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Polmore, 9222, D. Narrative of labors in South Wales. By Rev. Joseph Pilmore, D. D. Philadelphia, 1825. Pritchard, 7956, D. The missionary's reward, or the success of the gospel in the Pacific. By George Pritchard, Esq. London, 1844. Samuel, 77.89, D. Journal of a missionary tour through the Desert of Arabia to Bagdad. By the Rev. Jacob Samuel. Edinburgh, 1844. Schön, 7450, D. Journals of the Rev. J. F. Schön and Mr. Samuel Crowther, to the Niger, in 1841, in behalf of the Church Missionary Society. London, 1842. Smith, 11864, O. & 8738, D. A narrative of an exploratory visit to each of - the consular cities of China, and the Islands of Hong Kong and Chusan, in behalf of the Church Missionary Society, in 1844, *45, and '46. By the Rev. George Smith. London, 1847; New York, 1848. Southgate, 7808, D. Narrative of a visit to the Syrian (Jacobite) Church of Mesopotamia; with statements and reflections upon the present state of Christianity in Turkey, and the character and prospects of the Eastern Churches. By the Rev. Horatio Southgate. New York, 1844. Spencer, 8100, D. Journal of a visitation tour, in 1843–4, through part of the western portion of his diocese. By George Trevor Spencer, D. D. Lord Bishop of Madras. London, 1845. Stockton, 12312, 0.4. The Bible Society and Evangelical Alliance, an address. By Thomas H. Stockton. Philadelphia, 1847. Stow, 8287, D. The missionary enterprise; a collection of discourses on Christian missions by American authors. Edited by Baron Stow. Boston, 1846. Tomlin, 7841, D. Missionary Journals and letters during a residence and travels amongst the Chinese, Siamese, Javanese, Khassias, and other Eastern Nations. By J. Tomlin. London, 1844. Tracy, 10571, O. History of the American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions. By Joseph Tracy. 2d edit. New York, 1842. Tucker, 10593, D. Abbeokuta; or sunrise within the tropics: an outline of the origin and progress of the Yoruba Mission. By Miss Tucker. London, 1853. Vanderkiste, 10927, D. Notes and narratives of a six years mission, principally among the dens of London. By R. W. Vanderkiste, late London City Missionary. London, 1854. Walker, 11456, O. Missions in Western Africa, among the Soosoos, Bulloms, &c., being the first undertaken by the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East. By the Rev. Samuel Abraham Walker, A. M. Dublin, 1845. 11895, O. The Church of England mission in Sierra Leone. By Rev. S. A. Walker. London, 1847. Weitbrecht, 10888, D. Memoir of Rev. John J. Weitbrecht, comprehending a history of the Burdwan mission in Bengal. Compiled by his widow : With a notice by Rev. H. Wenn, and an introduction by Rev. A. M. W. Christopher. London, 1854. Whitfield, 478, Q. 6. Discovery of the Indians in New England, containing the progress of the Gospel amongst them. By Henry Whitfield. London, 1650. Williams, 95.57 & 9599, O. A narrative of missionary enterprises in the South Sea Islands. With remarks upon the natural history of the Islands, origin, languages, traditions and usages of the inhabitants. By John Williams, of the London Missionary Society. New York, 1837. London, 1837. Williams, 10601, O. The martyr of Erromanga, or the philosophy of missions,

illustrated from the labors, death and character of the late Rev. Jno. Williams. By John Campbell, D. D. London, 1842. Wilson, 97.83, O. A narrative of the Greek mission, or sixteen years in Malta and Greece, &c. By the Rev. S. S. Wilson. London, 1839. Wir, 626S, D. Six months of a Newfoundland missionary's journal, 1835. By Edward Wix. London, 1836. Woodcock, 9443, D. Scripture lands; being a visit to the scenes of the Bible. By the Rev. W. J. Woodcock. London, 1849. Wolff, 9.829, O. Journal of the Rev. Joseph Wolff; containing an account of his missionary labors from 1827 to 1838. London, 1839. —92S3, O. Researches and missionary labors among the Jews, Mahomedans, and other sects. By the Rev. Joseph Wolff. London, 1835. Fate, 61.87, D. An account of New Zealand, and of the Church Missionary Society's mission. By the Rev. William Yate. London, 1835. 12585, O. A collection of reports of various Bible Societies in the United States and Europe. Gift of Wm. E. Whitman, Esq. 12584, O. Constitution of the American Bible Society; together with the 2d, 10th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 31st, and 33d annual reports of the same. 2 vols. New York. Gift by same. 11005, O. 10. Constitution, by-laws, &c. of the Philadelphia Young Men's Bible Society. Philadelphia, 1841. Gift of C. D. Cleveland. 10328, O. 7. Summary notice concerning Bible societies in general and those of France in particular. Northampton, 1827. 10328, O. 3. The well-spent sou, or Bibles for the poor negroes. From the French. New Haven, 1830. 9765, D. The gospel in Central America. London, 1850. 8421, D. The travels of several learned Missionaries of the Society of ło, into divers parts of the Archipelago, India, China and America. London, 714. 10406, O. History of American missions to the heathen, from their commencement to the present time. Worcester, 1840. los, O. The origin of the first Protestant mission to China. London, 42. 12504, O. The 24th to the 32d annual reports inclusive, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Boston, 1833 to 1841. Gift of Prof. C. D. Cleveland. 12693, O. 11. Proceedings of the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church at their sixth annual meeting, 1841. New York, 1841. 13059, O. The Church Missionary Intelligencer, a monthly journal of missionary information. Vol. 3. London, 1852. 9568, O. 9. Annual report of the Board of Missions of the Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia, 1836. 12769, O. Home and foreign record of Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia, 1851. 6552, D. The history of the Moravian mission among Indians in North America. By a member of the Brethren's Church. London, 1838. 12609, O. A collection of reports and other pamphlets relating to Sunday Schools 1823 to 1831. 9568, O. 3. The duty of the Church in relation to Sunday Schools. Philadelphia, 1832. 9568, 0.10. Thirteenth annual report of the American Sunday School Union. Philadelphia, 1837. 12955, O. The 21st, 22d, 23d, 24th, and 25th annual reports of the American Sunday School Union. Philadelphia, 1845, &c. 9568, 0.4. Third, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th annual reports of the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union. New York, 1829, &c.

9568, 0. 6. Third annual report of the Episcopal Education Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1852. 12693, 0.7. Review of the tract controversy. (American Tract Society.) New York, 1845. 12954, O. 3, 4, & 5. Eleventh, 14th, and 16th annual reports of the Philadelphia Tract Society, with a list of officers, laws, &c. Philadelphia, 1838, &c. 12954, O. 1 & 2. Forty-ninth and fiftieth annual reports of the Religious Tract Society. London, 1848 and 1849. 12550, O. 7. Address of the Board of Managers of the American Protestant Association. Philadelphia, 1843. 9647, D. 6. The 21st report of the American Unitarian Association, with the proceedings of the Annual Meeting. Boston, 1846. 11537, O. Some account of the conduct of the Religious Society of Friends towards the Indian tribes, in the settlement of East and West Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Published by the Aborigines' committee of the Meeting for Sufferings. London, 1844. Gift of Thomas Wistar. 6459, O. The missionary register. 33 vols. London, 1816 to the present



Barth, 9973, O. Ueber die Druiden der Kelten und die Priester der alten Deutschen. Von C. Karl Barth. Erlangen, 1826. Björnstjerna, 11268, O. 2. The theogony of the Hindoos, with their systems of philosophy and cosmogony. By Count M. Björnstjerna. London, 1844. Christmas, 6475, D. Universal Mythology. By the Rev. Henry Christmas. London, 1838. Cunningham, 13230, O. The Bhilsa topes; or Buddhist monuments of Central India; comprising a sketch of the rise, progress, and decline of Buddhism. By Maj. Alexander Cunningham. Illustrated. London, 1854. * Demoustier, 6899, D. Lettres a £milie, sur la mythologie, par C. A. Demoustier. Paris, 1803. Duncan, 6991, D. The religions of profane antiquity, their mythology, fables, hieroglyphics, and doctrines; founded upon astronomical principles. By Jonathan Duncan. London. Hardy, 12859, O. Eastern monachism; an account of the origin, laws, discipline, sacred writings, mysterious rites, religious ceremonies, and present circumstances of the order of mendicants founded by Gotama J3udha (compiled from Singhalese and other original sources); with comparative notices of the Western ascetics, and a review of the monastic system. By R. Spence Hardy. London, 1850. 12980, O. A manual of Budhism in its modern development; translated from Singhalese MSS. By R. Spence Hardy. London, 1853. Hodgson, 10953, O. Illustrations of the literature and religion of the Buddhists. By B. R. Hodgson, Esq. Serampore, 1841. Keyser, 10720; D. The religion of the Northmen. By Rudolph Keyser, Professor of History in the University of Norway. Translated by Barclay Pennock. New York, 1854. Knight, 97.32, O. An inquiry into the symbolical language of ancient art and mythology. By R. P. Knight. London, 1836. Lane, 11036, O. , Selections from the Kur-an, commonly called the Koran, with an interwoven commentary. By E. W. Lane. London, 1843.

Mohammed, 12394, O. The life and religion of Mohammed. By Rev. J. L. Merrick. Boston, 1850. 13000, O. The Koran: commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed; translated into English immediately from the original Arabic: with explanatory notes from the most approved commentators. To which is prefixed a preliminary discourse by George Sale. A new edition with a memoir of the translator, and with various readings and illustrative notes from Savary's version of the Koran. Philadelphia, 1853. 12810, O. The life of Mohammed, from original sources. By A. Springer, M. D. Part I. Allahabad, 1851. Pauthier, 11469, O. Les livres sacrés de l'Orient. Par G. Pauthier. Paris, 1842. Savary, 10244, O. Le Coran, traduit de l'Arabe, accompagné de notes, précédé d'un abrégé de la vie de Mahomet. Par M. Savary. 3 tomes. A Paris, 1821. Smith, 11265, & 12540, O. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. By William Smith, LL.D. London, 1844. Stevenson, 12110, 0.1. The Kalpha Sutra, and Nava Tatva. Two works illustrative of the Jain religion and philosophy. Translated from the Magadhi. By Rev. J. Stevenson. London, 1848. Thorpe, 10071, D. Northern Mythology, comprising the principal popular traditions and superstitions of Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands. Compiled from original and other sources, by Benjamin Thorpe. 3 vols. London, 1851. Weil, 8334, D. The Bible, the Koran, and the Talmud, or biblical legends of the Mussulman. By Dr. G. Weil. London, 1846. Wilson, 2368, Q. The Vishnu Paráña, a system of Hindu mythology and tradition, translated from the original Sanscrit, and illustrated by notes derived chiefly from other Paráñas. By H. H. Wilson, M. A. London, 1840. — 11104, O. The Parsi religion, as contained in the Zand-Avastá, unfolded, refuted, and contrasted with Christianity. By John Wilson, D. D. Bombay, 1843.




Aiken, 7514, D. A comparative view of the constitutions of Great Britain and the United States of America. By P. F. Aiken. London, 1842. Andressen-Siemens, 7634, D. 3. Fragment iiber den Eid von Jacob AndressenSiemens. Hamburg, 1839. Beaumont, 12311, O. The law of fire and life insurance. By George D. B. Beaumont, Esq. London, 1846. Beccaria, 10274, O. Operé di Cesare Beccaria. 2 vols. Milano, 1821. Boërnus, 9228, D. Omnium gentium mores leges et utus a Johanno Boërno Aubano Teutonico. Antwerpiae, 1562. Burke, 7608, D. A treatise on the law of copyright. By Peter Burke. London, 1842. Constant, 10265, O. Commente sulla scienza della legislazione di G'. Filangieri, scritti del Signor Benimino Constant, prima traduzione Italiana. Italie, 1828. – 10014, O. Commentaire sur l'ouvrage de Filangieri, par M. Benjamin Constant. A Paris, 1824. Curtis, 13120, O. A treatise on the law of copyright. By G. T. Curtis. Boston, 1847. Dupin, 10921, 0.2. Opinion sur le droit de visite, par M. Le Baron Ch. Dupin. Flynn, 8522, D. British Consuls abroad, their origin, rank and privileges, &c. &c. By R. Flynn. London, 1846. Foss, 7607, D. The grandeur of the law; or the legal peers of England, with sketches of their professional career. By Edward Foss. London, 1843. Hesse, 2003, Q. 12. De insinuatione donationum rite conficienda. Dissertatio quam defendet Christianus Mauritius Hesse. Lipsiae, 1844. Hoffman, 9.457, O. A course of legal study, addressed to students and the profession generally. By David Hoffman. 2d edition. Re-written and much enlarged. 2 vols. Baltimore, 1836. Jacob, 1246, F. A new law dictionary. Eighth edition. By Giles Jacob. London, 1772. Gift of F. A. Packard, Esq. Kaims, 9343, O. Historical law tracts. By Lord Kaims. 3d edition. Ed. inburgh, 1776. McCall, 12825, 0.1. Discourse before the Law Academy of Philadelphia. By P. McCall. Philadelphia, 1838. Marshall, 9754, O. The writings of John Marshall, late Chief Justice of the United States, upon the Federal Constitution. Boston, 1839. Marvin, 12000, O. Legal Bibliography, or a Thesaurus of American, English, Irish and Scotch law books, together with some continental treatises.

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