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the noble quadruped and equestrian nations. By Rollo Springfield. New York, 1847. Walton, 8650, D. The complete angler. By Isaac Walton. Edited by G. W. Bethune, D. D. New York, 1847. 10402, D. Stable practice; or hints on training for the turf, the chase and the road. With observations on racing, &c. By Cecil. London, 1852. 6353, D. Piscatorial reminiscences and gleanings. By an old angler and bibliopolist; with a catalogue of books on angling. London, 1835. 8305, D. The American angler's guide. By an American Angler. New York, 1845. 9062, D. The American angler's guide; or complete fisher's manual for the United States. 3d edition. With a second part. New York, 1849. 2523, Q. Plan y constituciones de la nueva escuela de Equitacion. Madrid, 1799.


Agnel, 8719, D. Chess for winter evenings. By H. R. Agnel. New York, 1848. Alexandre, 11754, O. The beauties of chess. A collection of the finest chess problems extant, including upwards of 2000 curious positions won or drawn by brilliant “coups.” By A. Alexandre. London, 1846. Christic, 2288, Q. 1. An inquiry into the ancient Greek game, supposed to have been invented by Palamedes, antecedent to the siege of Troy; with reasons for believing the same to have been known from remote antiquity in China. By M. Christic. London, 1801. Kenny, so The manual of chess. By Charles Kenny. New York, 1847. Penn, 6722, D. Maxims and hints for an angler, and miseries of fishing. To which are added maxims and hints for a chess player. By Richard Penn, Esq. A new edition. London, 1839. Stanley, 12324, O. The American chess magazine. By Charles H. Stanley. New York, 1847. Staunton, 2697, O. The chess player's handbook. By Howard Staunton, Esq. London, 1847. 10198, D. The chess tournament. A collection of the games played at this celebrated assemblage. Illustrated by copious dia. grams and notes. By H. Staunton, Esq. London, 1852. 13035, 0.3. A review of “The chess tournament; by H. Staunton, Esq.” By a member of the London chess club. London, 1852. Tomlinson, 8096, D. Amusements in chess. By Charles Tomlinson. London, 1845. Walker, 9691, D. Chess and chess-players, consisting of original stories and sketches. By George Walker. London, 1850. 7246, D. A new treatise on chess. By George Walker. 3d edition. London, 1841. 7319, D. The chess-player, by George Walker, teacher; with three games played at one and at the same time, by Philidor; and sixty openings, mates and situations, by Wm. S. Kenny. Boston, 1841. 11228, O.. Chess studies; comprising one thousand games. By George Walker. London, 1844.

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Balfour, 10.104, D. Sketches of English literature from the 14th to the present century. By Clara Lucas Balfour. London, 1852. Ballantyne, 6605, D. Refutation of the misstatements and calumnies contained in Mr. Lockhart's life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. respecting the Messrs. Ballantyne. By the trustees and son of the late Mr. James Ballantyne. 2d edition. London, 1838. — 6715, D. 2. Reply to Mr. Lockhart's pamphlet, entitled “the Ballantyne humbug handled.” London, 1839. Berington, 8434, D. The literary history of the middle ages. By Rev. Joseph Berington. London, 1846. Brande, 10618 & 10768, O. A dictionary of science, literature and art. By W. T. Brande. London, 1842. Browne, 12741, O. A history of classical literature. By R. W. Browne, M. A. 2 vols. London, 1851. Chambers, 11852, O. Cyclopedia of English literature. 2 vols. Boston, 1847. Channing, 7394, D. Essai sur l'état actuel des lettres dans l’Amérique du Nord, et sur l'importance d'une littérature national. Par Channing. Paris, 1838. Chasles, 10214, D. Anglo-American literature and manners; from the French of Philarète Chasles, professor in the college of France. New York, 1852. Chateaubriand, 9424, O. Sketches of English literature. By the Wiscount de Chateaubriand. 2 vols. London, 1836. Chenier, 10030, O. Tableau historique de l'état et des progrés de la littérature Française depuis 1789. Par M. J. De Chenier. A Paris, 1817. Cleveland, 8660, D. Compendium of English literature. By C. D. Cleveland. Philadelphia, 1851. Gift of the author. —9820, D. English literature of the 19th century; on the plan of the author's compendium of English literature, and supplementary to it. By Charles D. Cleveland. Philadelphia, 1851. Another copy, 1853. Gift of the author. Craik, 7899, D. Sketches of the history of literature and learning in England, from the Norman conquest to the accession of Elizabeth, with specimens of the principal writers. By Geo. L. Craik. 2 vols. London, 1844. Deleuze, 10218, O. Eudoxe. Entrétiens sur l'étude des sciences, des lettres et de la philosophie. Par J. P. F. Deleuze. 2 vols. Paris, 1810. Domina, 10261, O. Discorso sopra le vicende della letteratura dell Ab. Carlo Denina. 2 vols. In Venezia, 1788.

D'Israeli, 7.191, D. Amenities of literature, consisting of sketches and cha.
racters of English literature. By J. D'Israeli. 2 vols. New York,
6612, D. Curiosities of literature. By I. D'Israeli, Esq. Illus.
trated by Bolton Corney. London, 1838.
11066, O. Curiosities of literature. By I. C. D'Israeli. With
curiosities of American literature. By Rufus W. Griswold. New
York, 1844.
De Vericour, 8822 & 8898, D. Modern French literature. By L. R. De
Wericour. Revised by William Staughton Chase. Boston, 1848.
Eichorn, 9966, O. Geschichte der Litteratur von ihrem Anfang bis auf die
neuesten Zeiten, von Johann Gottfried Eichorn. 6 Band. Gottingen,
1805, 1810.
Eschenberger, 9375, O. Manual of classical literature. From the German of
J. J. Eschenberger, with additions. By N. W. Fiske. Philadelphia,
Foster, 9.126, D. A handbook of modern European literature. By Mrs.
Foster. London, 1849.
Fry, 9241, O. Pantographia; containing accurate copies of all the known
alphabets in the world. By Edmund Fry. London, 1799.
Furst, 6813, D. Briefe über Dänische Literatur, von N. Furst. Wien, 1816.
Géruzez, 10650, O. Cours de littérature, rédigé d'après le programme pout
la baccalauréat es-lettres. Par E. Géruzez. Paris, 1841.
Gilfillan, 8180 & 8237, D. Sketches of modern literature and eminent literary
men, being a gallery of literary portraits. By George Gilfillan. 2
vols. New York and Edinburgh, 1846.
9391 & 9449, D. Modern literature and literary men; being a
second gallery of literary portraits. By G. Gilfillan. New York
and Edinburgh, 1850.
10961, D. A third gallery of literary portraits. By G. Gilfillan.
New York, 1855.
Ginguené, 10140, O. Histoire littéraire d'Italie. Par P. L. Ginguené, 9
tomes. Paris, 1811, 1819.
Gray, 9330, 0.3. An historical sketch of the origin of English prose liter.
ture, and its progress till the reign of James I. By William Gray.
Oxford, 1835.
Griswold, 11753, O. The prose writers of America, with a survey of the
history, condition, and prospects of American literature. By Rufus
Wilmot Griswold. Philadelphia, 1847.
Hallam, 9479 & 10422, O. Introduction to the literature of Europe in the
15th, 16th and 17th centuries. By Henry Hallam, F. R. A. S. 2
vols. London, 1837, New York, 1841.
Hannay, 11260, & 11019, D. Satire and satirists. By James Hannay. Lon.
don and New York, 1855.
Hedge, 11954, O. Prose writers of Germany. By Frederic H. Hedge.
Philadelphia, 1848.
Heinsius, 2383, Q. Allgemeines Bücher-Lexikon, oder volständiges Alphabe.
tisches Verzeichniss aller von 1700 bis zu Ende 1810 erschienenen
Bücher welche in Deutschland und in den durch Sprache und Liter*
tur damit verwandten Ländern gedruckt worden sind. Nebst An:
gabe der Druckorte, der Werleger und der Preise. Von Wilhelm
Heinsius. 8 bande. Leipzig, 1812.
Hippesley, 6467, D. Chapters on early English literature. By J. H. Hippes:
ley, Esq. London, 1837. -
Howitt, 10077, D. The literature and romance of northern Europe; constituk
ing a complete history of the literature of Sweden, Denmark, Norway


and Iceland, with copious specimens. By William and Mary Howitt. 2 vols. London, 1852. Hume, 8618, D. The learned societies and printing clubs of the United Kingdom. By Rev. A. Hume. London, 1847. Kennedy, 9318, O. Reflections on the languages and literature of ancient Greece. By James Kennedy. Dublin, 1834. La Harp, de, 10043, O. Nouvelle supplément au cours de littérature de M. de la Harp, contenant L'Eloge de Voltaire, &c. Paris, 1818. La Roche, 9284, D. Mémoires littéraires de la Grande Bretagne, par Michel de la Roche. Tome Onzième. A la Haye, 1723. D. Leopardi, 10282, O. Crestomazia Italiana cioë scelta di luoghi insigni o per sentimento oper locuzione raccolti da gli scritti Italiani in prosa di autori excellenti d'ogni secolo, per cura del Conte Giacomo Leopardi. 2 vols. Milano, 1827. Lockhart, 6715, D. 1. The Ballantyne humbug handled. By the author of the life of Sir Walter Scott (Lockhart). Edinburgh, 1839. Maunder, 7080, D. See p. 1068. Menzel, 6664, D. Wols. 7, 8 and 9. German literature, translated from the German of Wolfgang Menzel, by C. C. Felton. 3 vols. Boston, 1840. 7156, D. German literature of Wolfgang Menzel. Translated from the German by T. Gordon. 4 vols. Oxford, 1840. Mills, 12613, O. The literature and literary men of Great Britain and Ireland. By Abraham Mills, A. M. 2 vols. New York, 1851. Müller, 12919, O. Library of useful knowledge. History of the literature of ancient Greece, to the period of Isocrates. Translated from the German MSS. of K. O. Müller, by George Cornwall Lewis and Rev. J. W. Donaldson. , New edition corrected. London, 1850. Judio, 9679, O. 5. The copyright question. By Robert Mudie. London, 1838. w Wicklin, 6437, D. Remarks on literary property. By Philip H. Nicklin, A. M. Philadelphia, 1838. Visard, 11350, 0. Histoire de la littérature Française. Par D. Nisard. 2 tomes. Paris, 1844. Rod, 11017, D. Lectures on English literature, from Chaucer to Tennyson. By Henry Reed. Philadelphia, 1855. Rynolds, 6760, D. The modern literature of France. By George W. M. Reynolds. 2 vols. London, 1839. Ridiardson, 9389, O. 3. A dissertation on the languages, literature and manners of the eastern nations. By J. Richardson. Oxford, 1777. Russell, 9418, O. Observations on the advantages of classical learning. By the Rev. M. Russell. Edinburgh, 1836. &mid, 9948, O. Hermes, oder Kritische Jahrbuch der Litteratur, redigirt von D. Karl Ernst Schmid. 5 Band. Leipzig, 1828, '31. &mpere, 10293, 0. Ensayo de una biblioteca Española de los mejores escritores del Reynado de Carlos III. por D. Juan Sempere y Guansios. 5 vols. Madrid, 1785. Shaw, 8955 & 9000, D. Outlines of English literature. By Thos. B. Shaw. - Philadelphia and London, 1849. Simpson, 9983, D. The literature of Italy. From the origin of the Italian language to the death of Boccacio. An historical sketch. By Leonard - Francis Simpson. London, 1851. Somond, 10994, D. Historical views of the literature of the south of Europe, by J. C. L. Simonde de Sismondi. Translated from the original, with notes and a life of the author, by Thomas Roscoe. 3d edition, including all the notes from the last Paris edition. 2 vols. London, 1850. (Bohn's standard library).

Spalding, 10399, D. The history of English literature; with an outline of
the origin and growth of the English language. By William Spal.
ding. Edinburgh, 1853.
Sparks, 12845 & 13030, 0. 6. A reply to the strictures of Lord Mahon and
others on the mode of editing the writings of Washington. By Jared
Sparks. Cambridge, 1852.
Talfourd, 9679, 0.4. Observations on the law of copyright. By Mr. Ser-
geant Talfourd. London, 1838.
Thimm, 7799, D. The literature of Germany, from its earliest period to the
present time, historically developed. By Franz L. J. Thimm. Lon.
don, 1844.
Tickmor, 12342, O. History of Spanish literature. By George Ticknor. 3
vols. New York, 1849.
Timperley, 10331, O. A dictionary of printers and printing, with the progress
of literature, ancient and modern; bibliographical illustrations, &c.,
&c. By C. H. Timperley. London, 1839.
Thackeray, 10569, D. The English humorists of the eighteenth century. A
series of lectures delivered in England, Scotland and the United
States. By W. M. Thackeray. London, 1853.
Turnour, 2621, Q. The Maháwanso, with an introductory essay on Pāli
Buddhistical literature. By Hon. G. Turnour. Ceylon, 1837.
Wattemare, 12083, O. 6. International literary exchanges. Proceedings of a
meeting of the citizens of the United States in Paris, March, 1845,
embracing an address upon the literary exchanges recently made bo.
tween France and the United States. By Alex. Wattemare. Paris,
1845. Gift of A. Wattemare, Esq.
Wolff, 9201, D. Gelehrte Geschichte der Weltweisen zu Sans Souci, 1763.
11133, D. 1. Historical sketch of modern German literature (1785,
1835). By O. L. B. Wolff. Weimar, 1837.
Wright, 8350, D. Essays on subjects connected with the literature, popular
superstitions, and history of England in the middle ages. By Thomas
Wright. 2 vols. London, 1846.
See also BIBLIOGRAPHY, pp. 1 and 985.


Barth, 1346, F. Pacis Inonumentum, gaudia gentium linguis interpretans,
Curante Johanne A. Barth. Vratislaviae (1815). (Specimens of
41 different languages.) -
Bopp, 12778, O. A comparative grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin
Lithuanian, Gothic, German and Sclavonic languages. By Professor
F. Bopp. Translated from the German, principally by Lieutena o
Eastwick, M. R. A. S. Conducted through the press by H. H.
Wilson. 3 vols. London, 1845. -
Bunsen, 13609, O. Qutlines of the philosophy of universal history, applio."
language and religion. By C. C. J. Bunsen. 2 vols. London, 1854.
Chazotte, 13415, O. 5. On the metaphysics and philology of languages of
Peter S. Chazotte. Philadelphia, 1819.
De Vere, 10629, D. Outlines of comparative philology; with a sketch of
the languages of Europe, arranged upon philological principles;.”
a brief history of the art of writing." By M. Schele de Vere, oft" |
University of Virginia. New York, 1853.

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