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Bahrdt, 2528, Q. 6. Ad Panegyrin Academicam invitat Joannes Fridericus Bahrdt. Leipsic, 1768. Bailey, 12803, O. Discourses on literary and philosophical subjects; read before literary and philosophical societies. By Samuel Bailey. London, 1852. Barclay, 12512, O. 24. Address at the laying of the corner-stone of the House of Refuge for colored juvenile delinquents. By James J. Barclay. Philadelphia, 1848. 13411, O. 12. Address at the Zane Street Public School House. By James J. Barclay. Philadelphia, 1841. Barnard, 12606, O. Speech of Mr. Barnard, of New York, in favor of a uniform system of election. Washington, 1842. Bethune, 13033, 0.16. A plea for study. An oration before the literary societies of Yale College. By George W. Bethune. Philadelphia, 1845. 10325, O. 1. An address before the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 30, 1840. By George W. Bethune. Philadelphia, 1840. Botton, 13552, O. 16. Address before the Philadelphia County Medical Society. By Thomas F. Betton, M. D. Philadelphia, 1854. Binney, 12606, O. 2. Speech of Horace Binney, of Pa., on the contested election of Letcher and Moore. Washington, 1831. Boardman, 13552, O. 18. Anniversary of the Merchants' Fund, and the address of Henry A. Boardman, D. D. Philadelphia, 1855. Bready, 12825, O. 13, & 13411, O. 11. The annual address at Dickinson College, Carlisle. By J. Hall Bready. Philadelphia, 1840. Brifaut, 6877, D. Discours prononcé par M. Brifaut, 9 Août, 1832. Paris, 1832. Brougham, 9687 & 12192, O. Speeches of Henry Lord Brougham, upon questions relating to public rights, duties, and interests, with historical introductions, and a critical dissertation upon the eloquence of the ancients. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1838. Brown, 12312, O. 19, & 12825, 0.2. Discourse before the societies of St. Mary's College, Baltimore, at the annual commencement July, 1848. By David Paul Brown. Baltimore, 1848. Burnap, 8105, D. Miscellaneous writings of George W. Burnap. Baltimore, 1845. Burwell, 13033, O. 12. Address before the Alumni of the University of Virginia. By William M. Burwell. Richmond, 1847. Calhoun, 11013, O. Speeches of John C. Calhoun; delivered in the Congress of the United States from 1811 to the present time. New York, 1843. Calvert, 13160, O. 9. Oration on the 40th anniversary of the battle of Lake Erie. By George H. Calvert. Providence, 1854. Campbell, 10581, Ó. Speeches of Lord Campbell, at the bar and in the House of Commons. Edinburgh, 1842. Carlisle, 12756, O. 6. Two lectures, on the poetry of Pope, and on his own travels in the United States. By Rt. Hon. the Earl of Carlisle. 10th thousand. London, 1851. Cass, 9570, 0, 11. A discourse before the American Historical Society. By the Hon. Lewis Cass. Washington, 1834. – 12824, O. 12. A discourse before the American Historical Society, January 30, 1836. By Hon. Lewis Cass. Washington, 1836. Chandler, 12312, O. 18. Oration before the society of the Sons of New England. By Joseph R. Chandler. Philadelphia, 1846. Channing, 11007, O. 6. Address before the Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia. By William E. Channing. Philadelphia, 1841.

Chatham, 11797, O. The modern orator. The most celebrated speeches of Chatham, Sheridan, Erskine and Burke. London, 1847. Clay, 9919, D. 6. The Ashland text-book, being a compendium of Mr. Clay's speeches, &c. &c. 5th edition. Boston, 1844. — 12825, 0.4. Speech of Hon. Henry Clay, on taking up his compromise resolutions on slavery, February 5th and 6th, 1850. New York, 1850. — 12021, O. The writings of Cassius Marcellus Clay, including speeches and addresses. Edited, with a preface and memoir, by Horace Greeley. New York, 1848. Clinton, 12606, O. 3, 10, 11. Speeches of Governor De Witt Clinton to the y York Legislature, January, 1819, 1820, 1822. Albany, 1820,

Collins, 12512, 0.7. An address before the Brunswick temperance society. By Dr. Robert Collins. Troy, 1830. Conrad, 11007, O. 10. An address before the Zelosophic society of the Uni. versity of Pennsylvania, January 1842. By R. T. Conrad. Phila. delphia, 1842. 13160 & 13170, O. 1. Address before the Historical Society of Penn. sylvania, at the celebration of the 170th anniversary of the landing of Penn, on the first constitution and government of Pennsylvania. By Robert T. Conrad. Philadelphia, 1853. 13033, O. 1. The true aims of American ambition; an address be: fore the literary societies of Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. By Robert T. Conrad. Philadelphia, 1852. Corwin, 12606, O. 19. Speech of Mr. Corwin, of Ohio, in reply to General Crary's attack on General Harrison. Washington, 1840. Cousin, 11397, 0.4. Défense de l’Université et de la Philosophie. Discours prononcé à la chambré des pairs. Par M. W. Cousin. Paris, 1844. Cowperthwait, 12315, O. 16. An address at the laying of the corner-stone of the Holmesburgh Public School. By Joseph Cowperthwait. Phila. - delphia, 1846. Gift of the author. Davis, 12606, O. 9. Speech of Hon. George R. Davis, on the financial policy of the Democratic and Whig parties. Albany, 1843. Dehon, 12693, 0. 6. A discourse before the female charitable society for the relief of indigent widows and children. By Theodore Dehon, A.M. Providence, 1804. Delancey, 11007, O. 3. An inaugural address before the trustees, faculty and students of the University of Pennsylvania. By Rev. W. H. Delancey, D. D. Philadelphia, 1828. Demosthenes, 7270, D. Translation of the select speeches of Demosthenes, with notes. By C. R. Kennedy. , Cambridge, 1841. Dickson, 13033, O. 19. Oration before the Phi Beta Kappa Society. By S. Henry Dickson, M. D. New Haven, 1842. Dillingham, 12512, O. 2, & 12086, 0.8. An oration before the society of the Sons of New England. By Wm. H. Dillingham. Philadelphia, 1847. Drake, 11054, D. 27. A discourse on intemperance. By Daniel Drake, M. D. Cincinnati, 1828. Eliot, 18033, O. 5. A complete system of education. A lecture before the American Academy of Arts and sciences. By Samuel A. Eliot. Boston, 1853. Emerson, 11007, O. 12. An address delivered at Laurel Hill Cemetery, on the completion of a monument erected to the memory of Thomas Godfrey, June 1, 1843. By G. Emerson, M. D. Philadelphia, 1843. Enfield, 12153, O. The speaker; or miscellaneous pieces from various authors, with an essay on elocution. By William Enfield, LL.D. Phila. delphia, 1799.


Erskine, 11991, O. Speeches of Lord Erskine. 4 vols. London, 1847. Brerett, 12451, O. Orations and speeches on various occasions. By Edward Everett. 2d edition. 2 vols. Boston, 1850. 13033, O. 7. Address of Hon. Edward Everett, at the anniversary of the American Colonization Society. 1853. Foulke, 13196, 0. 3. Discourse in commemoration of the founding of the Academy of Natural Sciences. By Wm. Parker Foulke. Philadelphia, 1854. Fox, 12305, O. The speeches of the Rt. Hon. Charles James Fox, in the House of Commons. 6 vols. London, 1815. —9117, D. Lectures, addressed chiefly to the working classes. By W. J. Fox. 4 vols. London, 1845. Francis, 11002, O. 8. A discourse delivered upon the opening of the new hall of the New York Lyceum of Natural History. By John W. Francis, M. D. New York, 1841. Gift of the author. Furness, 12312, O. 17. Oration before the society of the Sons of New England, by W. H. Furness. Philadelphia, 1846. Gallatin, 11007, O. 13. Inaugural address of the Hon. Albert Gallatin on taking the chair as president of the New York Historical Society. New York, 1843. Giddings, 10464, D. Speeches in Congress. By Joshua R. Giddings. Boston, 1853. Gilpin, 12312, O. 16. Address before the Philomathean Society. By Henry D. Gilpin. Philadelphia, 1845. Gladstone, 12644, O. 8. Substance of the speech of Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M. P., on the affairs of Greece, and the foreign policy of the administration, on the 27th June, 1850. London, 1850. Gourlle, 10325, O. 11. An address delivered before the Mercantile Library Association, 1839; embodying a history of the association. By John H. Gourlie. New York, 1839. Grimké, 9295, O. Orations and miscellaneous writings of Thomas S. Grimké. Charleston. Gift of the author. Griswold, 12512, O. 17. An address before the Middlesex Association for the promotion of temperance. By Charles Griswold, Esq. Middletown, Conn., 1828. Grove, 13552, O. 17. A lecture on the progress of physical science since the opening of the London Institution. By W. R. Grove, Esq. London, 1842. Hill, 12606, 0.22. Speech of Hon. Willis Hall on the Governor's message. Albany, 1843. Hammond, 12697, 0.4. An oration before the societies of South Carolina college. By James H. Hammond. Charleston, 1850. 13033, O. 8. An address before the S. Carolina Institute at its first annual Fair. By James H. Hammond. Charleston, 1849. Hawley, 12607, O. 12. Address at the public exercises of the Albany Academy. By George Hawley, LL.D. Albany, 1835. Hays, 13411, O. i4. Address before the reading room Society of St. Mary's College. By Harry T. Hays. Baltimore, 1841. Hill, 12606, O. 5. Speech of Mr. Hill, of New Hampshire, on the tariff. Washington, 1832. Humphrey, 13543, O. 12. Indian rights and our duties. An address by H. Humphrey, D. D. Albany, 1831. Ingersoll,9570, O. 12. An address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Alpha of Maine, in Bowdoin College. By Joseph R. Ingersoll. Brunswick, 1837. Ingraham, 9570, O. 1. An address before the Law Academy of Philadelphia. By E. D. Ingraham. 1828. Gift of the author.

Kazinski, 13552, O. 6. Two lectures: on Turkey and Russia, &c. By Count Kazinski. Manchester, N. H., 1854. Kent, 12606, O. 20. Speech of Jos. Kent, of Md., in support of an amendment to the Constitution to restrain the veto power of the President of the United States. Washington, 1835. Kewen, 13514, O. 3. Oration and poem before the society of California pioneers. By E. J. C. Kewen and Hon. Frank Soule. San Francisco, 1854. King, 11007, 0.11. A discourse on the qualifications and duties of an histo. rian, delivered before the Georgia Historical Society. By the Hon. Mitchell King. Savannah, 1843. Rossuth, 12907, O. Report on the reception of Louis Kossuth (with his speeches). New York, 1852. Law, 13033, O. 6. Address before the Vincennes Historical and Antiquarian Society. By Judge Law. (With a map of Lake Superior, &c., by the Jesuits.) Louisville, 1839. Loring, 13025, O. The hundred Boston orators appointed by the municipal authorities and other public bodies, from 1770 to 1852; comprising historical gleanings, illustrating the principles and progress of our republican institutions. By J. S. Loring. 2d edition. Boston, 1853. Macaulay, 10915, D. 3. Speeches on parliamentary reform, in 1831 and 1832. By Rt. Hon. T. B. Macaulay, M. P. London, 1854. —— 10317, D. Speeches by the Rt. Hon. Thomas Babington Macaulay, M. P. 2 vols. New York, 1853. Marshall, 13413, O. 1. Two speeches of Hon. Thomas F. Marshall at the temperance meeting. Louisville, 1842. Mason, 13411, 0.15. An address by Henry M. Mason, D. D. Easton, Md., 1840. Maury, 100.45, O. Essai sur l'eloquence de la chaire, panégyriques, eloge et discours par le Cardinal Jean Sifrein Maury. Nouv. ed. 3 vols. A Paris, 1827. Macey, 11209, O. The literary remains of the Rev. Jonathan Maxey, D. D. New York, 1844. Mayer, 12956, 0.6. Calvert and Penn; or the growth of civil and religious liberty in America. A discourse by Brantz Mayer. Baltimore, 1852. McClure, 12512, 0.19. Address before the general Union Philosophical Society of Dickinson College. By Wm. B. McClure, Esq., of Pittsburg. Carlisle, 1847. McNaughton, 12607, O. 13. Address before the Kappa Alpha Phi Society of the college of physicians of the western district. By James McNaughton, M. D. Albany, 1830. Meagher, 10255, D. Speeches on the legislative independence of Ireland. !. introductory notes. By Thomas Francis Meagher. New York, 53. Meigs, 13514, 0.4. Semi-annual address before the Alumni Association of the ol High School. By J. Aitken Meigs, M. D. Philadelphia, 854. Nevins, 13514, 0.5. Lecture on the law of spiritual development. By J. West Nevins. Philadelphia, 1854. Parker, 13514, O. 6. Science and religion: a discourse by Rev. Joel Parker. New York, 1854. Parsons, 12512, O. 18. An address delivered at the annual fair of the New Haven Co. Agricultural Society. By S. B. Parsons. With transactions of the society. New Haven, 1849.


Parsons, 13160, 0.10. Battle of Lake Erie. A discourse before the R. I. Historical Society. By Usher Parsons. Providence, 1853. Patterson, 12825, O. 11. Oration before the Pennsylvania Literary Institute, on the 65th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. By Henry S. Patterson, M. D. Philadelphia, 1841. Peel, 11203, O. 4. Speeches of the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel on the renewal of the bank charter. London, 1844. —9335, O. Speeches by the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., during his administration. 2d edition. London, 1835. Petlit, 9570, O. 8, & 10325, O. 4. Annual discourse before the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania. By Thomas M. Pettit, Esq. Philadelphia, 1836. — 12825, O. 20. Addresses delivered in the hall of the House of Representatives, Harrisburg, Pa. By William W. Pettit, Esq. and Rev. John P. Durbin, D. D. Published by the Pennsylvania Colonization Society. Philadelphia, 1852. Pliny, 2532, Q. 2. C. Plinii Secundi Panaegyricus Nervae Imperatori dictus. Pinsett, 13411, O. 8. Discourse on the objects and importance of the national institution for the promotion of science. By Joel R. Poinsett. Washington, 1841. Pitts, 11004, O. 7. An address delivered in Philadelphia, July 4, 1826. By George Potts. Philadelphia, 1826. Price, 13552, O. 19. Speech of Eli K. Price on corporations. Harrisburg, 1855. — 13601, O. 8. Speech of Eli K. Price in the Senate of Pennsylvania on the bill to restrain the sale of intoxicating liquors. Philadelphia, 1855. Rawle, 9570, O. 2. An address before the Law Academy. By Wm. Rawle, Jr., Esq. 1835. Gift of the author. Raymond, 12607, 0.15. The political duties of scholars; an address before the alumni of Columbia College. By Samuel G. Raymond. New York, 1840. Read, 12512, O. 16. Speech of Hon. John M. Read, at the democratic town meeting, in favor of the Union and California. Philadelphia, 1850, Reed, 12312, O. 12. Address before the Art Union of Philadelphia, May 7, 1849. By Henry Reed. Philadelphia, 1849. – 12086, O. 13. An oration before the Zelosophic Society of the University of Pennsylvania, May, 1848. By Henry Reed, professor, &c. Philadelphia, 1848. Gift of Horace J. Smith. – 11007, O. 5. Oration delivered on the occasion of the reinterment of General Hugh Mercer, before the St. Andrew and Thistle Societies. By William B. Reed. Philadelphia, 1840. – 12312, O. 9. An oration delivered before the Whig citizens of Philadelphia, on the 22d of February, 1844. By Wm. B. Reed, Esq. Philadelphia, 1844. — 12312, O. 11. Address before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 28th January, 1848, by William B. Reed. Philadelphia, 1848. – 12312, 0.10. Oration delivered by William B. Reed, Esq., February 22, 1849. Philadelphia, 1849. Robbins, 12606, 0.8. Speech of Mr. Robbins, of R. Island, on the fortifications resolutions. Washington, 1836. Russell, 12494, O. 5. Speech of Lord John Russell in the House of Commons, February 8, 1850, on colonial policy. London, 1850. Schmutzer, 2528, Q.4. Taetitiam ad memoriam diei quð Administrator publicé inauguratus est repetit J. G. Schmutzer. Leipsic, 1768. Scott, 13214, O. 13. A lecture before the Mercantile Library Association, on

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