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Chladni, 10233, 0. Traité d'acoustique. Par E. F. F. Chladni. Paris,1809.
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M. Higgins. London, 1838.
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D. Lardner. London, 1851. -
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Philadelphia, 1845. o
See also MUSIC.


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don, 1848. oi Cleghorn, 8883, D. Ancient and modern art, historical and critical. By G. s. Cleghorn. 2 vols. London. to

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10822, D. The fine arts' courts in the Crystal Palace (of 1854). First series. Northwest side. 1. The Egyptian Court. 2. The Greek Court. 3. An apology for coloring the Greek Court. 4. The Roman Court. 5. The Alhambra Court. 6. The Nineveh Court. London, 1854.

10823, D. The fine arts' courts in the Crystal Palace. 2d series. Northeast side. 1. The Italian Court. 2. The Renaissance Court. 3. The Mediaeval Court. 4. The Byzantine Court. 5. A catalogue of modern sculpture. London, 1854.

6448, D. Remarks on ancient and modern art, in a series of essays. By an amateur. London, 1837.

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12698, O. 1. Proceedings of the Franklin Institute relative to a school of design for women, &c. Philadelphia, 1851. 10481, D. Plain directions for obtaining photographic pictures by the calotype and energiatype; also upon albumenized paper and glass by collodion and albumen, &c.; including a practical treatise on photography, with a supplement containing the heliochrome process. Also practical hints on the daguerreotype. With woodcuts. Philadelphia, 1853. 9337, D. Sculpture and the plastic art; compiled by the author of the history of the art of painting. Boston, 1850. 2603, Q. 3. Statues of Old Mortality and his pony and of Sir Walter Scott at Laurel Hill Cemetery, near Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1841.


Ackerman, 2564, Q. Selection of ornaments for the use of sculptors, painters, carvers, modellers, chasers, embossers, &c.; printed at R. Ackerman's. London, 1817. Allan, 1265, F. A pictorial tour in the Mediterranean. By John H. Allan. London, 1848. Allom, 2438, Q. Views in the Tyrol. From drawings by T. Allom. London. — 9391, O. Views in the Tyrol, from drawings by T. Allom, with descrip. tions by a companion of Hofer. London, 1836. Billings, 2550, Q. 1. See p. 1168. Brockedon, 1281, F. Italy illustrated and described. By Wm. Brockedon, London. Brown, 1279, F. Portrait gallery of distinguished American citizens. By William H. Brown. Hartford, 1845. Catlin, 10503, D. 2. Catalogue of Catlin's Indian gallery of portraits, &c. New York, 1838. Cleaveland, 2571, Q. The flowers personified; being a translation of Grandville’s “Les fleurs animées.” By N. Cleaveland. Colored plates. New York, 1847. Daniell, 1280, F. Oriental scenery; 150 views engraved by T. and W. Daniell. 3 vols. London, 1816. Darley, 2562, Q. 1. Illustrations of Rip Van Winkle, designed and etched by Felix O. C. Darley for the members of the American Art Union. 1848. 2562, Q. 2. Illustrations of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow; designed and etched by Felix O. C. Darley, for the members of the American Art Union. 1849. Deleuze, 10006, O. Histoire et description du muséum royal d'histoire naturelle, redigé par M. Deleuze. 2 vols. 1823. Doyle, 2638, Q. The foreign tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones and Robinson, being the history of what they saw and did in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. By Richard Doyle. (Plates.) London, 1854. — 2649, Q. Manners and customs of y". Englyshe, drawn from y' quick by Richard Doyle. To which be added some extracts from Mr. Pips hys Diary. Contrybuted by Percival Leigh. London, 1850. Duchesne, 1208, F. Musée Français. Recueil des plus beaux tableaux, stao tues, et bas-reliefs qui existaient au Louvre avant 1813. Par Du. chesne Ainé, 4 tomes. A Paris.

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