At forty minutes past four, the combatants were on the ground ; they both displayed the greatest coolness and courage. The friends of both parties retired, and the combatants, having a pistol in each hand, with directions to discharge them at their discretion, prepared to fire. They levelled, and before the lapse of a second, both shots were heard. Mr. D'Esterre's was first, and missed. Mr. O'Connell's followed instantaneously, and took effect in the thigh of his antagonist, about an inch above the...
Página 102 - Of all the battles, great or small, that have been described in this history, this of which I am now speaking was the best fought and the most severe: for there was not a man, knight, or squire, who did not acquit himself gallantly hand to hand with the enemy.

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