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The Works of Tobias Smollet edited by John Moore.

London 1797. 8 vols. (vol. V: The Adventures of

Ferdinand Count Fathom.) The Works of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford. London 1798.

5 vols. The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, edited by

Peter Cunningham. London 1857–59. 9 vols. Horace Walpole. The Castle of Otranto. London 1886. Clara Reeve. The Old English Baron: A Gothic Story. The

sixth Edition. London 1797. Clara Reeve. The Old English Baron. London 1888. Ann Radcliffe. Novels. London 1824. (Ballantyne's Nove

list's Library vol. X.) Enthält: „The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne“, „A Sicilian Romance“, „The Romance of

the Forest“, „The Mysteries of Udolpho“, „The Italian“. The Posthumous Works of Mrs. Radcliffe: Gaston de Blonde

ville, or the Court of Henry III. keeping festival in Ardenne, a Romance, etc. to which is prefixed a memoir of the author (by Talfourd) with extracts from her journals.

(The first edition) London 1826. 4 vols. Ann Radcliffe. The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with

some pieces of poetry. The third edition. London 1792.

3 vols. Ann Radcliffe. The Romance of the Forest. London 0. J. Ann Radcliffe. The Mysteries of Udolpho: A Romance. London 1836.

4 vols.

Ann Radcliffe. The Italian, or the Confessional of the Black Peni

tents. A Romance. The second edition. London 1797. 3 vols. Matthew Gregory Lewis Ambrosio, or The Monk. The

fourth edition. London 1798. 3 vols.

Allibone. S. A. A critical dictionary of English literature

and British and American authors. Philadelphia and Lon

don 1877. 3 vols. Chambers. Encyclopaedia. A dictionary of universal know

ledge. New edition 1895. Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Leslie Stephen

and Sidney Lee. London 1890. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Ninth edition. Edinburgh 1884.

Alison.. Essays. London 1850. 3 vols.
Beers. A. H. A history of English Romanticism in the 18th

century. London 1899.
Blackwood's Magazine XI. March 1822.

XX. July 1826. Büchner. Geschichte der englischen Poesie von der Mitte des

14. bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts. Darmstadt 1855. Chambers. Cyclopaedia of English literature. Fourth edition.

London and Edinburgh 1893. Cunningham, Allan. Biographical and critical history of the British Literature of the last fifty years.

Paris 1834. Dunlop, John. The History of Fiction being a critical ac

count of the most celebrated prose works of fiction from the earliest Greek romances to the novels of the present

age. London 1814. 3 vols. Edinburgh Review. vol. LIX. April—July 1834. Elwood Mrs. Memoirs of the literary ladies of England.

London 1843. 2 vols.

Fürst. Die Vorläufer der modernen Novelle im 18. Jahr

hundert. Halle 1897. Gentleman's Magazine 1786. 1807. 1834. Gosse, Edmund. A history of eighteenth century literature.

London 1899. Grässe. Lehrbuch einer allgemeinen Literärgeschichte. Leip

zig 1858. 12 Bde. Hazlitt. Lectures on the comic writers. London 1853. (Lec

ture VI: On the English novelists). Hettner. Geschichte der englischen Litteratur von der Wieder

herstellung des Königtums bis in die zweite Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts. (1660--1770) 5. Auflage. Braun

schweig 1894. Jeaffreson. Novels and Novelists from Elisabeth to Victoria.

London 1858. 2 vols. Jusserand. Le roman anglais, origine et formation des grandes

écoles de romanciers du XVIII ième siècle. Paris 1885. Kavanagh, Julia. English women of letters. London 1862. Le Fevre Deumier, J. Études biographiques et littéraires sur

quelques célébrités étrangères. Paris 1854. Macaulay. Essay on Walpole's letters to Sir Horace Mann.

(Critical and historical essays. Leipzig 1850. 5 vols.) Masson, David. British Novelists and their styles, being a

critical sketch of the history of British Prose Fiction.

Cambridge 1859. Oliphant, Margaret. The literary history of England in the

end of the 18th century. London 1882. 3 vols. Perry. English literature in the 18 th century. New-York 1883. Pursuits of Literature, à satirical poem in four dialogues with

notes. 14 th edition. London 1808. Quarterly Review vol. 142. July—October 1876. Rémusat, Charles de. L'Angleterre au dix-huitième siècle.

Paris 1856. 2 vols. Rowland. A comparison, criticism and estimate of the English

Novelists from 1700 to 1850. Oxford 1894.

Russel, Percy. A Guide to British and American novels:

Being a comprehensive Manual of all forms of popular

fictions in Great Britain etc. 2 nd edition 1894. Scott, Walter. Lives of the Novelists. Zwickau 1826. Stephen, Leslie. History of English Thought in the 18th

century. London 1876. 2 vols. Tuckerman. A history of English prose fiction from Sir

Thomas Malory to George Eliot. London 1882. Westminster Review. vol. 183. July-December 1892. Wolff. Allgemeine Geschichte des Romanes. Jena 1850. . Wülker. Geschichte der englischen Litteratur von den ältesten

Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart. Leipzig u. Wien 1896.

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